Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 187

Volume 2 Chapter 187 187: Interruptions

"Marionette Pill?" She Lei repeated. Together, along with She Jing robotically following them from behind, they left the secret room and went back to their own loges.

"The twins renamed it, to not be confused of the failed version."

"Calling the Black Egg a failure kinda makes me sad, really. Why not call it...a happy accident?" Truthfully speaking, the Black Egg did came out as an accident.

Being meticulous scientists, the twins wouldn't accept the Black Egg as a successful experiment.

"A happy accident, huh." Lillie echoed quietly.

"It caused the growth of the organization's wealth, and helped us make stronger connections with the Reapers Association! We should thank the Black Egg for everything we accomplished today!" She Lei dramatically explained, wiping fake tears from his eyes.

Lillie sighed. "Tell that to the twins. They created it, and it's their call if they wanted to call it a failure."

"E-eh? As if I'll criticize those devil twins' decision in their faces! They would strap me on a cold table and dissect me if I did!" She Lei shivered.

Last time someone disagreed or criticized their work, that person ends up in their water tank!

"Then learn to shut up."

"Wuwuwu...boss, how could you be so cruel!"

Lillie rolled her eyes, pacing faster to leave the noisy baggage, and exiting the deserted hallway.

Upon arrival at the loge, the first thing Lillie did was press the intercom to have someone fetch her a bottled water.

Then, she sat beside Ethan, who was silent since her return.

Ethan did not spoke with her. Lillie did not initiated a conversation, not sensing anything unusual.

The guests fought fiercely with She Gu with the bidding. Unfortunately for them, Lillie will make sure the Marionette Pill will be in She Gu's hands.

[Ah, you're back. How did the call go?] She heard She Gu from her earpiece.

[Grandpa agreed. He will be sending us the money to my account.]

[Good, good. I'll be sure to give him my thanks as soon as we go back home.]

[Nah, grandpa doesn't mind. He told me to ask anything I wanted.]

[Aiya, this is really embarrassing. If only I had been more capable, I wouldn't put you in this situation, Lei-er.]

[It's fine, dad. Just think of this as an early gift for your birthday.]

[This child, ah. Truly, you are my lucky star.]

"We need to talk."

Lillie swiftly snapped her head at Ethan's direction and disconnected the earpieceseeing as there's nothing interesting to listen to anymore.

"Is it important?" Lillie couldn't help but automatically blurt this response.

Ethan's eyes darkened. "Yes, it is." There was a momentary heaviness in his voice.

"Could it wait until we...get...home?" Lillie's words drawled as Ethan suddenly held her cheeks.

Ethan lean in closer, and the gap between their faces narrowed.

"Oh, it could wait..." He breathily muttered.

Lillie was confounded and wasn't able to discern of what could be the cause of his sudden approach.

"...no longer."

As the proximity of their faces was now an inch away, Lillie disregarded every question and accepted what's to come.

Her eyes fluttered shut, she could feel his hot breath on her lips.

Expecting a warm flesh of their lips, the two jolted away from each other when a soft knock resounded from the door behind them.

"Proud Wolf, I have brought you your water." The person at the other side of the door said.

Ethan groaned and lightly glared at his puzzled wifewho looked at him innocently.



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