Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 183

Volume 2 Chapter 183 183: ill Be Back. For More

"If you'll excuse me for a moment, I'll call grandpa right now."

She Gu sighed, "Alright." After being 'persuaded' by his son, he 'reluctantly' agreed.

She Lei went outside, only to be blocked by his elder brother, She Jing.

She Jing glared at him hatefully, as if looking at the cause of his misery.

"Where are you going?" He demanded.

She Lei raised his eyebrow in a provocative manner, his lips curling into a smirk.

"I'm calling 'my' grandfather. Is there a problem?" He said with emphasis. Clearly showing that he has the upper hand.

She Jing growled, "If it weren't for your mother's family, dad wouldn't even bat an eye to you." He stepped closer, almost butting his head with his.

"You're nothing but a bastard, remember that. If not for your wh*re of a mother seducing dad, I would've been the only son, the She Family's successor." He spatted harshly.

"Well, too bad, isn't it?" She Lei grinned sadistically, clearly not affected by She Jing's poisonous tongue.

"That my 'wh*re of a mother' gave birth to a son who inherited the eyes of the Rosenguard." He continued, his gold eyes glinting menacingly.

She Jing was rendered speechless, no longer finding words to retort.

Seeing that his unresponsive state, She Lei walked passed him and headed straight to the lavatory.


"100 million!"

Everyone went silent as they heard a rough male voice exclaimed from the loge above them.

"Sh*t! He bid for it!"

"Damn, it! I thought I could finally buy something interesting here!"

"Did Vermillion Dragon found himself a moneybag? He was silent since the beginning, making us think he will not bid for it."

"As long as it's related to White Bird, it's impossible for Vermillion Dragon to be uninvolved. Their fierce rivalry did not wavered throughout the years."

With his sensitive sense of hearing, Ethan heard some of the guests' words and couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

He was actually the one who started their "rivalry".

Lillie stared at him, as if knowing exactly what he was thinking.

Ethan's ears went red in shame, sensing his wife's glowing gaze directed at him.

Wife, ah! If I knew it was you, I wouldn't dare cause you trouble!

"Indeed. So I'm not surprised to hear Vermillion Dragon bid for White Bird's mask."

"What is he planning on doing with it though?"

"Do you live under a rock? Isn't it obvious that he's going to use the mask to find out White Bird's real identity?"

"He could do that?!"

"Aiya, you're clueless, aren't you? Don't you know Vermillion Dragon possess one of the most advanced technology? Actually, all Underworld Leaders do. But I heard Qilin's technology surpasses everyone by tenfolds!"


"You heard wrong, my friend. It's sis Azure Tortoise who has the most advance of advanced technology!"

"Now you're just being biased!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Shut up, you two! It's obviously my goddess White Bird who surpasses everyone!"

The chatter below got rowdier by the minute. The emcee stared at them with a troubled expression, not certain on how he'll calm the crowd.

"Uh..Ahem! 10 million! Going once, going twice....!"

Everyone's eyes darted back towards the prize when the emcee began to count down to warn those whose attention went away.

"10.5 million!"

Lillie stood up from her seat, gaining Ethan's attention. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"Bathroom." She replied briefly.

"Alright, don't go too long."

"I won't." Lillie surprised Ethan with a peck on the lips, rendering him immobile.

"I-uh.." His mind blanked out.

Lillie's plump lips curled into a sly smile, taking his reaction as an achievement.

"I'll be back." For more

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