Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 197 3

Volume 3 Chapter 197 197: Its A Date Part 3

By the time everything sinked in to their minds, Lillie and Ethan were already far away from the cafe.


"What the f*ck did I just hear?!

"This can't be a coincidence, right?! This is too much to be a coincidence!"

"Which couple in Country K would have the names Lillie and Ethan, if not for Lillie Bai and Ethan Li?"

"If they're just pretending to be them, I'm going to be so mad!"

"That's right, that's right! If this was just youngsters' prank, I'm going to turn them over to the police for fraudulent."

"Don't worry la. If the real Lillie Bai and Ethan Li heard of this, I'm certain they will personally deal with those youngsters."

"But isn't this weird?"

"What is?"

"Who would have the guts to impersonate those two?"

"My dear ah. The world is full of stupid, gutsy, and shameless people. So don't be surprise to see one."

"I guess you're right..."

"Speaking of shameless people, you would never believe me if I say I saw a flock of them inside BBQ Bar."

"What happened?"

"They were yelling profanities at each other, and on who has the most prettiest car."

"So? What's the problem?"

"The car they were comparing with were all those expensive sport cars! Like, who would believe that when they're eating inside a cheap restaurant?"

"Pfft! It's either they're drunk or pretends to be rich people."

"I know right! But, it's really a shame. All of them have really good faces."

"If I would choose a handsome but stupid guy over a smart but not so handsome guy, I'd choose the latter. Like, hello? Plastic surgery?"



Ethan placed the boxes of donuts on a wooden table by the park located just outside the mall. The table they had was under a large willow tree, shading them from the sunlight.

The willow trees are the mall's signature. The story behind them was that the owner of the mall met his wife under a willow tree. The willow tree represents the most wonderful moments of their lives as it was under a willow tree where he confessed his love for her and proposed to her.

The owner was interested in building his own business. A mall is one of them. He then decided to buy the acre of land where the willow tree he and his wife loves, and build his first mall near it.

The willow trees were not removed. Instead he made a park out of it, where people could enjoy the fresh air, couples to spend their times with each other, and children with their parents to play around.

Even though the owner and his wife passed away a long time ago, the memories of their love was still beautifully preserved and remembered up until this day.

And the same willow tree where their lives together started, was coincidentally the same tree Lillie and Ethan happen to sit.

"Oh. This is that willow tree Aunt Liu's parents met." Lillie eyed the engraved names on the tree's trunk.

"Zhao Liu? The mall's current owner?"

"En. She's a good friend of my mother. Every time she visits the Bai estate, the story of her parents is the first thing she'll tell you." Lillie sighed as she remembered the days Aunt Liu would recite her parent's wonderful story.

Lillie could probably recite every words without pausing or stuttering from how many times Aunt Liu had told the tale.

Ethan chuckled. "I've met her at a party. I also had to sit for her storytelling. It was interesting at first. But the third to tenth? It's best to avoid her completely to not sit through the eleventh."

Lillie shook her head. "You had it easy." Fortunately, she moved out from the Bai estate. Not that she wanted to avoid being trampled by her mother's friends and forced to listen with their gossips or conversation on the latest trend in the socialite circle.

No. Lillie's not that kind of person.


A content sigh escaped Lillie's lips after drinking her cold beverage after taking the last bite of her 19th donut. Ethan didn't even realized how many she have eaten until his hand met nothing as he was about to reach for his 6th donut.

Ethan's stared at her with utmost seriousness. "You want to open another box?"

The small nod from her immediately had him reaching for the third box.

Sorry Nanny Ying, Butler Tian, I'll buy you something else later. You must understand that I can't let my wife starve.

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