Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 195 1

Volume 3 Chapter 195 195: Its A Date Part 1

Finishing the last bite of her meal, Lillie wiped the corner of her lip with a handkerchief. Then, her hand went for the saucer that held a cup filled with warm tea.

She had a peaceful look on her face, her long lashes fluttered softly every time she took another sip.

Brunch in the garden is a heavenly escape from all the work they have been doing for most of their lives. Having a peaceful day off couldn't be any more wonderful now that they have each other to spend it with.

Ethan just intake the fresh air that surrounds the garden while relishing the picturesque view of Lillie enjoying her tea.

Nothing could destroy this happy mood of his. Not even those pesky mountain of paperworks thathe's surehave piled up by now on his table.

Not even that humongous mutt Lillie kept by her side.

Storm's ears perked up, as if sensing that someone was cursing him.

Sigh. A peaceful day like this is something Ethan and Lillie had hoped for a long time. However, they couldn't help but want to do something than sit around the house all day.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" Lillie's eyebrow quirked.

"You mean watch a movie here or..."

"A movie...at the mall. Umm...you know...like a date?" Ethan sheepishly repeated. All his life, he had never ask a girl out.

Well, he tried when he was in high school, with the same person, but he unfortunately didn't have the courage to ask her back then.

The awkward look on his face made Lillie chuckle. It was refreshing seeing him make other expressions. The same thing for Ethan; he would engrave every expression Lillie makes to his mind.

"Sure. I wouldn't mind having a date with my fiance." She said with a smile.

Ethan's eyes brighten as a visible grin appeared on his lips. "I'll fetch you on your room by 1." He winked.

"Alright, Mr. Li." Lillie shook her head with a monotone laugh. "I'll see you at 1."


Since the day was cool, the two decided to ride a motorcycle. And to not be too eye-catchy to the public, they wore a simple t-shirt and jeans, and a baseball cap over their head. Lillie's wavy long hair was tied into a low ponytail, and wore her pair of round glasses in exchange for the usual contacts.

Unfortunately, no matter how low-key they tried to be, they still couldn't help but gain people's attention.

"Look at those two, they look so perfect with each other!"

"Are they celebrities? They look like one of those idols ah!"

"How envious! That girl's wearing simple clothes yet manage to look so sophisticated."

"No matter how you dress a phoenix, it doesn't change the fact that it's still a phoenix!"

"Aiyo, youngsters these days...they keep on evolving."

"Are those two perhaps celebrities in disguise? Are they having a secret date?!"

"They're just normal teenagers having a date. There's nothing to be excited about, they're just a little pretty."

"Hmp! You're just jealous because no matter how you have your face done, you would never get yourself a decent boyfriend."

"You! How dare you ah!"

Lillie subconsciously pulled her cap down to cover her eyes. It was impossible for her not to hear their blatant stares and conversations. Also, they're not really doing any effort in at least toning it down.

"Should I have put a wig on?" Her fingers automatically went for her ash blonde hair

"I'm sure it's not only the hair they were looking at." Ethan sighed. It's the weekdays and yet there are still too many people at the mall

Hopefully their day would go on smoothly.

"Let's go get some tickets first." Ethan gingerly clasp his hand with hers. After a minute of scrutinizing, in the end they choose a romcom movie that has a historical setting.

Coincidentally, the movie was played by artists under Sunrise Entertainment, which belongs to Hong Long Corporation.

If Lillie and Ethan didn't enjoy the movie, Sunrise Media would be in deep trouble since it's their CEO who personally 'judge' their movie.

And Lillie was someone who's not easily satisfied.

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