Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 202

Volume 3 Chapter 202 202: Share One Bedroom

Arriving home that night, Lillie and Ethan officially move in one bedroom.

The whole household was ecstatic by this development. The head stewards, Nanny Ying called the Li estate while Butler Tian called the Bai, to spread the news.

To say the least, everyone rejoice. The elders couldn't even stay in one place due to their excitement. They are certain that it will only take a few weeks or maybe a month, before they'll receive good news of finally having their great grandchildren.

"That stinky boy. What's taking him so long?" Elder Li grumbles, drumming his fingers on his wooden table impatiently. "If it were me, I would not even wait until the marriage before having kids!"

Old Madam Li slowly place her teacup down to appease her husband. "Aiyo, what's the rush ah? We should be grateful their relationship turn out like this, considering their long time feud. It's a miracle they made up."

Old Madam Li knew what kind of temperament her granddaughter-in-law has. As a legendary businesswoman of her time, Ping An Ning saw herself in Lillie.

It was their fortune to have this amazing woman as their grandson's wife. They were relieved that there was someone who could stand on equal grounds with him and give him the affection he deserves.

Past experience with searching for a potential wife did not go smooth. Even the so called dignified young ladies from highly distinguish families were unmasked by the elder Li couple's sharp eyesdespite their old age.

No matter how much these ladies try to act, their true color slowly unravels.

They were only after Ethan's wealth and fame. His good looks come as a great bonus for them.

As a child, Ethan cause a lot of headache to people around him. He did not care for many things, he refuse to be productive, and has no drive. He was impulsive and feels he's not obligated to prove anything. But when he met Lillie, he did everything to be on equal grounds with her so that he'll be worthy of her hand.

Imagine Father Li's surprise that day when Ethan asked him to hire a lot of tutors. Father Li was skeptical and doubtful.

Who is this boy? Is this really his son?

"Oh. I've heard from Ah Feng that Ethan and Lillie used to be classmates."

Elder Li's eyebrows raised, his interest pique. "So they knew each other before?"

"Not only that, but Lillie was actually the girl our Ethan was infatuated with that time. Who knew his growth and improvement was because of her?"

Elder Li guffawed, "Hahaha! So it's like that? Now I know where his attitude came from!"

"I sure hope so." Old Madam Li softly laughed. "Seeing him like that, it's like I'm looking at your younger self again."


Lillie carefully removed the arms that were wrapped around her waist. She left the bed and head straight to the bathroom to take a bath.

She didn't wake Ethan because his schedule didn't permit him to come until later, so Lillie let him sleep longer.

Wrapping her head with a towel, she left the bathroom with steam seeping out with her.

She heard Ethan groan and toss around the bed. His eyes were close but his hand was looking for something.

He felt nothing. The bedside was empty.

Ethan's face scrunched up. His eyelids trembled as he force them to open. When his vision cleared, he saw no one beside him.

Ethan looked around the room until his gaze fell on Lillie who was silently observing him.

She was wearing nothing but a small towel that failed to cover her long legs.

Her wet and misty look awoken something else in Ethan.

Lillie quirked her eyebrow as she saw Ethan with 'that' look. "Good morning sleepyhead. Unfortunately, I can't conciliate your little problem right now. I'm needed at the office."

Ethan's face fell.

"Not even a bit?" He inquired, giving his wife what seem to be a puppy look.

"You should get up, Ethan. I believe your paperworks are dying to see you again, as per told by Miss Yu."

Ethan groaned, pulling the duvet over his head like a child refusing to go to school on a Monday.

Lillie rolled her eyes and ignored him. She went inside her walk-in closet. Ethan uncover his eyes to take a peek. Unfortunately, Lillie closed the closet's doors.

Ethan sat up and sighed, ruffling his already disheveled hair.

He wouldn't let Lillie leave without him so he quickly took a shower.

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