Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 189

Volume 2 Chapter 189 189: Spoil Him

Warning: Nosebleed ahead! Rated SPG or whatever you call it! Readers under 18 years old, if you are mature enough to handle this, I have no power to hold you back so go for it!

But, you have been warned!!!!



Drowsiness had overcome Lillie's eyes. They had arrived back to their hotel room to changed into new set of clothes before going home to Tranquil Villa.

But, as Lillie was about to enter the bathroom to change, her waist was suddenly pulled and her back was pressed on a hard chest.

"Ethan!" Lillie gasped in surprise. This man had been acting strange ever since she came back from her walk with She Lei and his half brother. "What's gotten into you all of a sudden?"

Without the mask, Ethan's expression was now bare for Lillie to read.

"You know what's wrong, Lillie." He whispered huskily on her ear, sending a different kind of shiver down her spine.

She felt this before. It was a blur, but she still remember. Her body had reacted the same way when she was drunk and had force herself on Ethan.

That day, she remembered his hard girth touching her pelvis. And the sensation she felt that day was similar to this.

She wouldn't say it out-loud, but...

It frighteningly felt good.

Lillie's face heat up when Ethan rubbed his nose on the crook of her neck. She felt him sniff and exhaled a hot breath.

If it was possible, Lillie's face could now be compared to a ripe tomato.

"S-stop." Is what she said, but her body reacted otherwise. Though she could not see them because of her clothes, Lillie was certain that goosebumps had appeared on her skin.

"You had teased me to an extent, Lillie." In one swift movement, Ethan carried her and placed her on the bed.

Ethan hovered above her with a conceited smirk. "Wife, for all the times you had tease me, this will be your atonement."

Lillie didn't get to reply as her lips was ravished. She gripped her hands on his shirt but didn't push him away.

She felt something wet licking her lips, asking for entrance. Lillie gave access on the slithery muscle and fought with it.

"A-ah.." A cute m.o.a.n escaped her lips when Ethan squeezed her soft mounds.

Ethan left her lips and slithered his tongue on her neck and mercilessly sucked her sweet spot that made her release a mewl.

Despite the room being cold from the air-conditioner, beads of sweat rolled down their faces from the carnal heat. His hands provocatively wonder down to her abdomen to her h.i.p.s.

Ethan pulled himself up, only to be bestowed by a wonderful view.

Lillie's face was red, her hair long hair was freed from the wig and was sprawled on the bed like wave.

Her shirt was disheveled and a few buttons were undone from earlier when she was preparing to change.

The shirt opened to reveal her collar bone and cleavage. Her jade white skin was pink due to the blood running up to her face.

Her mouth was slightly open, her eyelids were hanging loosely and her face was still red.

Ethan junior suddenly felt suffocated.

What's this? Lillie curiously looked down on the hard thing that suddenly poked her thigh.

"...?!" This...isn't this...

She automatically stared at the man gawking at her lewd appearance. Lillie turned to the side and covered her face in embarrassment.

"S-stop staring..." She shyly said.

Ethan blinked, before letting out a chuckle.

"Is my wife embarrassed?" He playfully mused. It's their first meeting all over again. How he remembered Lillie's reaction when he suddenly kissed her for the first time that faithful day.

But as they grew closer and closer, Ethan thought his wife was immune to his charms.

Seems like he needed to be more straight forward to get this kind of reaction from her.

Her fl.u.s.tered state, her cute reaction, and the sweet sound she makes when he kiss her.

Only he, could make the She-Devil, Lillie Bai, react this way.

All of it was because of him.

"W-who's embarrassed? You merely surprised me..." Lillie denied, but her voice betrayed her.

Ethan's expression turned gentle and a soft smile graced his lips. He held Lillie hands and pulled them away to uncover her face.

Lillie's head was averted to the side, refusing to look at him.

"Lillie." He tried to get her to face him, but Lillie stubbornly refused. Sighing, he cupped her red cheeks and turned her head to his direction.

Lillie's blue eyes met Ethan's metallic silver. His charming smile made Lillie marvel at the sight.

Her hands unconsciously rose and traced her fingers on his smooth face.

"I love you."

Her heart skipped a beat. Lillie looked at him in astonishment.

This was not the first time Ethan had said those words....and they had never failed to warm her heart.

She couldn't help but copy his beautiful smile. Her eyes softened as she stared the man who would cross the raging sea for her.

Soon, this man will be her husband, the man whom she'll vow to love for the rest of her life. The man who will be the father of her children.

Lillie didn't realized that tears had streamed down from her eyes until Ethan wiped them with his thumb.

He looked at her in concern. "What's wrong?" His soothing voice made her even more emotional.

The wall she had build for years had been demolished by this man. The grief on her heart has been replaced with nothing but warmth and love.

How could he....making her feel this way.

"It's nothing...I'm just...really happy."

"Is that so?" Ethan smiled and kissed the corner of her eye. "I'm also really happy."

"Do you know why?" He closed his eyes and placed his forehead on hers, their nose touching each other.


"It's because of you." As he said that, he kissed her, but softer and more sweeter.

Lillie gingerly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Soon, their sweet kiss turned passionate once again.

They didn't realized that their clothing had been disregarded at the side until the cold air prickled their skin. Lillie was left with her undergarments while Ethan still has his trousers on.

Ethan shivered as Lillie traced her slender fingers on his bare chest.

Their lips parted as they gasped for air. The two panted from the passionate kiss.

This...Ethan didn't expected for this to go further.

But with his wife being so responsive and cooperative, it made it hard to stop.

With clear resolve set on his face, Ethan said in absolute determination, "Lillie, I...."

Damn it. He couldn't say it.

From all the days, you had chosen this day to suddenly feel shy?!

"Lillie..." He was trying to give her signal.

Lillie knew exactly what he was thinking, but she couldn't help but feign confusion.

This man is seriously fun to tease.

"Damn it, you're not making it easy for me." He grunted. "How could you act so cute while you're putting me in this situation?"

"You think I'm cute?" Lillie blinked innocently.

"Lillie Bai!" He exclaimed. "I want to eat you!"

Lillie couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles at Ethan's choice of words. But really, it suited his straightforward personality.

Retracing his words, Ethan blushed in embarrassment. "I...uh..that's not what I meant..." He tried to explain.

"You are so spoiled, don't you know that?"

Ethan frowned. "Spoiled? How am I spoiled? What kind of spoiling do you give me for you to call me spoiled?"

"Aren't I already allowing you to...eat me?"

Ethan blinked, and was left speechless for a moment.

"Oh...thank you for spoiling me..." He was not sure of this reply.

"Hey, Ethan?"


"I love you too."


Ahem, that'll be all.

What? You're expecting extreme snu snu?

Hohoho, I'm afraid it'll be too extreme for to allow me....or is it?

But, I'm also very mindful of what you guys think. Is extreme snu snu alright with you? If so, then I'll think of it...if it's allowed in . I had never read novels here with extreme snu snu before.

Care to enlighten me, my shameless readers? nufufufu~

Oh, by the way? Believe it or not...they had not done the deed yet unless I say so! Nyahahahahha!

Or did they? Offset ???

It's up to your imaginations now. Good luck~

End of Volume 2

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