Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 184

Volume 2 Chapter 184 184: Another Puppet

Exiting the room, Lillie stood in front of the door for a moment upon noting the looming figure just across the hall, observing the room she and Ethan were in.

This She Jing is quite troublesome, isn't he? What a diligent and loyal son he is.

That She Gu really couldn't tell the difference between a stone and a jade.

Lillie turned her back to him, walking towards the bathroom where She Lei said he would be.

Her eyes darted to the side while still facing forwards. Normal people wouldn't notice anything strage, but to a person with heightened senses, Lillie could definitely feel someone following her.

Even without looking behind, she knew it was She Jing.

Ahhh...She Jing, She Jing, don't you know that you're digging your own grave?

Since you graciously give yourself to me, I would gladly add you to my collections.

Pushing the men's washroom door, she saw She Lei leaning against the wall while smoking a cigarette. His mask was placed above his head, enough for his lips to show.

Behind her mask, Lillie scrunched her eyebrows. "Put that out." She said, fanning the smoke away from her.

"Oops, sorry." She Lei pressed the cigarette on the sink and doused it on water before throwing it on a trashcan.

"There's a smoke room for a reason."

"My bad, man. The smoke room was farther from our loge and I badly needed a smoke." He explained.

The door was still wide open, so She Jing can hear their conversation. Lillie signaled She Lei to follow her. "Do you know where another washroom is located? Since you polluted this place, I would need to go to another one."

"Polluted? I just smoked one stick. Don't tell me you're allergic to smoke?"

"And what if I am?"

"Fine, fine, I understand." She Lei pushed himself from the wall and went out to 'direct' Lillie into another washroom.

Seeing them move out, She Jing followed them behind the shadows.

She Jing was not familiar of the route of the Black Market so he aimlessly followed the two without taking percussion.

Unbeknownst to him, the two were aware of his presence and intentionally made him trail them.

The place She Lei was taking them was not another washroom, but a secret room that were known only by the owner of Netherworld Hotel and the Reapers' commander, Death.

Death, being their ally, mentioned this secret room where the owner of the hotel would take the guests he had bad blood with and kill them.

The room was located at a dead corner where the halls are cleared out from surveillance cameras. Besides, Death, Elliot, and Lan Wu Cheng were still on guard duty and are responsible for erasing any traces of evidence of their suspicious movements caught by the cameras.

"Here we are." She Lei opened the door for her.


Lillie entered first before She Lei followed suit. Coming out of the corner, She Jing looked around the deserted hallway without much thought.

For a highly trained spy, he was doing a bad job in being attentive to his surroundings.

Wasn't he wondering why the washroom's door doesn't have any sign? Besides, normal public washrooms have one for each s.e.x.

She Lei wanted to facepalm at this stupid brother of his. Really, it was both amusing and embarrassing at the same time.

Quietly walking in front of the door, She Jing leaned his ear closer to it and tried to listen.

He could hear some muffled sounds and a few words saying "Egg....kill.....control..."

She Jing's eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "Are they talking about the black egg?" He mumbled to himself.

"Why yes, yes we are."

She Jing's heart jumped in surprise as the door in front of him swung open to reveal his half brother with a evil grin on his face.

"You! What are you doing?!" He demanded.

She Lei tilted his head, mirth glinting from his eyes as he said mockingly, "I could ask you the same thing, brother. Don't you know it's rude to listen to other people's conversation?"

"Isn't that right, White Bird?"

She Jing's eyes widen as he met a pair of frightening red eyes glow behind She Lei. His body trembled in fear at the ominous presence of the most notorious Underworld Leader, White Bird.

Suddenly finding it hard to breathe, he felt the hairs behind his neck rise as shivers run down his spine.

"Thank you, for volunteering to be my puppet."

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