Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 213

Volume 3 Chapter 213 213: Two Faced

An Jiaying took a deep breath and composed herself. Her back straightened quickly when the doors opened.

She watched as Ethan wordlessly came back to his seat. All throughout their meeting, she've noticed that he haven't yet touch his glass.

Is he really that cautious?

What does he think of her? One of those trash who would use drugs to force someone into submission?

An Jiaying scoffed in her mind. She's not as low as to spike his drink. Besides, tricks like are so old-school, and it wouldn't be enough to catch someone like Ethan Li.

"Miss An."

Hearing his deep voice, An Jiaying's attention snapped back. "Yes?" Pink dusted her cheeks in embarrassment, as if she was caught not paying attention.

"If you want me to accept your proposal, I want you to change the properties that will be offered to us."

Hope swelled up in her chest. Feeling triumphant, An Jiaying did not properly understand what Ethan's next word was.

"...do we have an agreement, Miss An?"

"Y..Yes, of course!" An Jiaying agreed almost immediately. She wanted him to repeat what he said before that, but it would make her appear inattentive. "Thank you for your considerstion, Mr. Li."

"Do not thank me yet. I will not be signing the contract while the conditions are yet to be prepared." Ethan stood up. "Tomorrow, my secretary will be handing you the doc.u.ments."

Ethan turn around and was preparing to leave.

"A-ah, wait." An Jiaying stopped him, wanting him to stay a bit longer.

Ethan stopped walking but did not face her.

"I-uhm...if you don't mind me asking...I wanted to know if Mr. Li was invited at the charity party hosted by Zhu Dinghong Pavilion's owner?" If Ethan were to face her, she would look like a nervous kitten fidgeting in the presence of a big dog. "You see, I was also invited..." An Jiaying drawled, hinting something.

Ethan thought for second before replying, "We were."

"We?" An Jiaying repeated in her mind.

"Is Mr. Li attending?" She wanted to confirm, disregarding the "we" in his sentence.

Maybe the "we" he's pertaining is his secretary or a couple of business partners?

Then, Ethan gave her a side glance, not caring about the fact her expression looks confused.

"My wife and I are attending. It's her friend who's hosting the event after all." With that as the closing remarks, Ethan did not linger any longer and left.

The automatic doors produced a loud click when they closed.

The loud click was like the remote to an eruption. An Jianying's eyes shook and turned red from anger.

Her face blackened incredibly.

"Your wife?" She gritted her teeth. "Your wife?"

"Who's your wife?!" Blood oozed out of her palms as she clenched them.

"I know nothing about your wife! You don't have a wife!" An Jiaying was aware that the place was sound proof, so she screamed on the top of her lungs.

"It's always that s.l.u.t! Lillie, Lillie, Lillie! Always Lillie!" She smacked her hands on the table. The white cloth stained with her blood.

"How could you call that s.l.u.t's name in my face! How could you sound so gentle when you say her name?! Why can't it be me?!"

Knock knock

An Jiaying froze, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

"Miss An?" The doors opened slightly.

"C-come in." An Jiaying frantically fixed herself. Good thing she didn't disarrayed her hair or clothes.

A waiter pushed the door open to see their VIP customer standing there as if ready to leave.

He scrutinized the room. Nothing seem out of place, he thought.

"Are you leaving, miss?"

"Yes. I'll have the check please."

"Just a moment." The waiter left for a minute before coming back with the check.

An Jiaying gave him her credit card without looking at the amount, and waited.

The waiter came back again with her card and a receipt. She read the receipt and frowned.

"How could this be? We didn't touch the food I ordered before, so why did you include it?"

"This, miss, ah..." The waiter wouldn't dare say that Master Zhuo was out for revenge.

His exact words was, "Shameless ah! They dare order but not eat? Humph humph! Then they will pay! With extra charge!"

"And what is this extra charge?" An Jiaying asked incredulously. Isn't this like being robbed in broad daylight?

"Ah, you see miss, our chef doesn't like people wasting his food." He answered honestly. "So there is a legal rule for that."

"But isn't he too much? We didn't touch the food! It came back to you intact!" Normally, An Jiaying wouldn't fight over something so petty. The price was high, but it's not like she couldn't pay it.

Her temperament was just not good after Ethan left that's why she's acting like this.

The waiter had a troubled look. He really wished he brought along the manager to sort things out smoothly. He had one last weapon to use. "Miss, actually..."

"Our chef is Mr. Li's godfather." This caused An Jiaying to stop bickering.

"Even when Mr. Li would dine here from time-to-time, he would still pay." The waiter's politeness was slowly fading.

"A-ah, is that so?" An Jiaying's tone changed. If she knew this restaurant was owned by Ethan's godfather, she wouldn't be this impolite!

She bit the inside of her cheek in fraustration. "Since it's Ethan's godfather who made the food, I will no longer persist into this matter."

If Ethan's godfather heard how she acted today, he would look at her differently!

The waiter forced a smile. His eyes staring at this woman as if she's a joke.

So she's one of those two-faced people.

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