Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 193

Volume 3 Chapter 193 193: Yu Meis End

At the Vermillion Dragon headquarters, She Gu had someone contacted Master Yang to inform him that they have the Black Egg.

[Good, good. I'll be there by tomorrow to observe that girl's condition. What you do now is to feed it to her.] He instructed through the phone.

"Alright. Also, my condolence for you granddaughter. I'll have my men help you look for the culprit."

[Hm. That'll be nice.]

After that, Master Yang hanged up. She Gu put his phone back to his pocket and went towards the laboratory where Yu Mei was detained. His eldest son, She Jing, followed behind him as per usual while holding the box for the Black Egg.

He was oddly quiet today. But he didn't think too much.

Nearing the laboratory, She Gu could distinctly hear the painful cries of Yu Mei. When the metal door opened, her cries pierced his ears.

"Strap her down. We'll feed her the Black Egg immediately." He barked an order to his subordinates.

Yu Mei went wild when she was touched by the male doctors. The doctors strapped her on the cold table and waited for further instructions. She Gu waved his hand to his son.

She Jing robotically hand the box to the head doctor. The doctor opened the box and was in awe at the sight of the Black Egg.

The doctor was really curious and wanted to examine the Black Egg even further, but She Gu gave him a sharp glare. "Stop dallying! Feed it to her now!"

Time is ticking. Anytime soon, this woman wound die if the drug wasn't given to her on time. If that happens, all of his hard work would go in vain.

"Yes sir." The head doctor carefully held the pill. The assistants opened her mouth as they forcefully fed it to her.

She Jing quietly stood at the sideline. His eyes dilated as the nanomites record everything and send it directly to White Bird's IT engineers.

At this moment, some of White Bird's IT engineers and scientists are watching everything from She Jing's eyes. Cyrus and Cyra scanned Yu Mei's body and the changes as soon the Marionette Pill went inside her.

The pill burst into millions of nanomites, spreading her body without delay.

Yu Mei's movements abruptly stopped, confusing the doctors and She Gu.

"What happened to her?" She Gu demanded.

"This...the drug probably calm her down."

"Probably? Why aren't you sure?" He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. The doctors were frantically examining the monitor she was attached to.

"All her vitals, her heart and respiratory rate went normal. It's as if...she became a healthy person again." The head doctor muttered in disbelief. The monitor confirmed that her vitals were slowly going back to normal.

"You mean to say, she's cured? Just like that?" She Gu incredulously stared at the doctor.

The doctor shook his head. "We cannot be sure yet, sir. We still need to monitor her a bit longer, and wait for Master Yang to completely study her."

She Gu nodded his head. "Good. Continue your job and don't fail me." Seeing as the matter has been taken care of, She Gu no longer see himself staying inside the chemical and medicine smelling room.

"Let's go." He turn his back and went straight out. She Jing quietly followed suit, his eyes did not left She Gu's figure.


"The Marionette Pill went down smoothly." Cyrus said in glee.

"Naturally." His twin sister, Cyra scoffed. "Her body has always been subjected to nanomites. Those failures that melts unconsciously changed her internal environment. Thus even with the failed version of the Marionette Pill, we can successfully control her."

The Black Egg, as what Cyra just told her twin, is already enough to gain control of Yu Mei's body. Because of the many years Yu Mei had intake the Black Egg, the nanomites slowly adapted to her internal body's environment. The nanomites that melted into her system were the cause.

It was an excruciating processto Yu Mei's part.

Cyrus rolled his eyes at his twin. "Don't treat me as I don't know any of that. It was boss' order to have that woman take the Marionette Pill. Besides, boss might have gone impatient and got tired of playing with her."

"How saddening." Cyra sighed in disappointment. "For our best guinea pig to be brought to that detestable reptile."

Her twin nodded in agreement. "I think so too. TS1 [1] had been our veteran for a long time. Guess it's time to pick a new favorite." Cyrus' expression changed from sadness to excitement.

"Oh, by the way." He shifted to his twin. "Have you called boss yet? The results she wanted are done for quite a while now. I thought she wanted it send to her immediately?" He asked.

There was a complicated look on his twin's face. "Ah, you see...I've been trying to contact her since yesterday. I called Senior Brother White Crow too, but even he couldn't reach out to the boss."

"Senior Bro can't call her too? Something must've happen to her!"

"Oh no, no. He 'can' call her. However, the calls weren't answered."

"What do you mean? Where is she right now?"

"Senior Brother said she was at Netherworld Hotel, and that...her phone was set to do not disturb..."

"Oh..she must've been tired." Cryus sighed in relief. But his relief was taken when realization struck him.

"...who is she with again?"

"Silver Dragon."

"...ahh...say, you don't think they"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence, brother. Boss is already engaged to the guy she likes. Also, boss isn't that kind of person." Cyra threatened her twin with a glare and a laptop, ready to smash his dirty mind.

"How do you even know boss likes that Li guy?" He grumbled, his hands shielding his head.

"Call it a woman's intuition."

"Intuition my asack?!"

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