Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 208

Volume 3 Chapter 208 208: The Emperors Wrath

Ethan just came back from the meeting and immediately continued doing his paperworks.

Knock knock

"Sir," Secretary Yu poked her head from the door.

Ethan hummed without averting his eyes from the papers.

"I've brought the files about An family's eldest miss."

Ethan's hand stopped writing.

"But before that, I think you might want to check the media first. Something has happened to White Phoenix Empire." Secretary Yu had a troubled expression. She's getting ready for a huge storm that comes in form of Ethan Li.

Wordlessly, Ethan went to Weibo again.

And immediately, his eyes caught the headlines.

[White Phoenix Empire's Downfall!]

His eyes moved from left to right, and went darker and darker by the minute until it became red from anger.

"Impudent!" The room shook from his thunderous roar. His large hands slammed the table causing it to quake from the harsh impact

Secretary Yu's breath hitched and her heart jumped.

"Where are Tang He Jiu and Song Mo Kun?" He demands, his voice almost growling.

"M-Mr. Song is at White Phoenix. He's having a meeting with Miss Bai at the moment." Secretary Yu tried her best not to stutter. "Mr. Tang is at the military compound. He didn't specify why he's there."

Ethan didn't care that they're not here. What's important is that they're with Lillie. Since those two are her people, they should be there to help his wife.

"Does Tang He Jiu knew of this?"

"The compound is quite remote and the usage of mobile devices is not allowed inside. I presume Mr. Tang is doesn't know any of this."

Secretary Yu was not aware that Tang He Jiu was a major general.

"Investigate how all of this happened and give me the name of those thieves!" This information should've been classified. Which sc.u.m leaked it?

The issue about Lillie and Ethan being seen in the mall was completely drowned by this newest and hottest gossip.

In just a day, Lillie Bai and their company appeared on every news and social media website.

The netizens who were concerned of the company's condition and Lillie Bai, took over the comment section to let everyone hear their thoughts and suspicions, while those who didn't like Lillie Bai opposed them with prejudice.

Unfortunately for them, Lillie Bai's fans were headstrong, their loyalty is unwavering as they fought even more fiercely to those badmouthing her.

They didn't believe that someone managed to acquire big properties from White Phoenix Empire legally. This is definitely too fishy ah!

Hmph! At least these people are smart. Ethan praised Lillie's fans.

"Who are those people who stole White Phoenix's properties?"

Secretary Yu look troubled. "I'm afraid the information has been erased. Even our best hackers and trackers couldn't find out."

"No matter. I'll have other solutions for that." He'll simply ask his wife. His wife is so capable, he's sure she's already ten steps ahead.

Ethan's dark expression slightly lightened. Secretary Yu finally see this as an opportunity.

"Sir, the files," She reminded him. "Eldest Miss An will be expecting you by 6 at Zodiac."

Ethan zoned out.

An, An...hmm..where have I heard this name?

Ah. One of White Bird's Elders is named An Xiuling, is she not?

An surname is not uncommon, there are many families with the surname An in country K. Nonetheless, it's also a possibility that An Xiuling belongs to this family.

Suddenly, Ethan remembered something.

If I'm not mistaken, one of White Phoenix's biggest investor and shareholder is surnamed An too.

Could it be he's Eldest Miss An's father?

Hmm...so, taking Eldest Miss An into consideration should not be a bad idea, right? Since her family is someone from the White Phoenix also.

"Alright. We'll see what Miss An would like to offer to us." Ethan tapped his pen on his desk. "Have her informed of my answer."

"Yes, sir." Secretary Yu bobbed her head forward before leaving.

She took out her phone and dialed An Jiaying's number.

[Yes?] A soft, female voice answered.

"Miss An, this is Mr. Li's secretary."

[Oh! Miss Yu, I'm delighted that you called. Did CEO Li heard of my proposal?]

"Yes. He wanted to inform you that he'll be attending."

[Wonderful! Thank you so much for calling me, Miss Yu. Also, send CEO Li my gratitude for giving me a chance.] An Jiaying's tone turned sweet that made Secretary Yu visibly cringe.

"Of course. Well then, good day, Miss An."

[Yes, yes, good day.]

With that, Secretary Yu ended the call. A frown marred her expression and stared at her phone's screen flashing Eldest Miss An's number.

She doesn't know why, but her intuition told her that this woman is not someone simple.

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