Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 204

Volume 3 Chapter 204 204: Impending Trouble

Secretary Yu, after telling Ethan his schedule, couldn't help but be curious of his thoughts with the media's newest and hottest gossip.

"Sir. Today's news...have you seen it yet?" Secretary Yu carefully asked whilst still maintaining her professionalism.

"Not yet. What's it all about?"

"Uhm..it concern you and Miss Bai," She replied truthfully. If it's about his beloved wife, Ethan Li would definitely look.

"Let me see."

Secretary Yu hand him the tablet. The first thing Ethan saw is the eye-catchy headlines.

[Are these two really the Imperial Couple, Lillie Bai and Ethan Li?]

Ethan sat on his swiveled chair and read the gossip circulating on Weibo.

Secretary Yu was anxiously squeezing her thumb. Her boss' face was indifferent. She couldn't fathom what's on his mind.

He was just quietly reading, until his hand tapped something.

He gave the tablet back to her.

"Forward these photos to me."

Secretary Yu was dumbfounded. "Eh?"

"These photos were taken really well. Have someone develop them, and also have them put on a frame."

Secretary Yu: "...yes, sir."

That answered her question.

Secretary Yu left his office with her mind flying elsewhere due to shock. Ethan picked a doc.u.ment from a stack and began to read and sign those that are needed to be signed.

After 3 hours, Ethan was able to finish all of the doc.u.ments on his table. Staring down at his wrist watch, stood up and grabbed his coat. He stared at a mirror and readjusted his tie.

Just on time, Secretary Yu knocked on his door and said that the meeting is about to begin.

Ethan and Secretary Yu boarded the elevator and headed towards the main boardroom where the board of directors, waited for him patiently.


While driving her car to the company, Lillie notice something peculiar on the ring Ethan gave her.

Wasn't the gem on the center red just last night? Why is it blue now?

Lillie was embarrassed to admit that she did not notice this blatant change as soon as she woke up. You can't really blame her when the first thing that greet her when she opens her eyes was Ethan's sleeping face.

Sigh. Just remembering that cute face made Lillie want to tease it.

"How long have you been preparing for this, Ethan? To think you manage to acquire Buxiu yanjing [1] for me." A charming smile was carved on her lips. Her heart felt warm and moved by Ethan's efforts.

Suddenly, Lillie's phone rang. Turning on her bluetooth earpiece, she accepted the call.


[Miss Bai, where are you?] Elliot's deep voice sounded. Lillie's ears did not escape the slight frantic on his tone.

"I'm on my way. What happened?"

[Four of our biggest investors pulled out their investments and many of our properties were sold off without consent.]

Lillie's eyes went deadly cold and her face darkened.

"What is my father doing right now?"

[He's in a meeting at a moment with An Xiuling and the others. Attorney Houston is also here to handle the situation.]

"I see...don't worry, I'll handle this soon."

They dare back out? They dare steal from her?

Who gave them guts!

If I, Lillie Bai, cannot make you suffer immense loss, then I will not be called the She-Devil!

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