Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 198 4

Volume 3 Chapter 198 198: Its A Date Part 4

The sun was beginning to set, coloring the horizon a beautiful hue of orange, pink and blue. Lillie and Ethan peaked from the willow leaves to get a better view of the sky.

Time does run fast when you're having fun.

Lillie doesn't remember the time she had enjoyed a day so much that she didn't even realize the time.

The same thing for Ethan. Before he met Lillie, he didn't know what to do with his life. He started a small gang to pass time. But that gang expanded, becoming one of the most notorious Underworld organization.

When he met Lillie, he aimed to be a man she deserves. Someone who stood on equal grounds with her. So he relentlessly trained with various tutors. For a woman of her calibre, her man should not be simple.

"Before we go home, I need to take you somewhere."

Lillie tilted her head. "Where?"

"It's a secret." He winked, pulling her up from the seat by her hands. The two left the mall and drove off through the highway.

The moon was at its peak, stars hung around the dark sky; glistened the horizon like gems.

The cool wind harshly hit their skin because of their speed. Despite that, they could still feel each other's body heat. Ethan's back warmed up because of his wife. Lillie's arms wrapped around Ethan's waist, giving her opportunity to feel his tone stomach and to snuggle on his warmth.

As they come near to their destination, Lillie recognize the streets they passed. Stretching her neck, a familiar building came into her view from Ethan's shoulder.

Sky Emperor University.

However, instead of the entrance, Ethan drove at the side of the school. The motorcycle's engine turned off, indicating their stop.

Lillie hopped off. She removed her helmet and gave Ethan a puzzled look.

"What are you up to, Mr. Li? Sneaking inside the school?" Under normal circ.u.mstances, peopletypically studentswould sneak out of the school, not sneak in.

"As expected of my wife. You already knew what's on my mind." A sly grin curled his lips.

Lillie was not serious with what she said, honestly speakingbut she would not admit that.

Unfortunately, it seems he's being serious.

"This was the route where my friends and I would go through to get out and play at the arcades. Now, we'll use it to get in." He said in an as-the-matter-of-fact tone.

"Who could've thought, Ethan Li was such a rebel back in high school."

"And I'm proud to say I was never caught."

"You do remember I was your Council President?"


"Maybe the Headmaster wouldn't mind an old student visiting the detention room..." Lillie thoughtfully said to herself, making Ethan think she was being serious.

"I-I uhm..." Ethan was tongue-tied. He didn't know what to do in this kind of situation.

Noticing his panic, Lillie said, "I'm kidding."

"..." Ethan did not find that amusing.

Wife, if you would make a joke, be sure not to kill the audience with a heart attack first...

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