Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 185

Volume 2 Chapter 185 185: Complete Domination

"Y-you...why are you here?" She Jing was frozen from his place. Those glowing red eyes glaring behind She Lei frightened him to a degree that he could not even move a muscle.

He could feel the cold sweat streaming down from his forehead.

Crimson eyes that belongs, unmistakably, to White Bird, but...why is she in that getup? And how did that bastard She Lei know her?

"She Lei, you bastard! You were going behind dad's back the whole time?!"

She Lei raised a brow and chuckled. "Going behind his back?" He repeated. "Oh dear brother, you are mistaken..."

A blur suddenly appeared in She Jing's sight.

And before he knew it, a hand clutched his throat into a tight grip.

"Ack?!" She Jing yelped.

"I was never on his side since the beginning." He coldly said, gold eyes stared at him without any emotion.

Blue veins protruded from the back of his hand to his fingers. The pressure he was installing on a single hand had rendered She Jing's struggles useless.

She Jing coughed blood. He tried to punch him, but his hits only met air as She Lei manages to avoid every single one of them. He could only try to remove the hand on his throat by squeezing the wrist as hard as he could.

However, She Lei did not wavered nor winced.

How did he became so strong?! How could I not break free from him?! He's only using one hand, so how?!

"Oh, by the way. Isn't this what that man wanted?" She Jing's eyes widen when he saw a familiar black pill that was the size of a quail's egg on She Lei's other hand.

She Lei was amused by his reaction, causing the grin on his lips to widen. He waved his hand on She Jing's face in a provocative manner.

"Wouldn't you like to experience what this baby can do?"

"Ba-bastard! D-don't you da-dare!" She Jing's sight began to blur from the lack of air, his face turning purple.

"I wasn't asking for your permission, brother." He then cranked his neck behind him. "What do you say? You wouldn't mind adding him to your collections, right?"

White Bird nodded.

Seeing the approval, She Lei turned his attention back to his brother.

She Jing's sight began to fade. The last thing he saw was the crazed look on She Lei's face and the unwavering eyes of the woman that can put the Underworld under her complete domination.

"Now, open wide~"


"Sold for 500 million! The First Phoenix is sold to Vermillion Dragon!"

The crowd gritted their teeth, deeply annoyed by being outbidden.

"And now, for the item that you all have been waiting for!" The emcee's excited voice rung out through the room.

A female assistant in revealing clothes appeared beside him, carrying a container that was covered by a red silk cloth.

"I present to you, the Black Egg!" The guests awed at the spectacular sight. The screen above them showed a zoomed in broadcast of a shiny black pill that was the size of a quail's egg.

"As everyone should know by now, the Black Egg is an SS-grade drug that was deemed extremely dangerous. Its contents were a mystery that no one but its inventor knew. The inventor remained anonymous and their identity is highly protected by the Reapers' Association." The emcee elucidated.

"The drug is rarely sold so we, of Netherworld, were very honored to have it." The emcee grinned and dramatically arched his body backward while pointing at the ceiling.

"The price...starts at..." drum rolls erupted through the speakers once again. "100 million!"


"Are you kidding me?! That price is too much!"

"Emcee, are you joking?! Are you trying to rob us?!"

"Idiots. This price is already considerate compare to the price other black markets offer. Usually, the Black Egg caused 600 million!"

"That much?!"

"You guys are obviously newbies in the bidding world since you knew nothing about the Black Egg's market price."

"Well excuse me for being clueless!"

Hearing another hot argument boiling, the emcee coughed to grab everyone's attention.

"As some guests know, the price of the Black Egg is already considered cheap. You won't find any black market that bids a Black Egg at a staring 100 million." He said in a deep tone, everyone's chattering and interruptions had displeased him.

"If I may repeat! The price starts at 100 million!" Noticing the emcee's displeasure, everyone composed themselves and began to bid.

Even if the emcee was just an employee, they wouldn't dare court trouble in fear of being blacklisted by the Netherworld Hotel.

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