Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 75

Volume 2 Chapter 75 75: What Every Woman Wished To Be And Envied

The feeling on triumph was painted on the woman's caked face when she was brought inside the lounge for special guests. She thought she succeeded and Ethan would want to keep the child as his heir and her as the future Madam Li.

Yu Ming Lian saw how this woman carries herself in such arrogance. She thought that this woman is insanely delusional and soon, it'll be her downfall.

"Would you like some refreshments, miss?" Yu Ming Lian kept on a polite and professional status.

"Cuc.u.mber lemonade." The woman stared at Yu Ming Lian's figure up and down and couldn't help but be envious of her beauty.

"Humph! I want everything fresh and organic! The cuc.u.mbers must be English and the lemons must be Meyers so I can eat them." This woman was undoubtedly making things hard for Yu Ming Lian.

"What? You think my task is hard? Everything I eat will also go inside Ethan's child. Surely, you wouldn't want anything happening to him?"

"Of course not, miss." Yu Ming Lian bowed before leaving the room to fetch her the drink she meticulously ordered. Tang He Jiu went with her, he cannot stand to be in one room as that crazy lady.

"I never knew women can be like that." He shivered.

"Don't be silly, men also do that. Although, they don't get pregnant so I suppose they do it in other ways."

"Yeah, but women were the ones doing it the most."

"I can't argue with that. Plus, who wouldn't be flashed by money and fame?"

"I can only be flashed by booze." He grinned.

"Men." Yu Ming Lian rolled her eyes but secretly smiled.

Heading towards the company's pantry, Yu Ming Lian and Tang He Jiu bumped into Song Mo Kun. They were startled when they saw the person beside him.

It was Lillie.

Did she perhaps knew about the mishaps they're facing? News does spread like wild fire but, why did she personally came? They wouldn't be surprised if it was Elliot coming in her stead.

"Miss Bai/Lillie?" Yu Ming Lian and Tang He Jiu called in unison, bewilderment in their tone.

"Is Ethan busy?" Straight to the point, she asked.

"No, miss. He's inside his office." Yu Ming Lian absentmindedly responded.

"En." Without any explanation on why's she here, Lillie did not dally and head straight to Ethan's office.

Yu Ming Lian and Tang He Jiu stared at each other before turning around as to see Lillie's body disappearing like a ghost.

"Why's Lillie here?" He asked Song Mo Kun.

"She heard about the company's predicament. She said she doesn't have anything else to do so, she personally came." Song Mo Kun shrugged.

Tang He Jiu shuddered; something's going to happen. Though, his guts told him it's not a bad thing.

Lillie walked past the lounge where the woman stayed and coincidentally, the woman was outside. She went to search for a lavatory, and was about to enter the room when she saw a ash-blonde haired goddess walking past her with a prominent aura of a tyrannical Empress. Lillie did not paid attention to the pregnant woman and head towards the VIP elevator.

If Yu Ming Lian was an elegant, poised beauty, then this ash-blonde haired woman has an inexplicable, sophisticated beauty that would be the cause many countries' downfall. She carries herself with grace and dignity, devoid of any flaw with a frightening power radiating from her.

Any man would willingly kneel before her, offer her everything in their possession, give her anything she wanted.

She was god's greatest work of art, a masterpiece. And she was exactly what every woman wished to be and envied.

"Hey, you! Wait a minute!"

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