Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 215

Volume 3 Chapter 215 215: Use A White Cloth To Wipe The Stain

Preparations has been laid out on the table, and the only thing to do is wait for the grand event.

The appearance of the mysterious owner of the number one jewelry brand in Country K, Zhu Dinghong Pavilion, at the charity event he or she will be hosting at Rose Gold Plaza in just a few days from now, is something thousands of people anticipates. Finally, they will know who's the genius behind the marvelous designs of the jewelries created by Zhu Dinghong Pavilion.

To keep everyone intrigued, the media revealed that they heard from a reliable source that the devil couple would attend as well. The matter regarding White Phoenix's demise was not buried by newer discussions in the media, instead it only became wilder.

Lillie Bai was not known for being active in attending events or parties. Usually, she would send a proxy. So, many pondered on why she would attend this particular celebration.

What made this charity event special?

Will she be there to expand her connections, or seek help with influential people in the party? Will she hug the thigh of Zhu Dinghong Pavilion's owner and ask for support?

Hmph! Of course not!

"Boss, the agents we've dispatched came back with a report." Elliot entered Lillie's office with a file.

"What was it?"

"We were correct about the background of An Jiaying's backer," He said, giving her the file. "As of now, we aren't sure who we are fighting with because we are staying on low grounds."

"The spies we hired were able to scatter everywhere An Jiaying goes without being detected." Since they are being cautious, they did not used White Bird's people in case An Jiaying's backer discover them.

And 'if' the backer did found out Lillie Bai send spies to An Jiaying, this will prove nothing since these spies had no connection with White Bird.

Besides, sending spies to your enemy is not an uncommon counter.

"Also, the spies reported that they overheard An Jiaying conversing with her backer over the phone. The person she was speaking with used a really good voice changer so we weren't able to determine immediately if it's a man or a woman. The results will arrive in three days."

"That's fine. We'll just have to be patient." Lillie leaned into her swiveled chair. On her hand was the file Elliot gave her.

Elliot stood across her desk, observing how her blue eyes skimmed through every words. He did not read the file, so he observed Lillie for any violent reaction.

"Hmm? A fake White Bird?" Lillie vocalized what was on the report.

Hearing this, Elliot's expression turned cold.

"This report stated that the backer was White Bird." She summarized.

"Something like this...isn't it serious?" If An Jiaying's backer was really pretending to be White Bird, they wouldn't even lift a finger.

The Reapers will take care of it.

They just needed to tip them that someone was using White Bird's name.

Lillie's blank expression did not fazed, as if already expecting something like this to happen.

"How bold." She indifferently said. "We've been too lenient with them, Elliot."

"It doesn't matter if they are beside their coffins, they still foolishly commit such high treason that even the Underworld cannot forgive." Elliot sighed, scolding those foolish people who dared impersonate White Bird.

There was a dark chuckle. Elliot snapped his eyes towards the cause of the eerie sound.

"Regardless of their bold move, it's quite clever if you think about it." Lillie propped her cheek on her knuckles with a lazy demeanor.

"What do you mean?" Elliot curiously inquired.

"They wanted White Bird to come out by using a bait. If Lillie Bai found out that An Jiaying's backer was a fake White Bird, and the real White Bird attacked or was confronted by the Reapers, it'll only be a matter of time before they pieced the puzzle."

An Jiaying's backer expects that Lillie would send spies, so they deliberately let her know that they are pretending to be heris she was really the White Bird. If Lillie hinted the Reapers that there was a fake White Bird, they would naturally ask for evidences of her claim.

As if she would admit that she was the real White Bird to them.

Lillie was forced to not use White Bird to attack the chicken.

If she were to retaliate, it'll only confirm their suspicion.

So, Lillie had no choice but to wipe the stain using a white cloth.

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