Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 181

Volume 2 Chapter 181 181: The First Phoenix

The guests below roared in disbelief and excitement. Netherworld's black market wouldn't dare sell fake items to them. If the emcee told them it's White Bird's first mask, then it must be true!

"This beauty was unexpectedly given to us. Naturally, we of Netherworld wouldn't dare exploit our beloved guests by selling you fake items!" The emcee reassured.

"The mask undergo careful examinations for legitimacy by checking its material and the age of it. And as everyone can see in front of you is indeed White Bird's mask, the First Phoenix!"

Ethan furrowed his eyebrow.

This was not one of her plans, right? If it was, she would've told him.

He turned to her, "Is that really your mask?"

There was no response coming out. Her eyes, now turned red, gazed onto the mask with deep thoughts.

The sudden change of her eye color gave Ethan the signal to stay silent and let her be for a while.

Is there really a possibility that the mask was real?

Everyone must be wondering why a single mask can cause such commotion.

Firstly, it belonged to the most notorious and mysterious Underworld Leader, White Bird.

To those who admires White Bird or enjoys collecting unique things,

it's a dream come true for them to have her mask, or any of her belongings.

And lastly, it was her first mask.

The mask before she became the person she is known today, before she became White Bird.

When she was new to the Underworld, her former group was called Phoenix Rage, and she was called First Phoenix. The Phoenix Rage weren't much to the eyes of the other Demons, especially the older and powerful ones.

But just a few months passed, everyone noticed Phoenix Rage's development, their increasing number, and their prowess.

Many tried to take them down before they become a problem. However, their plan was futile. They underestimated Phoenix Rage by sending them their low ranked assassins.

When no one came back, they send their batch of middle ranked assassins, until they send in all of their elites.

And just like the first ones, no one came back.

They just heard of the news that hundreds of corpses were found just a few meters away from Phoenix Rage's lair, piled up like a huge wallas if a warning to those who seek death.

The scene was so grotesque, even these cold-hearted criminals couldn't stomach the gore.

Her mask that time was similar to the black plague's doctor's mask. There was nothing special about it.

It's just a creepy, plain white mask with a bird's beak. The difference was that her mask was grinning.

But after the Great Underworld War, First Phoenix was renamed by the head Reapers.

White Bird, the new Underworld Leader.

From that day, her plague doctor's mask was replaced into a prominent and domineering design that she use until this day.

Many sought her masks, or anything that belongs to her in general. From a single strand of her hair, a drop of saliva or blood, because of the advanced technology that some of the big Underworld organizations have, they might unlock White Bird's real identity.

As long as there's DNA, even if it's faint, it's not impossible to unravel her identity.

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