Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 196 2

Volume 3 Chapter 196 196: Its A Date Part 2

Laughter echoed through the dim theatre as another funny scene was acted by the artists in the movie.

While the two seats occupied by two distinguished people stared at the screen with a deadpanned expression.

"This is funny?"

"I suppose...?"

"So making oneself look stupid is suppose to be funny?"

"I suppose..."

"Hmm...they are doing a good job. However, I don't find it funny."

Dear wife...forgive me but...you're not exactly someone who has a good sense of humor...

...or a sense of humor in general...it's just nonexistent in your person.

Besides, aren't we here to enjoy the movie? Why did you turn into a judge all of a sudden? Well, if my wife don't find it funny, then Sunrise Entertainment need to make their artists do a better job next time.

If the people of Sunrise Entertainment heard his statement, they would cry and vomit blood at the injustice.


Exiting the cinema, the two roamed the mall until they stopped by the many rows of different food stalls.

"Want something?" Ethan asked, noticing his wife eyeing the glistening chocolate donuts.

"En." She uttered, pointing at the donuts with longing. She isn't the She-Devil CEO today.

No no, she's just a normal a.d.u.l.t woman having a date with her boyfriend. So she didn't have to restrain herself from indulging her sweet tooth.

Yeah, just a normal girl...who's anomalously prettier than the average female population...

"Alright, alright, we'll get your donuts." Ethan let out a chuckle. He was well aware of Lillie's love for sweets as he was the one sends her favorite box of chocolates.

Seeing another cute side of her made the smile on his face remain.

If you put his CEO mode face beside his smiling face, no one would believe that they are the same person. They would just assume he had a twin brother who's more cheerful and outgoing; generally his complete opposite.

"Excuse me. I would like to buy two boxes of these." Ethan said to the cashier, pointing at the delicious rows of chocolate donuts.

"Make that four." Lillie intervene.

Ethan looked at her in puzzlement.

"We'll bring some for the others back home. I'm sure Nanny Ying would love them." Lillie enlightens.

"Oh, right. I'm sure she would." Nanny Ying would love whatever people give to her anyway.

"Four boxes it is. That'll be a total of $50." The cashier happily said. His co-worker already went up to fill each boxes with a dozen donuts before carefully handing it to their generous customer.

"Thank you for your generous transaction! Please come again soon!" They said in unison as they wave goodbye.

"We should buy some drinks first since we're eating sweets." Lillie eagerly pulled Ethan by his sleeve and towards a cafe they passed a while ago.

There are so many things Lillie had experienced today so no one could really blame her from being so excited.

"May I have your names please?"



"Okay. One venti iced peach green tea for Lillie and a grande iced black tea for Ethan." A handsome barista wrote their names without much thoughts on their cups and hand it to another barista who stared at their names incredulously.

The female barista who held the cups lifted her head to take a double look at the two.

"A-ah...L-Lillie B-Bai...a-and E-Ethan L-Li?" She mumbled to herself in disbelief.

"Hey! Stop dallying and finish those drinks! We have more coming up!" Another barista snapped their co-worker back to reality.

The female barista's body went autopilot and automatically made the drinks. Her mind was still elsewhere as she unconsciously gave the drinks to another co-worker.

"One venti iced peach green tea for Lillie and a grande iced black tea for Ethan!" The barista announced.

"That'll be us." Lillie went for the drinks. Ethan stood behind her, carrying the boxes of donuts.

"Here are your orders, miss. Please come back again soon!" The barista said with a smile, completely unaware that he had done something to make every customer stop what they were doing.

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