Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 200 1

Volume 3 Chapter 200 200: I Want To Be With You Forever Part 1

Ethan grasped Lillie's left hand.

"Mrs. Li? Your manners, Mr. Li. We are not married yet so call me with formality." Lillie recited her words from before, but with a teasing tone instead of the icy voice she wore the first time they met again.

"Oh? Calling you Mrs. Li is not formal enough for you?" Ethan raised his brow with an amused smile.

"Sounds nice, but it's not appropriate yet. There is still Madam Li, your mother." Lillie argued righteously.

"Hmm. You're right." Ethan tapped his cheek with his finger. "How about...my white moonlight? [1]"

Lillie was surprised. "I'm your first love?"

"Who else could possibly be my first love if not you?" Ethan's baritone voice sends shivers down her spine. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her cool knuckles.

"That day I met you in this very place, in this very room...I felt my heart skip a beat for the first time. I wasn't ignorant when it comes to love, and I knew what it was the moment I felt it." He relishes the beautiful expression she makes.

He endured the urge to just squish her cheeks flush red and play with them like dough, and kiss her pink, plump lips that were slightly parted due to her astonishment.

"Lilliana Theodora Crevier Bai," Ethan fluently stated her full name, his silver eyes that were filled with nothing but gentleness and adoration, stared intently at her sapphire blue orbs.

There was this inkling feeling that made Lillie froze in her spot. She didn't know why her heart was pounding so loudly in her chest. Her mind was unable to process what's happening around them as her only focus was Ethan's face.

Out of the blue, Ethan clasped his hands with hers and placed them on his chest, where his heart was located.

"Only you...can make this heart go crazy." True to his words, Lillie could feel the fast beating of his heart.

"Only you...can make this heart skip a beat when you smile, jump in fright when you're angry..."

An uncharacteristic scoff came out from Lillie.

"And further more...only you, Lillie Bai, can make this heart long for you. This heart, my heart...swore to forever be yours."

Lillie's eyes slowly widen as she realize what Ethan was about to do.

Ethan came down to the ground on one knee. His right hand fished out something from his pocket.

It's a velvet black ring box.

"Lillie...I know we've been through a lot of...misunderstandings from the past, but we managed to get pass them and start anew together. This room is where my world started to revolve around you."

Ethan let go of her hands to open the box, revealing a beautiful ring with a glowing red gemstone that was beautifully cut into a cushion shape, and was surround by small pink diamonds. The band was made out of white gold that glisten a light blue hue.

"Lillie...will you marry me?"

The silent cries of the insects were heard from a distance, but it wasn't the cause for the ringing on Lillie's ears.

Lillie's mind went blank. Her expression was unrecognizable and cannot be decoded.

Ethan anxiously waited for her response. The longer the time pass, the painful the pounding of his heart is.

Suddenly, Lillie moved her hands.

They slowly went to Ethan's face. Lillie inclined her body forward and brought her lips to meet his.

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