Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 206

Volume 3 Chapter 206 206: Fated

"Meeting adjourned!" Lillie had heard enough. There is no more need for further discussions. The board of directors knew exactly what to do.

Oh, don't misunderstand. It's true that the situation is tricky, but it does not need White Bird's help.

Most of the Elders real identities are well-known.

Lan Wucheng is known by the country as the flirtatious young master of the Lan family that owns hundreds of casinos world wide.

Song Mo Kun's family produces world-renowned surgeons. Though he did not take the medical field, he became an amazing businessman and created a one of the biggest automotive company.

Despite growing up as orphans, Cyrus and Cyra became the owners of one the world's biggest technology company.

Feng Chunhua is the lady boss of a club that only the rich can get in because of its extreme price.

As for An Xiuling, she's the owner of a high-end jewelry store that every filthy rich people go to pick their jewelries. She owns hundreds of mines in many parts of the world.

However, she remains hidden to not catch the An family's attention.

If they knew that she's actually wealthier than them, they would do anything to have it.

In this room, An Xiuling is the second richestLillie being the first.

Each Elders' connections and influence in the human realm is vast. They could handle this situation in a clean and legal manner.

And with a world renowned lawyer, Jessica Houston on their side, this unjust act will go down smoothly in their favor.

What Lillie Bai hate the most are thieves.

Since you dare go against the She-Devil, you only have yourself to blame.

The Elders silently lit candles for those unfortunate soul.

Lillie and Father Bai were left inside the room.

"Dad." Lillie faced her silent father. "Give this matter to me."

"Little flower ah. I know you are capable, but you should know that I can also handle this. I've faced worst when I was starting with the empire, and faced a lot shameless people like them. Unfortunately, your father have poor eyes and choose the wrong people to trust." Father sighed, his face showing signs of aging. Lillie Bai's father, who looked much younger than his real age, suddenly became an old man.

Lillie's heart ached for her doting father.

The man who shook the business world in his youth, the man who was known for having a temperament of a tiger, was showing his helpless side to his daughter.

"I'm getting old, Lillie. I'm no longer in my prime. I'm now just the shell of my former self."

"Dad...indeed you are getting old, but you are not growing weak. This predicament, let me handle it." She softly said. "Mom would be waiting for you at home. How about you take a short break and spend time together with her?"

Father Bai hummed. Remembering his wonderful wife, his face relaxed.

"Alright. I'll take you up with that offer." Father Bai can only agree. His daughter has both his and his wife's stubbornness. Denying her is futile.

"You shouldn't let stress overcome you. What would mom say if he saw his dashing husband having wrinkles?" She teased.

"I don't have wrinkles!"

"That's not what I see, old man."

"Girl, you dare treat your doting father like this?" Father Bai scolded his daughter but his tone held a hint of humor.

He knew his daughter was trying to lift his mood. Lillie have always been a serious person. Many thought she's humorlessthough they are not wrongbut she still tried.

Suddenly, Father Bai's eyes shifted at the shiny thing on his daughter's hand.

"That punk finally gave you a ring I see."

At the mention of her ring, Lillie instinctively looked down on it.

"En." She uttered with a smile.

His father's eyes brightened at the sight of his daughter's rare expression.

For you to produce such sweet expression, that punk must've been taking good care of you.

Father Bai looked closer at the gem. He had studied different kinds of precious stones before, but this one is unfamiliar to him.

It's a special kind of blue diamond perhaps? Well, that boy is quite extravagant so it's not a surprise.

Seeing curious look on his father's face, Lillie answered, "It's Buxia yanjing."

Father Bai spluttered.

Damn boy! He's too extravagant ah! How did he got that stone from the Imperial Palace museum?!

Buxia yanjing is not for sale. No matter how much people try to bid billions for it, the government's resolve is unwavering.

"Hm hm! To go this far for you, I can now see this punk's sincerity. Daddy can finally sleep well."

Ethan Li. Stinky boy, if I ever see my only daughter cry or get upset because you, prepare yourself for a beating!

But to think you actually manage to beat those old fool for the stone's ownership. Not bad, not bad!

Buxia yanjing is like a mixture of a diamond and an alexandrite.

This gem is the only one of its kind as it changes color only when the full moon rises.

It was dubbed as the most expensive and extravagant gemstone in the planet.

Its history goes through the warring state period. Emperor Yi Buxia of the Yi Dynasty was heavily injured after he was ambushed and was cornered on a cliff with a raging river below. Seeing as there's no other choice, Emperor Yi jumped.

Miraculously, the emperor survived and his inside a care. And there on that cave was a fist-sized stone.

Since the emperor recuperate inside the cave for many days, the phenomenon happening on the stone did not go unnoticed.

When the moon is at its peak, the stone would turn into a beautiful shade of red, and blue when the sun rises.

When the emperor was fully healed, he brought the stone back to his empire and gifted it to his beloved empress.

The emperor was also known for having only his empress as his wife, and doted on her greatly. He's known as a modern man in ancient times.

The empress' name was Bai Yanjing [1].

Yes, Empress Bai is Lillie's Bai family ancestor.

Unfortunately, the stone was lost when the empire was raided by a rival kingdom. Records about this precious stone was discussed in history lessons. And as years past, archeologists were able to dig up the Buxia yanjing.

How did that Ethan got it when even Lillie's Bai family, who were the direct descendants of Empress Bai, could not?

The Bai family generation before Lillie did not dare pick a fight with the government. Though they are extremely rich, they are not really that powerful.

It was not until Alexander Bai and his daughter, Lillie Bai, stepped in and changed the Bai family, molding it to become one of the most respected and noble family.

Lillie had the capabilities to obtain the stone whenever she wanted.

She's just not interested, and is too lazy to go through the trouble of fighting over its ownership with the government.

"Hmm...could it be he's actually Emperor Buxia's reincarnation?" Father Bai muttered. "And you as Empress Yanjing's?"

Lillie sighed. "Stop talking nonsense, dad. Reincarnations doesn't exist. But if it did, funny how fate likes to keep two people still destined together in another lifetime."

"Maybe fate loves watching your love story?"


"It seems he waited another lifetime to give this gem back to his empress once again."

"Dad, go home, you're tired."

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