Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 201 2

Volume 3 Chapter 201 201: I Want To Be With You Forever Part 2

A long, passionate kiss broke out. All of their feelings for one another poured out from this single kiss.

Now it was Ethan whose mind went blank.

Was this her response? What does this mean?

Ethan's eyes shone brighter than the stars in the sky when he was bestowed a very beautiful sight.

When his eyes open after the kiss, he was greeted by Lillie's full smile and red face.

Her blue eyes was glistening with tears, a few traitorous ones left her eyes and streamed down.

"Y-yes..." Lillie's voice cracked because of the immense emotions she was feeling.

Ethan was dumbfounded. "Huh?"

His confusion made Lillie giggle lightly. "I...I will m-marry you, Ethan Li." She repeated a bit louder, each word she utter goes sweeter and sweeter.

"Yes?" Ethan echoed, titling his head.

Lillie nodded. "Yes...yes!"

Even if the two were already engaged and due to marry soon...Ethan still wanted to formally ask for her hand the right way.

And this wonderful gesture made Lillie extremely happy that she was determined to say "yes" many times.

Ethan's mind cleared. The hands that held the velvet box, shook.

Ethan fumbled with the ring and nervously held Lillie's left hand.

Finally, the ring was perfectly slid into her finger. The beautiful ring sat on her ring finger as if it was destined to be therewhich is technically true.

Ethan abruptly stood up and locked Lillie in a bear hug, burying his face on her shoulder. Lillie's chin sat on his shoulder, her arms wrapping around his waist.

"Thank you..." His voice muffled, but Lillie heard a distinct crack.

To answer her suspicion, she felt wetness on her shoulder.

Lillie closed her eyes with a soft smile. She brought her hand on Ethan's head and caressed his soft hair.

"Thank you, too...for not giving up on me..." In this very moment, Lillie's chest was light as a feather.

Everything related to the outside world had been tossed from the back of her mind. Her ugly past, problems in the company, and the things she needed to take care of in the Underworld. They all have been disregarded at this moment.

The only that occupies both her mind and heart, is the man she's hugging.

If she ever meets her past self and say she had married this wonderful man, the past Lillie would scoff and roll her eyes.

Lillie let out a deep and contented sigh as she snuggled deeper in Ethan's warm embrace, breathing in his scent.

Nothing could ruin this night...

"I think I heard something in here." A deep voice spoke from the outside.

Lillie and Ethan jolted awake from their intimacy. They didn't get to react quickly when the door was swung open by a burly security guard. His parter stood behind him with a flashlight.

Ethan quickly covered Lillie from the glaring light and turn his back towards them. He lowered his baseball cap until it covered his eyes.

"Ah! Who are you two?!" The burly guard exclaimed in surprise when he saw two people inside. At first he thought they were ghosts. But as he look closely, he identified them as teenagers.

"You two ah! Trespassing just to play hookie?" The other guard thought they were here to do some inappropriate things.

"Aiyo...youngsters these days ah. So reckless.."

This wasn't the first time they caught students lurking around at night to satisfy their weird fetish.

"Are you two students here? Come with us peacefully so we can call your parents!" The other guard approach them in an authoritative manner.

Come with them? As if these two Devils would listen.

If they knew one of them was the former Council President while the other was an uncaught, natural rule breaker, they would vomit blood in surprise.


They are White Bird and Vermillion Dragon!

If even the military government could not catch them, what made you think two mere guards could?

Fortunately, Ethan opened the window a while ago.

Giving his wife a look, Lillie immediately knew what he was thinking. With a nod, the two dash towards the widow and leapt out.

The guards were horrified.

"Ah! Stop! Do you want to die?!" This is the fifth floor! Don't they realize the extent of their actions?! To waste their lives just to not be caught by them, are these two crazy?!

The guards ran up to them, but they were too late. They saw Lillie and Ethan's body fall from the window.

"Oh god...we scared them to death!" Literally!

Grabbing his walkie-talkie, he yelled, "Calling units near Y Building, there were two students who jumped out of the fifth floor! Call medics quickly and"


The guards' eyes widen and their jaws hit the floor, flabbergasted by what they saw. On the ground, they were expecting to see two bloody and broken bodies, instead, they saw two perfectly intact bodies!

And they are just standing still for a few minutes, as if they were waiting for their reactions. The surrounding was dark but they could feel them smirking at their way.

And with a blink, the two disappeared.

Cold air sweep past them, sending a crawling sensation on their skin.

"A-a-abort! Abort! There are two ghosts! Ghosts!" It's impossible to jump from this height and come out without a single broken bone!

The only answer is that they are ghosts!

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