Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 209

Volume 3 Chapter 209 208: Heartless Daughter

An Jiaying stared at her phone with a malicious smirk on her face.

She can't believe Ethan Li agreed.

"Hmph! He's easier to catch than I thought. I guess when he's in front of someone like me, he can't help but agree. That Lillie Bai must've been neglecting him." An Jiaying arrogantly said, believing that she's better than Lillie Bai.

"Don't worry, Ethan, you will no longer feel lonely. I'll make sure to give you everything that s.l.u.t did not." She sighed dreamily. Her body shivered, yearning to be in his embrace.

"She doesn't deserve you, she's nothing but a lowly s.l.u.t! Look at how easy it was for me to acquire her properties, even her treasured company." She giggled crazily. "Urgh, what is she, a kid? Making some useless video games doesn't fit the title of a dignified miss."

"Hm! Hm!"

"Quiet!" She snapped towards the noise. Her face twisting into an ugly expression as she stared at the corner where a man was tied up

"Why are you defying me? Aren't you proud that I made the An family rise higher than the Bai? With this status, Ethan Li would finally be mine! I'll be of equal grounds with him!" She laughed, waving her hands like a madman.

"Without me, the An family will continue being hidden behind the Bai's shadow. Completely blocked from being acknowledge by everyone." She explained as if it was righteous.

"So~ you should thank me, dad."

An Qi Sheng glared at his daughter as if she was a monster. No, he refuse to acknowledge that this crazy woman was his own flesh and blood!

"Uhm hmm!" Mr. An struggled from his binds, his eyes glinted nothing but hate. The dirty cloth on his mouth prevented him from shouting profanities to the demon in front of him.

"Hahaha! Don't blame me from what happened to you! Blame yourself!" An Jiaying screeched. The voice and demeanor she used while talking to Secretary Yu disappeared as if it never existed.

"Who told you to try take that whore back to the An family! Her mother is a s.l.u.t, her existence sully our honorable An family's reputation!" Her hands flew and gave a merciless slap on Mr. An's face, completely disregarding his identity as her father.

Mr. An grunted from the sharp pain on his face.

"I made elder brother crippled so that I could be your heir. But no! You wanted that s.l.u.t to take over!" She snapped, her foot lunged at his stomach.

Mr. An vomited blood, the heel of her shoe dug on his guts.

The gag on his mouth loosened, enabling him to speak, "Y-you...fiend...ho-how could y-you..." His voice rasped from not drinking anything for so long.

An Jiaying harrumphed. "Humph! You can still talk? I guess cutting your tongue would be a better idea."

"Y-you'll pa-pay...for...for this..." The gods would not abandon him.

Sooner of later, this demon would face the consequences. This demon who knew nothing of filial piety will be burn to hell!

And he, An Qi Sheng, will relish her downfall!

If you refuse to put me in your eyes as your father, then don't come running to me as my daughter!

Jiaying, you heartless bastard! You will pay!

"Aww~ don't give me that look, daddy~" A cute pout replaced her scowl.

"Worry not, dad. You won't be lonely any longer."

Mr. An's eyes darted at her, dread filled his heart.

"Hmm~ who shall we pick?" She tapped her finger on her cheek. "Would you like elder brother, hmm~? Oh wait, wait! How about little Jiali? I'm sure she'll be happy to accompany you~"

"You scoundrel!" Mr. An found his resolve to yell. "Don't you dare hurt your siblings!"

"Siblings?" An Jiaying tilted her head in confusion. "I have no siblings! They're nothing but shit that hinders my way to the top!"

An Jiaying no longer care even if they're her full-blooded siblings.

"Now back to thinking...hmmm...mom also wouldn't have mind staying with you if she was still alive. She loved you so much that she wouldn't even care of the place's condition." An Jiaying said, eyeing the crumbling and disgusting building.

"Mom was a wonderful woman, and yet you betrayed her by f.u.c.k.i.n.g that whore! Now look what that resulted?!" She scowled hatefully at the man below her.

Then, her eyes shone when an idea struck her.

"Since you wanted to be with that whore's daughter, then I wouldn't mind reuniting you two."

An Xiuling, hehe...wherever you're hiding, be sure that you won't be found by me!

Now that I have that person's help, I am invincible! That s.l.u.t, Lillie Bai, would tremble beneath me! She's dirt compare to me!

The heavens were rooting for her. She never knew someone from the Underworld was all she needed to make the proud Lillie Bai fall.

"White Bird, huh. Strange name, but whatever. Since you're helping me, I'll do whatever you want."

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