Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 182

Volume 2 Chapter 182 182: Buy The Mask

"The price will start at 6 million!"

"10 million!"

"10.5 million!"

"15 million!"

The bidding price soared higher and higher. Everyone wanted the mask. Others knew Vermillion Dragon wouldn't bid for it because he has his eyes set on the Black Egg. Knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance with the Black Egg, they averted their attention to White Bird's mask.

She Gu gritted his teeth, greatly annoyed by his incapableness. The Black Egg already had his hands tied, if he also bid for the mask, he's afraid that it'll dent the organization's wealth.

[She Lei]

She Lei was snapped out his daze when he heard White Bird's voice once again.

He coughed as a reply.

[It's a counterfeit, don't worry]

She Lei's tensed shoulders relaxed. White Bird isn't careless.

He knew that she wouldn't let any of her possessions be grasped by anyone, especially those with ulterior motives.

"Whoever it was that came here with that mask, they had given us an advantage." Lillie said, her red eyes not leaving the mask.

Intertwining their hands together, Ethan listened to Lillie's one-sided conversation with She Lei.

Before connecting She Lei back with their devices, Lillie confessed that the mask was indeed hers.

Fortunately, it was a spare and she had never worn it nor held it with bare hands before. So, the mask was clean from her DNA.

Lillie just told She Lei that it was a fake to exclude him from this predicament.

But the matter that concerned them was 'who?'.

Who was it that managed to steal one of her masks?

Lillie's former organization Phoenix Rage was impossible to infiltrate by outsiders.

Unless the thief was someone from the inside.

A mole.

Lillie admit that her former organization wasn't as impeccable as White Bird. Since she was just an amateur leader, there were traitors, thieves and moles within the ranks.

She was extremely merciless with traitorous subordinates and wouldn't let them have a painless death.

For years, Lillie had personally disposed sc.u.ms from her territory, as if she could sniff them out on sight.

Her subordinates would even joke about her nose being keener than a police dog's.

White Bird did not take this as an offensive remark because it's just a harmless joke among her subordinates to lighten up the atmosphere.

But what they didn't know was that it was not the nose, but the eyes she set on every single one of them.

She didn't spare anyone from her radar, not even those she trusted the most; the Elders.

"I want you to buy the mask." Ethan's head suddenly turned to her direction, stunned by her decision.

If She Lei had been drinking or eating something, he would've choked to death!

She Lei wanted to ask her so badly. Unfortunately, he was between a rock and a hard place.

"What are you planning, White Bird?" Is what he wanted to ask.

Ethan was puzzled. What result does she seek in giving the mask to She Gu willingly?

"Use your maternal grandfather's name to assure She Gu."

Realization struck She Lei like lightning.

That's right! His maternal grandfather, Charles Rosenguard would surely be of assistance.

Now that White Bird had mentioned this, She Gu must've also given Charles a thought, but why hadn't he talked to him about it?

She Lei pondered why She Gu hadn't mentioned his grandfather and ask him for money.

Usually, She Gu would ask She Lei to call his grandfather to ask for a favor.

Was She Gu waiting for She Lei to offer help?

She Lei hummed loudly, "Dad, I think I'll buy the mask."

Hearing this, She Gu turned to his son in surprise. "Lei-er, what are you talking about?"

She Lei feigned a sheepish look. "Um, I could perhaps ask grandfather to help us. I'll call him right now, if you want."

"Lei-er..." She Gu fondly called. "How could I ask anything from you? You're my son, and I'm your father. I should be the one providing and indulging you with things."

What a good son. This is exactly what I want from you, Lei-er. It seems you know how to be grateful. My efforts weren't in vain.

This were She Gu's real thoughts about his son.

He sees him as nothing but a pawn.

A special pawn against the mighty king of Europe, Charles Rosenguard.

With the patriarch of the Rosenguard at his disposal, She Gu could have anything he wants.

Fortunately, he didn't disposed of this child as soon as he was born. She Lei's gold eyes was his ticket to the Rosenguard family.

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