Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 207

Volume 3 Chapter 207 207: The Empress Wrath

Inside a private lounge that the board of directors used.

The atmosphere was tense.

Since they are inside a room far away from prying ears, everyone can speak freely.

"Miss, the situation is more serious than we thought it was." Elliot said.

"Explain." Lillie curtly replied.

Lan Wucheng answered for him. "I came across a trace that led us to someone from the Underworld."

"Someone within the Underworld has been manipulating these people to give us trouble."

"Heh...so someone is forcing me to come out again?" It's no longer a surprise to hear this. People from the Underworld always seek her for answers.

However, Lillie has successfully pacify their claim every time.

Tang He Jiu had helped her tremendously. His position as a major general kept the speculations away from her.

When they saw that she has connections with the government, they debunked the theory of Lillie Bai being White Bird.

No one in the Underworld would want to associate themselves with the government.

For them, it is an act of weakness, and subjecting themselves to those hypocrites.

These Demons are proud people. Associating with the government is equal to a dog with a collar.

However, that ideology doesn't reach the ears of a certain Underworld leader.

Even if you beat them to death, no one would expect that one of the leaders of a criminal organization would be the country's major general.

"That half sister of yours is annoying, Little Ling." Feng Chunhua said in her usual sultry tone.

"I agree. How dare she act all high and mighty in front of us? She's nothing but shit compared to us!" Lan Wucheng gritted his teeth.

"Boss, just say the word and that bitch and her sc.u.m of a family will no longer exist by tonight!"

They are the most dangerous and powerful organization in the Underworld. All of them are highly trained killers, experts, and geniuses!

Everyone feared them! No one would dare seek trouble to them!

If only legal retaliation wasn't placed on the table, he will make sure that bitch would be brought to the depths of the Blazing Purgatory!

The Elders naturally understand Lan Wucheng's outburst so no one blamed him.

"Calm down, Wucheng. You know how boss would not want to arouse suspicions." Elliot, as their first senior brother, spoke in their boss' stead.

"This matter was already leaked to the media so millions of eyes are onto our movements." Jessica Houston, the ghost Elder, gravely explained. "If something befall to the An family, the blame would be placed on us."

"So, we can only resort this in a clean and legal manner." Song Mo Kun confirmed.

"Sadly, we cannot move freely with these chains of suspicions binding us. But that doesn't mean we cannot make that woman suffer the consequences." Fang Chenhua smirked viciously.

"You wouldn't mind that, do you, little Ling?" Fang Chenhua faced the silent An Xiuling.

"I apologize for not taking care of them immediately, boss." An Xiuling stood up and bowed. "Please, let me take care of this mess."


An Xiuling's head snapped up and looked at Lillie in astonishment.

"But miss"

An Xiuling abruptly stopped mid sentence when Lillie's hand rose.

"Since it was the company they are targeting, then it's reasonable for the company and its people to retaliate." Lillie's eyes glinted murderously, causing An Xiuling to flinch.

"I won't allow you to advance by yourself. Do not underestimate my capabilities, Xiuling."

"N-no, miss, I"


An Xiuling shuts up. She's clear of her boss' current temper. Even though she does not express it like normal people, everyone in this room knew that Lillie Bai is livid,

and she's out for blood.

"The An family did not know that their second miss actually survived the slums and became a respected and distinguished lady in the elite society and one of the most influential people in the business world..."

Her hidden meaning reached the Elders' ears.

The empress is declaring her decree.

"An Xiuling." Lillie called.

"Yes, miss!"

"I believe you understand what I'm pertaining."

"Yes, miss!" Flames of determination sparked in her eyes.

The opportunity to let everyone know that she, An Xiuling, the bastard daughter of the An family, was actually one of the most richest and powerful women in the country!

An Xiuling waited for this moment to finally slap those shameless people with her achievements.

And her eldest brother, she can finally snatch him away from that terrible family.

"Since Bai Chteau changed owners, the venue will take place at Rose Gold Plaza."

Rose Gold Plaza is a luxury hotel that can hold a candle to Bai Chteau. However, the Rose Gold Plaza in Country K is just a branch.

The main one is located at Europe.

"Have someone arrange the event hall for us this week." Lillie instructed to Elliot, and stood up, "Meeting adjourned."

"Good day, miss!"

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