Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 194

Volume 3 Chapter 194 194: Vinegar Does Not Taste Good At All

Tranquil Villa came into their view. Lillie didn't know how much she missed the place until they reach it. Ethan pulled over at the front of the main entrance and let one of the servants park it.

Lillie intake the fresh, cool air surrounding the town. The peach blossoms began to fall out of the tree's branches, indicating the next phase of the season.

The garden gazebo would be a perfect place to have brunch while viewing the picturesque scenery.

"Welcome back." Nanny Ying and Butler Tian greeted them with a bow upon entering. When the two elder servants rose their heads, they had a happy expression on their faces, that made Lillie and Ethan feel like they knew that they did.

Storm was also there, beside Butler Tian. The tail that usually wag every time his mistress arrive was oddly unmoving.

His anger was evident in his piercing dark eyes, that are directed towards the man beside his beloved mistress.

His nose twitch at the peculiar scent his mistress was emanating. She smells strangely similar...to...


"Would you like to have breakfast?" Nanny Ying queried the two with a bright smile, distracting Storm from his deep thoughts.

"That would be lovely." Lillie nodded, answering for both of them. "We'll have breakfast in the garden."

"Is there something specific you two would like?"

"Anything would be fine." Lillie waved her hand while Ethan hummed in agreement.

"Alright. You two should freshen up and put on something comfortable. Breakfast will be done in 10 minutes." Nanny Ying could tell that these two aren't going to work today.

If they were, they would've had head straight to their company and go back home around 9pm or longer. At some point, it was only the young master who would go home.

Butler Tian mentioned that his young miss would sometimes sleep at her officeearning a huge reaction from Nanny Ying.

"Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Sleeping on her desk? Poor thing, her back must be so sore after she wakes up."

But Butler Tian quickly reassures her that Lillie have a bedroom inside her office. Alexander Bai wouldn't want his precious daughter to suffer. He knew how much of a workaholic his daughter is.

Lillie and Ethan head towards the stairs and to their respective rooms. Storm padded next to his mistress, not letting the male human go near her.

Ethan ignored the wolf's glares and his blatant attempt to separate him from Lillie.

He's not affected by said animal when he has the upper hand now.

Ethan send Storm a sly smile that translates into, "We did something."

Being his mistress' partner, Storm undoubtedly posses wit and high intelligence that normal animals, or maybe even humans, could not.

And he knew exactly what this hateful man was trying to divulge.


Lillie stopped her tracks and snapped her head behind her with a puzzled look. "Storm? What has gotten into you all of a sudden?" She reach her hand behind Storm's ear and scratched it.

"I notice you act unusual these past few days. Is something bothering you?" She softly asked.

Storm calmed down, his rage instantly evaporates as his mistress' magic hand caress his head. His tail slowly wag.

"Hmm...I'm sorry if I'm not paying attention to you lately." She cooed.

How could he not forgive her? Especially when she use that voice.

Storm's eyes opened and stared at Ethan.

He had an unreadable expression on him.

Hmph! You see this, human man? You see how much my mistress dotes me? Now, grovel to the ground and admit how envious you are to me!


"Oh? Does that feel nice?"


Vinegar...does not taste good at all!

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