Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 191

Volume 3 Chapter 191 191: Waking Up With You By My Side Is A Bliss

Waking up in the morning usually wasn't the best part of the day to any people. Especially for those who had school to wake up early to, or work with a ruthless boss who hates tardy employees.

Well, good thing for Lillie and Ethan, they're the boss of their respective companies. There may be a lot of work to do, they have their diligent secretaries to do it for them.

The warm glare of the sun seeped through the small gap on the window's dr.a.p.es. Lillie's natural body clock had awoken her from a sweet sleep. She was used to waking up around this time, but there was still that heavy and reluctant feeling that want her to stay in her soft bed, wrapped in Ethan's warm embrace.


Indeed, when Lillie's sight went clearer, she was greeted by the face of a s.e.x god.

'Her' s.e.x god...

A s.e.x god that's part vampire too. Just look at those red bite marks she has! She would probably need a bucket of concealer to cover them.

Ethan was quite meticulous when it comes to marking her body with his signature. He's the type of person who doesn't do things half-heartedly. Her body is filled with his love bitesfrom her neck down to her thighs.

Fortunately she brought a coat with her that would cover her neck.

She was in utter bliss, despite the soreness on her bodyespecially down there.

Ethan had not been merciful with her when it comes to teasing. He ravished her like a vengeful beast on heat.

She was extremely turned on by itsecretly admitted to herself.

Though he was very careful and gentle now...Lillie's not so sure with next times.

Her body quivered as she carefully 'tried' to sit up, wincing at the indisputable aftermath of their very lively 'activity'. She could still feel the sticky sensation on her groin, that Ethan...ferociously install.

"Hn.." She heard him groan behind her. As if sensing she was leaving, his arms immediately reached for her.

Lillie was trapped.

"Good.." He yawned. "...morning."

"Good morning to you too." She whispered, her morning voice reached Ethan's ears and it awoke a different entity.

His face is so up close, Lillie could see his long eyelashes, his smooth face that makes women envy, and his thick, arched eyebrows that many only see furrowed.

A small smile appeared on Lillie's lips as she observed this devilish man's rare cuteness. The serene look on suits him more. But, it's only reserved for Lillie to see.

"Waking up with you by my side...is a bliss." Those words unconsciously left her lips.

His arms tightened around her. Lillie frowned by this. She really needed to go to the bathroom. Her bladder is about to explode.

"Ethan, let go." She tried to pull out but to no avail. Lillie, who had defeated thousands of enemies in cold blood, and had the strength of a god, cannot even escape from a single man's grip?

If anyone who knew her as White Bird found out, they would definitely beat themselves in disbelief.

"Ethan, I really need to use the bathroom." As if hearing a magic word, Ethan's eyes flew open and sat up.

"...?!" Lillie was suspended in the air as Ethan carried her in bridal style, marching towards the bathroom.

Lillie's cheeks heat up upon realizing what this man had in mind. "I-I can walk, you know! Put me down!"

His chest vibrated as he let out a mischievous chuckle. "You wanted to go to the bathroom, right? Perfect timing! I also wanted to go!"

"You can go after I'm done! So put me down this instance!" She let out a exasperate cry.

"Why not go together? With this, we can help the hotel save water."


His shamelessness knows no bound.

What saving?! This hotel earn billions of money everyday! Their business with the black market alone can sustain every employee for 12 years! So what saving are you talking about?!

"What are you talking about? Are you even conscious yet?"

"I'm very much awake, my dear."

"Then use your brain to make up a better excuse!"

"Alright then." His face turns serious. "I want my breakfast in the bathroom."


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