Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 216

Volume 3 Chapter 216 216: Mission To Search For Father In Law

An Xiuling came home after another day in the headquarters. As the infamous head strategist of White Bird Organization, An Xiuling naturally put an effort with the party she'll be hosting.

Just you wait, An bastards. This time, it'll be you who'll face calamity.

An Xiuling blackened her heart. Since these people mistreated her, don't expect a kindness in return.

"How's my brother?" She asked the person on the other side of the phone.

[The eldest young master's health isn't too good. An Qi Sheng has not made an appearance for almost a week now, so An Jiaying made things difficult for him.] There is one thing An Xiuling is thankful for An Qi Sheng.

Even though he turned his back to his eldest son, he didn't mistreated him.

It was that woman and her daughter.

That woman, no matter if it's her own flesh and blood, will disregard everything she sees useless.

In the beginning, her eldest brother had been the apple in his mother's eyes. Since he was the heir, she doted on him. But when he got into an accident that caused him to be crippled, his position as the future head of the An family dissolved. That day, her eyes no longer recognized him as her son.

Remembering the things her doting brother experienced made An Xiuling's blood seethe.

"Where is An Qi Sheng?" She demanded. Her spies disguised themselves as the An's servants.

[We are not sure, boss. The last time we saw him, he was with An Jiaying. He did not came home afterwards.]

"Find him immediately! Observe that good sister of mine carefully and report. Always take care of my brother. If anything happens to him, it'll be your heads I'll serve in my platter!"

[Y-yes, boss.]

An Xiuling's temper was not good. She needed to get her brother out sooner. If that damn father of hers does not come back, she's afraid her brother's health would continue to worsen.

Eyeing her phone, she contemplated is her next action is a smart choice.

"Damn it." She grunted, dialing the number of a certain someone.

[Sweetheart! How nice of you to call. Did you miss me already~?]

An Xiuling clicked her tongue. "Shut up, birdbrain. I need you to do me a favor."

[Hooh~ The great Enyo needs me? How rare.]

"Enough dawdling!" An Xiuling snapped, rubbing her temples in frustration.

She's not payed enough for this.

[Okay okay, chill out will you? I'm just lightening the mood.] Lan Wu Cheng chuckled, enjoying teasing her. [So? What does my sweetheart need me for?]

An Xiuling sighed. "I want you to search someone"

[An ex?]

"No!" An Xiuling exclaimed. "God dammit, let me finish!"

"Not your ex this time, hm? Who could it possibly be?]

"It's An Qi Sheng!"

[Your dad?]

"Who else?" Lan Wu Cheng can feel her rolling her eyes.

There's never a day when this guy stop making her blood boil.

[Strange request but whatever. I shall do everything in my awesome power to find father-in-law!] He declared.

"Who's your father-in-law!"

[Naturally your father. Aren't you my wife?]

"Stop saying nonsense and do what you've been asked!" An Xiuling was ready to give up.

[Don't worry, wife! I'll search for father-in-law and ask for your hand!]

An Xiuling's face flushed red from anger and embarrassment.

She punched the end call and threw her phone on the couch.

So many people...and she choose that idiot for help.

"Maybe I should get a checkup."

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