Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 94

Volume 2 Chapter 94 94: Bodyguard? Nope. Wife? Oui

Lillie glanced alternately at the two in confusion. She was certain that neither knew their Underworld identities. Ethan may know Death but Death knowing Ethan as Vermillion Dragon? Impossible.

"How did you two know each other?" Her question made the tension eased up a bit.

"Past circ.u.mstances." Ethan said under his breathe.

Death scoffed, "Hardly, more like a dispute between men, and me being the winner." He smirked.

Ethan growled, "You cheated."

"How, pray tell?"

"The surveillance camera caught you roaming around our turf."

"Humph! Did the surveillance camera caught me cheating?"


Death sputtered. "Bullsh*t!"

"So you admit you cheated?"

"Since when?!"

Lillie sighed, she's surrounded by two a.d.u.l.t men acting like hot-blooded teenagers. It seems these two's past dispute wasn't that serious unlike how they portrayed it.

"You aren't talking about the race, are you?" Ethan and Death abruptly stopped bickering and faced the lone woman.

"Y-you knew about that?" Death tried to hide his anxiousness. If Lillie knew his 'shameless' past, Master might lock him up with chains at the underground disciplinary room! Knowing this Junior sister of his, she wouldn't tell unless he angers her greatly.

Just remembering those big words on the door that says 'ABSOLUTE DISCIPLINE!' send shiver to every fiber of his body.

Lillie arched her eyebrow gave him an incredulous look that. "Who do you think I am?"

Depressed lines appeared on Death's head. Right, who was he kidding. Lillie practically have eyes and ears everywhere, it's impossible for her to not know anything.

"Rest assured that I won't tell anything about your little...exploit. But, I doubt Master would let you off if he find out that you've disobeyed him once again."

Death's shoulder lightened in relief. The punishment for disobeying a petty order and running away wasn't that brutal than embarrassing their Master and the temple's name.

"How did you two know each other?" Now it was Ethan's turn to asked.

"He's my Senior brother. He and I are Master Wei of Soaring Dragon Academy's pupils." Lillie briefly explained as Ethan nodded.

Soaring Dragon Academy is an elite school for the best martial artists. Their standards are so high that 5 out of 500 students every year are given the change to enter and to receive teachings from a great master.

And Master Wei is the best of the best. The ultimate expert of the world of martial arts and battle tactics. Rumors says that his pupils can beat everyone from the Academy, even the masters.

However, Ethan never expected that Lillie was actually the great Master Wei's pupil, along with that bastard. How did she become his pupil, was the golden question. But, that can be brought up some other time.

"Regardless of your past disputes, I want you two to properly introduce yourselves to one another." Lillie said.

"Properly." She repeated.

Death clicked his tongue in annoyance but didn't have the courage to defy Lillie.

"The name's Death. Yes, yes, what kind of parents would name their child like that. Sadly, they're already gone before they can give me a proper name." Death rolled his eyes, as if it doesn't bother himwhich was true.

"Ethan Li." Contrary to Death's long introduction, Ethan merely gave him his name. "Unfortunately, I have no sob background story to my name."

"Why you!" Death grabbed his sweatshirt and pointed his beloved, rusty gun on his forehead while Ethan remained unfazed.

"Enough. Death, please be aware that if you ever touch a single strand of him again, I'll have Master lock you up at the Disciplinary room." Death knew that it was no empty threat and immediately removed his grasp.

"Why would you defend a sissy like him? Are you his bodyguard of something?" Death scowled.

Bodyguard? If you count guarding Ethan's body away from other men and women's dirty paws as a devoted fiance's duty, then she may be called as such.

"You can say that." She confirmed.

Ethan shook his head. He knows that look, she was beating around the bush once again. Why can't she just tell him straight to the point to avoid misunderstanding?

"Hoh? How much did he pay to gain a brilliant bodyguard?"

"How much?" Lillie looked confused.

"She's my wife." Ethan cleared.

"Oh, so she's your wife..."







"How did you two know each other?" Her question made the tension eased up a bit.

"Past circ.u.mstances." Ethan said under his breathe.

Death scoffed, "Hardly, more like a dispute between men and me being the winner." He smirked.

Ethan growled, "You cheated."

"Only because you did that stupid sneak attack on me! It was a fairno, it was a small revenge! Be thankful of my benevolence! Y-you...you ruined me!"

Lillie arched her eyebrow. "Ruined you?"

Death shook as he remembered that day well. The day his dignity as a man was disrupted by a shameless sneak attack.

His chrysanthemum [1] was scarred forever.

"One thousand years of pain!" [2]

That dreaded sentence has been imbedded in his mind forever. The horrors of even hearing a single sentence of it can cause whoever was victimized of it insane.

In this casehim.

"Gah! No! Get away from me!" A high pitch voice escaped from his mouth. The sheer thought of being hit by that thing again is a freaking nightmare!

Lillie wanted to smacked the two a.d.u.l.t male on the head but a revelation stopped her.

"Ethan, you like Naruto?"

Red dusted Ethan's cheeks as he nodded. "He's my childhood hero."

"Ah. Me too."


"Believe it."

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