Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 186

Volume 2 Chapter 186 186: The True Form Of The Black Egg

Ethan propped his cheek on his palm, unamused on the festivities happening below. His wife had left him for business and now he was bored out of his mind.

Why can't he just enjoy a moment with his wife in peace?

He wanted to blame the Underworld for keeping him from his wife.

Lillie had been very busy lately. If not with her company, it'll be the Underworld.

Ethan began to formulate a plan to convince his wife to take a break from everything. He could even ask his mother-in-law for assistance.

Knowing his mother-in-law, she could easily make her daughter stop whatever she was doing.

Yeah, that's a great plan. It sounds shameless, but it's foolproof.

It's also a great time to plan for their wed..ding...


They haven't talked anything about their wedding plan....right?

Ethan wanted to jump from the loge.

How could he forget?!

See how Lillie had influenced him? He almost lose the track he was painstakingly trying to reach!

How did that single course suddenly shifted?!

Also, their engagement party wasn't even planned yet!

Being so busy, no wonder the thought of their wedding hadn't crossed his mind for a long time.

Ethan chuckled half-heartedly.

Wife, you're so cruel.

How could you make your husband wait?

If I could no longer contain myself, don't blame me for what's to come next!


Inside the secret room, Lillie suddenly felt cold air sweep the back of her neck as shivers ran down her spine.

What is this ominous feeling?

Shaking her head, she directed her attention back to the man kneeling in front of her.

His eyes were dull, as if life has been sucked out of himquite literally.

She Jing motionlessly knelt before her, not a single emotion on his face.

Behind him was She Lei, looking down at his lifeless brother in fascination.

"Hm! Cyrus and Cyra had outdone themselves." He said with fixated pride for his co-Elders. "This improved Black Egg had completely controlled his body in mere minutes."

The Black Egg that many thought was an aphrodisiac...was actually a pill filled with millions of nanomites that was the size of a human cell.

It was mistaken for an aphrodisiac because of the unbelievable heat and pain it causes on the consumer.

But what really happens is that the nanomites melts inside the body because it did not adapt to the environment.

The body's internal temperature had been too much for the nanomites to handle, so they meltcausing the person to experience a high degree of pain and heat.

That was why it was dubbed as a "failure" by the twins. Nonetheless, it served the White Bird Organization a great cause by selling it to the Reapers and the black market.

Now, with the successful version of the Black Egg, it can finally uphold its real purpose.

And that is to control a person.

A dead one, to be exact.

Much like a zombie, but functional.

The body can still speak, move, breathe, eat, or do any human activities normally. The organs still functions, but the mind is dead.

Hence, She Jing's dead.

As soon as the Black Egg hatches inside his body, the nanomites would kill him.

The nanomites then attach themselves on the nervous system.

His actions are now controlled by someone in White Bird's laboratory.

The perfect puppet.

And like an automatic reaction, the Black Egg would self-destruct as soon as they were exposed to any tool or devices used to determine its content.

They were programmed to be sensitive and to immediately detect things that are not in their command system.

If they detected something amiss, they would turn into a glob of mess that will be unrecognizable.

"Let's go back." Prolonging their stay would make Ethan suspicious. Not that she was hiding anything from him.

She's just not ready to tell him everything....in fear of him looking at her differently.

"We must make sure She Gu will have the Marionette Pill."

Unknown by many people, the Black Egg being auctioned was the same version She Jing consumed.

She Gu's purpose of obtaining the Black Egg was to feed it to Yu Mei to 'cure' her madness.

For years, Yu Mei had been a subject of torture and was used to help Cyrus and Cyra with the development of the Black Egg.

Her misery will finally come to an end.

Lillie decided to finally give her mercy...

...by death.

However, Lillie would still make use of her body.

It would only be an empty vessel, so why not make use of it 'till the end?

With the Black Egg in her arsenal, anyone that had instigated her sufferings would face an unsightly fate.

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