Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 188

Volume 2 Chapter 188 188: danger

"Proud Wolf, I have brought you your water."

Lillie had never been so thankful in her entire life for wearing a mask. Or else, not only would her face be exposed, the red hues on her cheeks would also be seen. Her heart was beating at a fast rate.

It's as if she was inside one those cheesy romance movie her mother watches, where a teenage girl was hiding her boyfriend from her dad who suddenly barges inside her room unannounced.

Yeah, that felt accurate.

Clearing her throat, she said, "come in" to the waiter.

The waiter came in and suddenly shivered at the cold atmosphere.

He didn't know why but he sensed that his presence wasn't welcomed by a certain someone, and that he was being cursed and detested by that someone.

What a terrifying premonition.

He stiffly went towards their seat and placed two bottled water on their coffee table. With a bow, he quickly excused himself.

The waiter gently closed the door behind him before sighing in relief.

"I thought I was going to die..." He dreadfully muttered to himself.

Lillie opened the bottle and took a sip on the cool beverage. She sneakily peaked at the man beside her.

Lillie tilted her head in thought.

What's wrong with this man? Is he...pouting? Why do I suddenly feel like I have wronged him? Aren't I suppose to be the victim here?

With these questions swimming around her head, Lillie did the most effective way to catch his attention.

Ethan flinched when something cold was placed on his neck. He searched for the cause and saw Lillie holding a bottled water in front of him.

"Here." She offered.

Mumbling a "thanks", he took it.

The refreshing beverage helped him calm his nerves, but the desire in him did not vanish.

Lillie didn't have any idea that there would be an incoming 'danger' in her way.

He send a side glance to his clueless wife as he formulated a punishment for her.

And that danger comes in a form of an Ethan Li.


"Sold! Black Egg goes to Vermillion Dragon!"

She Gu sighed in relief when no one outbid him. This day had been a great treat to him. He turned to his son, She Lei, and thanked himself for his decisions back then.

"Would you like to eat somewhere before going home?" He suggested to make himself appear gratified.

She Lei smiled and shook his head. "Nah, I'm already too tired to eat. But if father wants to, I'll gladly tag along."

"Silly boy, it's you who I want to treat. Anything you wish, I will comply. If you want to rest, then we'll go home immediately." She Gu stood up and motioned his hand to his men.

"Let's go. Have someone get the car." He commanded. "Where's Jing? Call him here immediately!"

One of his men came out to call for the eldest young master. She Jing entered the loge as if nothing has changed.

"Yes, sir?"

She Gu looked at his eldest son with indifference and hand him a card. "Pay for the items." He curtly said before walking pass him without anything more to say.

She Lei followed his father from behind with the smile on his lips still present. His eyes glanced at his motionless brother.

"See you later, brother." He chirped.

The nanomites inside She Jing's nervous system commanded him to glare and sneer at his younger half brother with contempt.

"Shut up." He grunted.

The smile on She Lei widened. "Hmm..." what a frightening device. It's so flawless that it feels as if I'm really talking to She Jing.

Ah~ White Bird is truly someone not to be trifled with. Good thing he chose her side.

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