Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 199 5

Volume 3 Chapter 199 199: Its A Date Part 5

The two leapt from the ground and soared up the high walls. Agile as a cat, the two pulled their bodies on the wall's narrow surface, and landed on the grassed land without making any sound.

As the bosses of two of the most notorious organizations in the Underworld, Lillie and Ethan did not find jumping over a high wall and avoiding the securities and surveillance cameras, difficult.

Instead, it's a child's play to them.

Even to Ethan who had not been so active in that field for a very long time.

Nostalgia overcame Lillie as they walked around the hallways of their building. A lot has been changed and renovated as years passed, but the Headmaster still made sure to keep the building's style unchanging to make the old students feel a sense of familiarity.

"Here we are."

Because of the thought occupying her, Lillie didn't realized where Ethan was taking her.

Lillie raised her head and read the number on top of the door.

Class A-216

The room she and Ethan shared as classmates.

"This is..." Lillie drawled, her eyes glinted with an unfamiliar emotion. She still had no idea why Ethan would take her here of all places.

Perhaps he wanted to recover the lost times they should have had together?

A short flashback of the past played out in Lillie's mind.

She remembered everything. Every detail of that day.

Lillie was snapped out of her trance when she felt a gentle tug on her hand. Ethan walked in, his hand intertwined with hers so she had to follow.

The room was still the same, and the chairs were arranged in the same manner as theirs back then. The difference is that the room looked a bit move lively and followed today's modern style.

The number of chairs increased. Also, that flatscreen TV was not there before.

"Sit." Lillie quietly observe Ethan leading her towards a chair that was beside the window.

Her seat.

Ethan opened the window and let the cool breeze enter and the glow of the moon to fully illuminate the dark room. He then sat on the chair to her right. His hand then rose and propped his cheek on his palm, his eyes never leaving her.

Lillie didn't knew what came into her when she unconsciously reenacted the pose she did that day.

With her chin leaning on her palm, she said, "Hello."

Then, instead of uttering "hm" like he did years ago, Ethan replied, "Hey." With a sweet, charming smile that would make every women swoon.

Including Lillie, whose heart jumped.

"I'm Ethan Li." He added. "May I ask this lovely lady's name?"

"Lillie Bai." A heartwarming smile gracing her lips, going with his actions.

A boyish grin appeared on his face as if he had one a grand prize. "Would you like to have dinner with me later?"

"I would love to." Lillie answered in a heartbeat.

This is what should've happened that day. This is what the two of them hoped would've happened.

If Ethan had been more open with his feelings, Lillie wouldn't misunderstood him. And if Lillie didn't judged him impulsively, and should've had listened and stayed a bit longer, non of that rivalry and feud would happen.

If non of that happened, imagine how beautiful their lives are together?

Fortunately, the gods pitied these two and gave them another chance. The ugly past was rewritten. The heartache was changed into a boundless love and warmth.

"Home or out?"

"I think you already know my answer to that, Mr. Li." Lillie said with a meaningful look.

"Mrs. Li, I'm not sure what you're talking about?" Feigning oblivious, Ethan reached out for her hand.

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