Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 212

Volume 3 Chapter 212 212: Its The Woman Youre Dining With

"I don't think this partnership is possible, Miss An."

An Jiaying calmly said, "What do you mean? Was there something that you didn't like with our offer?"

"I'll cut to the case." Ethan leaned to his chair, his elbows rested on the armrest. "Everything you offer are something we already have. Our company no longer need these. It'll only be useless and a waste of space." Ethan didn't sugarcoated his words and just ruthlessly spatted his dissatisfaction.

This would make any normal people angry. However, An Jiaying forced herself not to snap.

She really like Ethan Li.

So if there are anything he doesn't like, she'll gladly rearrange everything.

"I'm sure there is something you would like from us. Our company really needs your investment, Mr. Li." Her soft voice made Ethan's ears itch. "If it's up to my capabilities, I can arrange whatever you like and change the proposals offered." She lowered her head slightly from embarrassment.

Ethan frowned. He didn't like persistent people.

Besides, there wasn't anything particularly interesting with An Group. Though it's true that they own immense properties that could benefit with one's company, but not with Ethan Li's.

Suddenly, Ethan felt his phone vibrated.

"Excuse me." Without waiting for her reply, Ethan left the room.

As soon as the doors closed, An Jiaying's expression turned ugly.

"Damn it!" She gritted her teeth, feeling slighted by Ethan's indifference and ruthlessness. "How could not accept me, Ethan? I already have everything! More so than that s.l.u.t who stole you from me!"

An Jiaying stopped the urge to scratch herself and pull her hair from its delicate bun. She eyed the huge vase at the corner, her hands itching to reach it and smash it into pieces!

But she can't! She have a face to protect!

Letting Ethan witness her barbaric and crazy side would definitely seal her fate.

"Calm, calm, calm. I am calm. Ethan was just taking precautions. He won't reject me. He can't reject me!" An Jiaying was feeding herself lies.

Her delusional state can frighten anyone who comes across this scene.

"He loves me, not that s.l.u.t! He'll be mine, we'll get married and start a family! I'll be Mrs. Li, the Li family will be mine!" She giggled at her fantasy, and downed the red wine in one go. "Hehehe...everything will be mine~"


Ethan entered a private room.

He answered the call immediately after knowing who it was.


[Where are you?]

His wife's tone made him appear like an unfaithful husband. Like he did something behind her back.

"I'm at a dinner meeting." Ethan was feeling wronged. Wife, I'm not cheating on you, I swear! So please stop using that accusing tone...

[With who, and where?]

"An Jiaying. Zodiac."

Ethan felt bad premonition when there was no reply at the other end. He even double checked his phone if the call's still connected.

The hairs behind the back of his neck stood up and shivers crawled down his spine.

Why do I suddenly feel so cold?



"Wife? Are you still there?"


"Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry." Ethan didn't know why he started apologizing.

[...What does she want with you?]

Hearing her voice again, Ethan sighed in relief. "She wanted our company's investment. Though I rejected her, she was persistent and just told me to ask her what I want in exchange for me to accept." He summarized.

Ethan heard a hum.

[Have you already found out what happened with the Empire?]

Ethan's eyes turned cold upon remembering the tragedy befallen to Lillie. "It's all over the media. What happened over there? Do you need help?"

[Hm. I can handle. Though I just wanted to let you know who's behind it.]

"Who?" Tell me, dear wife, and I promise I won't be too merciless on them so you could have the finishing blow.

[It's the woman you're dining with.]

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