Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 203

Volume 3 Chapter 203 203: Unless Youre Courting Death

Rumors spread around White Phoenix Empire. The She-Devil, CEO Bai, finally came back to the company after spending her time with her fiance, CEO Li.

How they knew she's with CEO Li?

There were speculations dominating every social medias right now. Two couples allegedly call themselves Lillie and Ethan at a famous coffee shop. The customers inside the cafe heard the barista loud and clear call couple's names.

And they 'coincidentally' have the same name as the Devil Couple.

For added evidence, the people who saw them secretly took photo of the lovely couple. Some took photos for the sake of wanting to show it to their boyfriends or girlfriends to whine that they should be like this.

Some for the sake of wanting to know if these two were celebrities because of their looks and clothes.

If you saw two beautiful people walking around a mall wearing baseball caps that was worn so low, and eyeglasses; wouldn't some people think they were celebrities on a secret date?

And those who heard their names took their photos to ask the netizens' thoughts.

Also, the woman's hair coincidentally has the same color as CEO Bai's famous, natural ash-blonde hair.

[Wei, isn't this just two people playing a prank?]

[Person above me, how is this just a prank? I was there with my boyfriend at the cafe, and we saw and heard everything! Also, I look up to CEO Bai's photo when she revealed herself at the conference, and she and that woman look really similar ah!]

[Aren't you just mistaken? The world is big and there are definitely people who might have similar looks to CEO Bai at first glance.]

[No no no no no. I also saw her face under that cap! Also that guy she's with looks suspiciously like CEO Li!]

[I work at a donut shop at X Mall and those two bought four boxes of donuts from us! I agree to the person above me. They look too similar with CEO Bai and Li!]

[I work at the coffee shop they went in! My pig brained co-worker who took their orders didn't realized who they were and I unfortunately didn't get to see a closer look! I even got scolded for not paying attention ah! But I knew it's them just by looking at their side profile!]

[Maybe those two idolize them so much that they go through surgery together?]

[Person above me, are you dumb?]

[Are you stupid?!]

[Aiyo, you clearly don't know anything ah. Which miracle doctor could tamper your looks and heal it in just a month? It takes a year for the face to fully heal after undergoing plastic surgery!]

[If that woman is close to CEO Bai and had known for a long time what she looks like, then I might believe. But I doubt it!]

[It may be possible for the Ethan Li look-alike. But it's impossible for Lillie Bai unless you've known her before.]

[Which gutsy person would purposely try to look like them? Dead people might!]

[What are you people fighting for la. If it's really CEO Bai and Li, then what's the problem? Those two are humans too and it's not unusual to have a date with your significant other!]

[Those two are deities who came down to the mortal realm to play! Of course us mortals would worship the ground they step on!]

[It's not unusual for normal people like us. But who are Lillie Bai and Ethan Li? Those two are the Dark Lords of the Elite Society alright!]

[Exaggerating it may sound, but those two people above me are right.]

[Aiyah! Let's just wait for those two's response. If they're indeed fakes, then they'll face the wrath of two Devils!]

[Humph! Humph! That's right! They'll face retaliation soon if Lillie Bai and Ethan Li found about this!]

And thus, the speculations between netizens continued.

Secretary Yu was on her post when she saw these juicy news. Even she was doubtful that her boss and Miss Bai went out to have a date. Yu Ming Lian knew of her boss' infatuation with Miss Bai, but Miss Bai's feelings about him weren't clear to her.

Maybe those two were indeed fakes, or coincidentally have the same facial features at the two infamous CEOs.

"Ah. Mr. Li, welcome back." Secretary Yu stood up and composed herself when she saw her boss' approaching figure going out of the elevator.

"En. What's the agenda for today?" He asked straight to the point.

Secretary Yu held on to her tablet and read Ethan's schedule for him.

"You will be having a meeting with Mr. Jones regarding the affairs in Hng Lng branch company in America at 9am. By lunch, the board of directors would like to discuss about Sunrise Entertainment's annual rewards ceremony for the best artists this year. Also, Miss An Jiaying of An Group requested a dinner meeting with you."

"An Jiaying?" An unfamiliar name reached Ethan's ears.

"The An family's eldest miss and the heiress of An Group."

"What does she want?"

"She said it's about the investment of Hng Lng to their company. Further discussions will be held upon meeting. She'll be attending in her father's stead due to him being unwell."

Hmm...An Group is one of the most successful company in County K. Though they can't hold a candle to Hng Lng Corporation and White Phoenix Empire, they are still consider as one of the top company in the Business World.

"Have someone check more of Miss An's background. Send the files to me after lunch." Ethan needed to be extra careful. His interactions with young, female business partners might be all business related, but the media tends to twist the truth.

As a handsome and wealthy man with a formidable background, women would wish to carry his last name.

To be Mrs. Li, all the fame and wealth Ethan Li has will be hers too.

Unfortunately, their hopes of being Mrs. Li had been crushed into smithereens when another formidable figure that's on par with Ethan Li showed up.

Lillie Bai is not a person one should mess with unless you're courting death!

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