Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 210

Volume 3 Chapter 210 209: Plum Blossom Vs. White Lotus

Ethan's car stopped by Zodiac's entrance. A valet immediately came up to him. When he stepped out, the employees outside stiffened.

Their boss' son is here. Why did no one informed them? One of the hostess quickly called the manager, who was in her office.

It only took one minute when the manager came walking hastily by the entrance to personally greet Ethan.

"Mr. Li, are you with someone else?" The manager politely asked. Usually, he would phone them. If not, then he's here for business.

"En. Take me to An Jiaying's table." The manager nodded, recognizing the name.

The eldest miss An is also a VIP, that's why the manager was familiar of her.

"This way, sir." The manager did not delay and let Ethan walk ahead of her.

The table was inside a private room that can only be accommodated by two people.

It appeared that Eldest Miss An was expecting only him to arrive. Secretary Yu unfortunately can't come along due to the paperworks that Ethan 'offered' her.

Hmm...something's not right.

Ethan's instincts was trying to tell him something. Sadly, he cannot distinguish what it was.

"Here we are, sir. Miss An had already ordered something for the two of you. If you need anything else, a waiter will come right away." The manager informed.

"En." Ethan made a gesture with his hand.

The manager bowed before excusing herself.

Ethan faced the door, his face void of any emotions. The door let out a soft squeak as he pushed it open.

His nose was then assaulted by a delicious scent of an exquisite meal that laid beautifully on the round table. Ethan's eyes snapped towards the woman, An Jiaying.

An Jiaying's petite hand brought a flute of champagne to her glossy pink lips. Her movement was so graceful that one would think they saw a fairy instead.

She wore a white evening dress with black laces. She had an aura of a dignified young miss from a noble clan and an innocent appearance that made men want to take her into their arms and protect her from any harm.

She's like a lotus flower that blooms on a sunny day in the middle of a crystal lake that was hard to reach.

"Oh, Mr. Li." An Jiaying pretended she noticed him just now. She stood up gracefully from her seat and walked towards him with a soft smile. "I'm relieved that you accepted my invitation."

"If you don't mind, I already ordered for us. The food here is divine, I'm certain you already know?"

Ethan did not responded, but nodded instead.

An Jiaying knew that Ethan Li was not a talkative type, unless it's about business. She didn't think of it too much and continue with her one-sided conversation.

"Shall we eat first? It'll be our loss if we didn't while it's still hot." She said in an as-the-matter-of-fact tone and went back to her chair.

Ethan didn't follow her.

"I'm afraid I don't have the time to leisure around, Miss An." An Jiaying was about to sit down when she heard him. "What I came here for is to hear your proposal, nothing else."

How could you be so cold. When a beauty smiles at you and offer you food, isn't the natural thing to do is be delighted and thank her.

Why are you rejecting me, Ethan?

An Jiaying's face turned ugly but she didn't let Ethan see it. When she faced him, she presented him an awkward yet soft smile.

"I-is that so? I'm apologize, Mr. Li, I wasn't considerate with your schedule." She acted pitifully. Her soft, tearful voice made anyone who see coax her.

Unfortunately, her charm doesn't arouse his interest.

Her feigned innocence had long been discovered by Ethan as soon as he heard the manager that she already ordered for the two of them.

Two-faced woman. Your white lotus facade does not reach my eyes. The only woman in my eyes is a plum blossom who still stood strong and beautiful even in the harsh winter!

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