Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 214

Volume 3 Chapter 214 214: Youre Just A Fake

Ethan stopped in his tracks. A sly smirk appeared on his lips when the person in front of him gave him a rewarding smile.

"Good work."

"It wasn't that hard." He shrugged casually. His arm sn.a.k.e.d around her waist, bringing her closer. "Have you had dinner?"

Lillie shook her head. "How about you?"

"My appetite just came back." He smirked. "What would you like to eat?"

"I'm craving for grandpa's mapo tofu."

"I'm also craving for something," Ethan gave Lillie a knowing look.

"I hope it's food you're craving for."

Ethan winced when his side was harshly pinched. "It's food, it's food!" He exclaimed and sighed defeatedly.

My wife is a bully, wuwuwu.

Lillie let him go, smiling lightly at his pouting expression.

"I thought you hated spicy food?" He mused, sublimating his kinkiness with an appropriate topic.

"Granpa adjusted it for me."

"Want to eat while we're here?"

The manager, who was following Lillie as soon as she arrived, was being fed too much dog food at the moment.

She wasn't sure if she should be afraid or fascinated by this couple's sweet interaction with one another.

This is exactly what bittersweet means!


An Jiaying exited the room, missing two very familiar figures entering another private room. If she would've left ealier, she might've bump into them in the hallway.

Her phone was ringing nonstop. She couldn't answering it inside the restaurant since the person calling her was a dangerous one.

'The walls have ears' as they say.

Arriving at her car, she slammed the door shut and answered it.

"Hey. Sorry I couldn't answer you immediately, I"

[I'm not interested hearing your excuse.] The icy voice of the person made An Jiaying flinch. As expected, no matter how many times she have spoken with this person, they have never failed in frightening her.

"I'm sorry." She meekly muttered.

[So, how's your date with Ethan Li?] The person started a casual conversation, but An Jiaying knew better than to let her guard down.

"Not good." She answered honestly, not masking her disatisfaction. "He didn't even touch the food I gave him."

[...that so.]

An Jiaying's heart skipped a beat. That tone is anything but good.

[Just face it, An Jiaying, you'll never be good enough.] It's as if an arrow piecered her chest.

[You're worth nothing compare to Lillie Bai. Why not just give up, huh? If you can't do anything, just admit defeat. You're just wasting my time.]

"N-no, no! P-please wait!" An Jiaying frantically called. "I can do it! I can defeat that s.l.u.t! I can have Ethan! So please! Please don't abandon me! Please help me!"

An Jiaying's voice hitched when the person on the phone laughed. [Hahahaha! Are you hearing yourself right now? Dignified Eldest Miss An, am I still speaking with the same person?]

[Oh wait, I almost forgot.]

[You're not the eldest miss.]

[You're just a fake.]

An Jiaying's eyes dilated.

A fake? Who?

"Fake...? W..what you mean?"

[Oops? I wasn't suppose to say that, am I?]

"What do you mean?! Tell me!"

[Tsk, tsk, tsk. Are you telling me what to do, An Jiaying? Watch your tone.] The person's voice went dangerously low.

An Jiaying's sanity came back. Fear dominated her craziness.

[Stick to your job, Eldest Miss An,] They said, mockingly.

[Or else, there will be severe consequences.]

An Jiaying gulped, replying, "Yes, White Bird."

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