Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 211

Volume 3 Chapter 211 210: Foolish

With a heavy heart, An Jiaying had the waiters clear the table.

The waiters were feeling very wronged.

How wasteful! How dare they not eat master Zhuo's cooking? Are they asking for a beating?

Good news is that they can eat these delicious meal afterwards. But they will have to face Chef Zhuo's wrath before that.

Chef Zhuo hated whiny customers who do nothing but complain. No matter how influential their families are, he would not hesitate to blacklist them from every Zodiac restaurant in the world!

But when the waiters entered the room, their annoyance diminished abruptly.

Ah. So it's the young master Li.

Now they get it.

They heard that the beautiful miss actually ordered food already. Normally, the young master's guests would wait for him and dared not to order in fear of getting the food he dislike, and thus threatening their relationship with him.

Does this mean he doesn't consider this beautiful maiden in his eyes? This is the first time they cleared the table that the young master and his guests occupied before .

And this miss, how gutsy of her to do what no normal people would!

An Jiaying was unaware that she was being ridiculed by the restaurant's staffs. Calling her foolish and gutsy because of her actions.

"If we could start, Miss An."

An Jiaying was awoken from her inner strife when Ethan's voice caught her attention.

"O-oh, yes of course...I apologize with my actions once again, Mr. Li." She tilted her head forward. Her expression was that of a bullied beauty who was seeking coaxing.

But Ethan just went pass her and sat on his seat, completing ignoring the pitiful-looking woman.

If outsiders saw they scene, they would curse Ethan for being heartless and cold to this innocent beauty.

Scoff. "Who's innocent? My eyes are perfectly fine and yet I see no innocent lady in front of me." This would've been his reply.

Besides, who would dare scold him for being ruthless?

They would offend the president, but they will never offend Ethan Li.

"Here are the files for our company's proposal. If you see anything that doesn't suit well with your taste, then feel free to tell me your thoughts about it." Her professionalism was impeccable. She've been running her father's company for years now.

After the eldest son, An Qi Yong, became crippled, An Jiaying took over as An Qi Sheng's heir.

Because of his capabilities and his connection in the Underworld, Ethan found out that An Jiaying was not really the eldest daughter.

It was White Bird's Elder, An Xiuling.

An Xiuling was born a year before An Jiaying. Even though An Xiuling wasn't conceived from An Qi Sheng's official wife, she still have the rights since she was the first born daughter.

However, the elders from the An family refuse to acknowledge An Xiuling's birthrights and tried their best to remove this stain.

Thus, leading An Xiuling to be exiled from the An family.

She could've been a candidate as An Qi Sheng's next heir after the eldest son was crippled.

Unfortunately, some people does not take kindly to bastard children.

Since the first and second eldest were eliminated from being candidates, it was reasonable for the third to take over.

Nothing seem too out of the ordinary here.

Or is it?

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