Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 205

Volume 3 Chapter 205 205: Betrayal

"How did this happen?" Alexander Bai's darkened face would frightened those who come across him unexpectedly to death. This unusual look is very rare that even his daughter, Lillie Bai, have not seen much often.

"Those four had been loyal to the Empire, so how come they did this to us? They even dare to sell our properties, who gave them guts!"


He slammed his hand on the table.

None of the people inside flinched. Though it's true that their boss' father is frightening when angered, Lillie Bai is still the most frightening.

They've seen how her rage shook earth's crust, and her cruelty knows no bound.

It was unknown to Alexander Bai that everyone inside the boardroom were his daughter's people from the Underworld. Generally speaking, only a handful of people knew of Lillie's other persona.

Her family was unaware. It is for their safety.


The doors of the boardroom was swung open by a great force.

The She-Devil, Lillie Bai, has made her appearance with a murderous glint on her icy blue eyes.

"Which properties?" Was the first thing she said.

"FengHuang Resort, Zhenzu Garden, Meihua Villa, Bai Chteau, and Escaping Reality." Elliot said.

So they choose the biggest ones?

Also, they managed to steal Escaping Reality?

Peh peh! Lillie's Escaping Reality is an independent company! It belongs solely to her!

"Good, good!" Lillie Bai's deadly voice made the Elders' heart jump. It's rare to see this kind of rage from their boss.

Dare to steal? Then don't fear death!

"Give me all of their personal informations. Have someone keep an eye on every movement." She told Elliot.

"Yes, miss."

"What backlash did all of this caused?"

"The financial department is in chaos. Billions were lost and we've received numerous complaints from our business partners." An Xiuling voiced out her reports.

"They also refused to help in fear of being implicated and losing their company."

When Father Bai heard this, his eyes evidently went cold.

Most of their business partners had been his friends for a long time. They've been through thick and thin with him.

Now that a predicament like this surfaced, they all pretended not to know him?

Cowards! Ungrateful bastards!

Those old goons will pay for sure!

However, his heart couldn't ache more than what his brother-in-arms had done to him.

One of the business partner who betrayed him was An Qi Sheng.

An Xiuling's father.

However, An Xiuling no longer associate herself with the An family after they kicked her out when she was 16.

As An Qi Sheng's illegitimate daughter from a woman of unknown background, the An family refuse to acknowledge her existence.

An Xiuling was tormented and bullied since she was young. Even the servants were treated better than her.

She was constantly bullied by her stepmother and step-siblings. The only person who was kind to her was her eldest half-brother, An Qi Yong.

Maybe it's because they found comfort with one another and faced the same maltreatment from their family.

An Qi Yong is the eldest young master and a legitimate child. He was supposed to be the heir and the apple in their father's eyes.

Sadly, he met with an accident that caused him to be crippled. His hands and feet were paralyzed. No family would want him as their son-in-law because he can no longer reproduce. Though the bullying were not worst compare to An Xiuling, they had still inflicted mental torment on him.

So when An Xiuling was kicked out, she swore to be successful and pull out her beloved brother from the An family's grasp.

Father Bai didn't know that An Xiuling was An Qi Sheng's daughter. Since An Xiuling's existence was a sensitive matter to the An family, they did not dare show her in public.

If Father Bai knew An Qi Sheng was really a shameless bastard, he would not have trusted him or befriended him in the first place!

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