Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 217

Volume 3 Chapter 217 217: A Womans Best Friend

A playful grin painted Lan Wu Cheng's charming face. The call with An Xiuling was rather amusing.

He truly enjoy teasing her. And of course, hearing her lovely, frustrated voice.

Why would he do things like this for her you ask? Isn't it obvious? Lan Wu Cheng likes An Xiuling since the day his eyes laid on her figure, beating up her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Oh it was a fascinating scene to watch. Lan Wu Cheng likes women who pack a punch. His heart thumped at her brutality.

A beauty indeed.

Before he met her, he was infatuated by the most cold-blooded woman.

His own boss, White Bird.

The main reason why he joined the organization was because of White Bird. Unfortunately, flirtiahem, courting her was rather antagonizing. The woman hadn't even have an ounce of emotion in her.

Well, at least he had An Xiuling now.

Despite her having relationsh.i.p.s with other men, Lan Wu Cheng quietly stood back and never interfered. The only time he did is when those bastards broke her heart.

Another favorite hobby of his was to teach those cheating bastards a wee bit of his dark side.

However, it seems no matter how Lan Wu Cheng blatantly show his adoration for her, An Xiuling was too oblivious to get the message.

He blamed it to his playboy persona.

It's not his fault women just can't seem to stop flocking around wherever he goes.

He did tried to stop it. Sadly, that playboy image was forever stuck in An Xiuling's mind.

Lan Wu Cheng didn't know how to change that. Now all he can do is help her with whatever she ask him to do.

Hunt for her exes, search for a good place for her store, hack some bitch's computer, and many more.

Sigh, "Xiuling ah, what am I going to do with you?" He thoughtfully muttered as his eyes read the codes appearing on his monitor.

He was hacking on the security system surrounding the An family's neighborhood. The surveillance camera records from the day Father An disappeared has been imported to his flash drive.

He watched the surveillance camera record of the day Father An left with An Jiuying. Lan Wu Cheng saw the two get into one car and drove out of the neighborhood.

For the next hours, the car came back with only An Jiuying.

Father An was not with her.

Lan Wu Cheng watched the records of the next day, then another day until he watch the records of the whole week, but still, Father An did not came back.

He observed An Jiaying's movements and noticed something peculiar with her routine, and mannerism appeared a bit arrogantmore so that usual as far as he observed.

Also, the car she drove would go off at different another direction.

Lan Wu Cheng hacked the cameras on the highway she took.

For two days, Lan Wu Cheng watched every single records he acquired before finally...

"Heh, so that's where you are." He smirked.


It's time.

The entrance of Rose Gold Plaza is bustling with an enthusiastic crowd who either wore glistening dresses or high quality, sleek suits. Men and women in the Elite Society came for three purposes...

One, is to parade their wealth and power, two is to see the mysterious owner of Zhu Dinghong Pavilion, and three, is to observe the drama surrounding the She-Devil, Lillie Bai.

Because it's really unusual for her to attend events like this, naturally, they wouldn't miss such a firsthand chance.

Entering the biggest ballroom in the hotel, the guests were greeted by rows of beautifully designed jewelries displayed inside glass cases.

The guests, especially the women, gasped in awe. Their eyes glistened as bright as the gems on the glass boxes.

"I...I can't believe my eyes...are these really made by Zhu Dinghong Pavilion?"

"Magnificent! All of them are a masterpiece!"

"Is this a blood jade bracelet? My mother-in-law would be ecstatic if I give this to her on her birthday!"

"I no longer want to leave..."

"This necklace would go lovely with the new dress I bought."

"Wait a minute, isn't this the same tiara lady Sylvia wore on the biggest fashion event at London last year? Don't tell me it's Zhu Dinghong Pavilion who made it?"

"Your assumption is correct. There were actually three of this design. Lady Sylvia had one, the second belongs to the youngest miss Shen. This right here must be the third."

As the crowd chatter around the ballroom, the lights suddenly turned off, creating a loud reaction from the guests.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" A single light slowly illuminated the figure at the stage.

A voluptuous woman in red with a half mask made her presence known.

"I will be your speaker for this evening. If I may ask everyone to settle down for a few moments, enjoy some of the snacks and champagne, as we await for the grand arrival of Zhu Dinghong Pavilion's owner." Her red lips curled into a foxy grin, making some of the men ogle at her. "Thank you for your cooperation."

20 minutes passed, the guests were getting impatient.

The woman in red came back.

"Apologies. The owner will be late."

The guests were about to grumble in protest when the woman in red made them shut up with her next announcement.

"As compensation, everyone can now approach the attendants to buy any of the jewelries displayed before you."

It's like music in their ears. The ladies' put on their tough faces, as if preparing for war.

"Purchasing will start in ten...nine...eight..."

Eyes fixated themselves on their targets, their feet ready to scamper.


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