Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 192

Volume 3 Chapter 192 192: Couldnt Get Enough Of It

The energy Lillie thought rejuvenated, completely dissipated after the steamy 'shower' she and Ethan had. Her legs were sore again, making it even more difficult for her to have a will to go to work.

Ethan had to carry her back to the bed, but after he pushed away the stained sheets. Lillie had worn a bathrobe, much to Ethan's disappointment.

This hateful man, devouring her as if she was the last piece of meat he could taste before the world ends. And just as she have assumed, he wasn't merciful and gentle the second and third time he 'ate' her.

Oh, no. He was no longer the gentle man who had taken her first time.

Lillie had turned him into a rabid beast and had awoken a different kind of appetite in him.

Now that he has tasted the forbidden fruit, he couldn't get enough of it.

Then, Lillie's face heat up when she spotted a bright red stain on the sheets. The hotel maids would think it's from her period, right?


Then, all her hope was lost when her eyes caught another familiar stain on the bed that wouldn't come out from any biological women. Her hands covered her flushed face in embarrassment.

Ethan went to the closet to grab their clothes while Lillie sat on the bed, contemplating.

Should she burn this place down just to destroy the evidence of their sinful night?

If she does, she knew the exact person to call.

Picking her phone from her purse, she dialed Feng Chunhua's number.


[A-ah~...yes, bossah, w-wait, I'm talkingah~]

Lillie froze.

She's on a mission right now, isn't she?

Normally, Lillie would remain indifferent to the lewd sounds coming from Feng Chunhua since it's her kind of job [1].

Talk about bad timing! Is the heaven tormenting her right now?

"Never mind. I'll call you back after you're done." She was about to hang up when Feng Chunhua interrupter her.

[A-ah wait, b-boss, I-I'm almost...almost d-done~ hm]

Lillie ended the call immediately.

"Who were you talking to?" The devil curiously asked.

"No one." Her reply came too quick for Ethan to notice something was odd, but chose not to point it out.

After finally dressing up, Lillie swung the large coat on her and buttoned it up to her neck to cover the hickeys.

"What are you looking at?" Lillie frowned, leaning away from Ethan's mirthful gaze.

"You look good." He said with a deeper meaning.

"I know I am. Now let's go." She deadpanned, before whispering, "...before anything more happen."

Ethan didn't heard her, but he saw her lips move. He pulled into his embrace and said, "I'll carry you if you can't walk properly."

Lillie glared at him. "I can manage it perfectly, Mr. Li." Oh no, she's angry. "I had bullets pierce both of my legs before, so something like this will not hinder me." She harrumphed, stomping her way out the room.

Ethan rubbed his neck. Chuckling sheepishly, he ran after his angry wife and hugged her from behind.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault." He coaxed her.

Lillie wasn't really angry but his soft voice melted her as if magic.

"Let's just go back home." She really needed a time out.

Sorry, Elliot, but it seems you're in charge for today's work load.

"Yes, boss." Ethan smiled.

With that, Lillie and Ethan left the hotel with memories they will never forget.

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