Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 190

Volume 2 Chapter 190 190: Two Became One

Author heard your wishes!


I'm not sure if it'll satisfy your *ahem* needs *ahem*

But here it is!

You guys are so spoiled. *sigh* and I'm too weak to resist my cute readers.

Warning: Not appropriate for children! If you are mature enough to handle this, go for it!

I can't stop you guys!

This chapter is wholly NSFW! Extreme snu snu!!!

Also, this chapter is pretty long...like Ethan's dic//slapped


The two are now fully bare, no more clothes restraining them from feeling each other's warmth. Ethan slid under her waist and traveled his hands on her smooth thighs, giving it a light squeeze.

His tongue slithered teasingly on her lower region, making Lillie let out a shaky gasp.

Lillie clenched one of her hands on the bed sheet and the other on Ethan's smooth hair. Her back arched forward as pleasure spread across her body.

Ethan continue to lick the folds of her womanhood, his tongue expertly knowing where her sweet spot is, rendering Lillie into a panting mess.

"E-Ethan..." Heat ooze from her body. L.u.s.t has overcome her rationality. "S-stop..teasing...ah!" She helplessly exclaimed.

Ethan suddenly groped her butt cheeks and gave it a hard squeeze, earning him a girly yelped from the woman below him.

"I told you, didn't I? You're going to atone for all the teasing you've done." He mischievously said. "It's my turn."

Lillie stared at him with teary eyes. "But this...this is too much..." She was fighting a futile war. She knew she couldn't do anything to suppress the l.u.s.t.

She could only willingly submit to Ethan's teasings and watch with absolute vulnerability as he do her body. She felt his fingers provocatively trace her wet, inner folds, until he pushed one inside.

"Ah!" Lillie cried in surprise as his finger entered her.

Ethan stopped midways. "Does it hurt?" He worriedly asked.

"N-no...no." She panted. "I was surprised. C-continue...please."

With her permission, Ethan began to thrust his finger in and out of her and wriggling it around her cavern. Another foreign sensation swept Lillie, as if a thousand feather was tickling her. The knot in her abdomen squeezed her more when Ethan added another digit.

"Ah ah ah!" Her eyes flew open and her mouth let own a loud mewl. Something's coming, she can feel it. Her mind was going muddled from the intense pleasure.

"E-Ethan!" She cried out.

Suddenly, the knot on her abdomen disappeared when Ethan abruptly retracted his fingers. A look of confusion spread across Lillie's face.

"W-why didn't you..." She weakly glared at him, feeling unsatisfied. Her eyes widened as she watched Ethan licked his fingers that were covered with her juice.

"Ethan!" She yelled, feeling deeply embarrassed by his actions. "S-stop it..."

A deep chuckle resonated from his throat as he looked down at his s.e.xy wife like a beast eyeing a delicious meal.

"Hm? Why should I?" He seductively respond. "You taste so sweet, Lillie."

Her whole face turned deep red from his shameless comment. "T-this is unfair! You're s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrating me!"

"Now you know what I feel every time you tease me." He tilted his head. "How many times was that again, hmm?"

Lillie averted her gaze, her lips pouted as she did not reply as if having been caught guilty.

Ethan softly laughed at her cuteness and drew his face closer to give her a coaxing peck. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. It's my fault." He sighed defeat.

Ethan hovered over her once again. Understanding what will happen next, Lillie wrapped her arms around his neck. Ethan placed her legs on his arms and lowered his body, his head resting on her shoulder.

"I'm gonna put it in, alright? Try to relax." Ethan's deep voice breathlessly said. Lillie quietly nodded as she intake his natural scent to calm her anxiousness.

She felt his tip on her opening. Lillie closed her eyes as she waited for it to fully enter her. The mattress behind her sink as Ethan pushed himself further.

With a single swift yet gentle movement, two people became one.

Tears prickled Lillie's eyes when Ethan's huge member penetrates her. Her throat let out a painful gasp. Her nails dug on Ethan's back, causing him to grunt.

"Lillie." He groaned when his length entered her hot core. "Are you okay?"

His eyes swirled with different emotions, but guilt and concern was the most evident.

Lillie m.o.a.ned. She could feel his huge, hardened member twitching inside her.

"It hurts." She admitted as it was her first time. Her innocence was now taken by the man she loves.

"I'm sorry." He kissed her. "I promise to be gentle. I'll move slowly, okay?"

Lillie nodded as Ethan rained her with coaxing kisses while caressing her head. Ethan bucked his h.i.p.s deeper until the tip of his member touched her cervix. Her cavern took him whole and adapted his shape.

Her breath shook as she felt his length thrust in and out. The pain finally subside after a few minutes and it was replaced by unimaginable pleasure.

"L-Lillie.." Ethan rasped as he relentlessly thrust his h.i.p.s into her.

"Ethan." Lillie m.o.a.ned his name, arousing him even more. "F-faster..."

He happily obliged as he shoved himself faster and harder into her wet s.e.x.

The familiar knot came back, developing into a more intense churn.

"Ahm...ahh!" Lillie's legs wrapped themselves around Ethan waist, pushing him into her even deeper.

Thank goodness the walls were soundproof. If anyone heard them, their faces would immediately turn red because of the lewd sounds these two were making.

Lillie's m.o.a.ns weren't restricted. She's well aware how the soundproof walls of the hotel are of best quality, so she didn't tone down her voice.

It's really a perfect place to commit a crime...and also to have s.e.x.

Listening to his wife's cute squeals and m.o.a.ns had heightened Ethan's arousal. He loves the sound Lillie makes every time he thrust. This means that he's doing a great job pleasuring his wife.

Ethan loudly groaned, feeling his member being clenched. He lowered his head to his wife's shoulder and bit her succulent skin, receiving another surprised gasped from her.

His hands then went for her two soft mounds that were bouncing from his thrusts, and caressed them. Her n.i.p.p.l.es were stiff because of her arousal, he couldn't help but attack them vehemently with his tongue.

His actions were seen like a wolf eating ravenously on a juicy meat.

And this meat comes in pairs. So fun to tease, so fun to play with.

"E-Ethan." Lillie desperately chant his name, her teary eyes narrowed. "I-I'm at...my l-limit."

Ethan grunted as he continued to pound her. "M-me too..." He panted. His speed increasing as he could also feel the bubbling pressure begging to be released.

His eyes were shut, veins protruded from his forehead as the release was nearing by a matter of seconds.

"Hn! Lillie!"

"Hm ah! Aah ah! E-Ethan!"

Lillie screamed as the last thrust reached her climax. Her hands felt Ethan's muscles clenched at his release.

"Hah...hah.." Lillie's legs quivered as they collapsed from the intense s.e.x. Heavy breaths reverberated around room.

Ethan slid himself out, white liquid dripped out as he did.

Ah....he forgot to put on a condom...

Turning to his wife, he saw her looking at the ceiling with hazy and sleepy eyes.

He wanted to tell her...

But he's certain she already knew about it and just didn't mention it. Lillie already told him she wanted his child, right?

Lying down next to her, he pulled the duvet and covered their n.a.k.e.d bodies.

He secured her sweaty figure into his embrace before closing his eyes with a satisfied sigh.

"Goodnight, Lillie."



Damn, I did not expect I would write something this intense in my entire life...

It's 1000+ words for goodness sake!

Wow, who am I? I no longer know myself.

Author admits she's also shameless, and have read hundreds of *ahem* explicit books *ahem* but never would she expect myself to create a whole chapter of it!

Yah! Give me back my innocence! My love for you had poisoned my mind!

Nah, just kidding.

Author is naturally born shameless. Nufufufu~

Hope you enjoyed this steamy chapter. I hope to never create one again!okay that's a lie.

Is Ethan satisfied?

Ethan: *snores*

Oh, he's sleeping. Lillie must've tired him a lot. Fufufufu~

How about you, Lillie?

Lillie: I'm ready for round 2...

Ethan: *wakes up* hm? Round 2 you say?

Lillie: *suddenly quiets down*

Ethan: hm? I thought I heard you

Lillie: you heard nothing *blushes*

Ethan: *looks at her suspiciously*

Alright! That's all for today. This chapter will be the FINAL chapter of Volume 2.

See you all at Volume 3~

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