Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 218

Volume 3 Chapter 218 218: Dotes On Him The Most

On the second floor on the ballroom, stood a tall woman with porcelain white skin, donning an elegant, midnight blue dress that hugged her upper body. Its skirt flowing freely until it reaches the floor. Her silver hair cascade on her bare shoulders into simple curls.

Calculative and cold cerulean blue eyes glistened behind a veil of darkness, eyeing the crowd below her in mild interest.

Suddenly, something cold touched her bare skin. Giving the person behind her a side glance, Lillie accepted the cool flute of champagne.

Ethan held his wife in his arm and joined her in speculating. His eyes scanned the crowd before shifting them to his wife's bare shoulder.

A frown marred his charming face. "Aren't you cold?" He asked. Both concerned for her health and for the eyes he needed to pluck as soon as she made her presence known to everyone.

Since she arrived before him, Ethan did not have the chance to see what dress his wife chose. Besides, the fur coat wasn't even properly worn to cover her shoulders.

Is this a fashion trend?

Lillie was not oblivious of the double meaning of his words. For the times they had spend together, Lillie began to figure some of Ethan's 'tendencies'.

And of course, as someone with a cunning mind, Lillie knew exactly what she needed to do to coax these 'tendencies'.

Lillie leaned in closer, her lips inched closer to his ear. "Then make sure your arms are always wrapped around me," She said breathlessly.

Something emerged from Ethan's chest.

"You're standing on a thin thread, Lillie..." He replied huskily. "...we wouldn't want to be late at a time like this, hm?"

Not backing down, Lillie faced him. She put down the glass on the table and placed her hands teasingly on his chest, the suit he wore act as a wall between them. Nevertheless, the warmth they released was not detained by the layer of clothe.

"Who said we need to follow their time?"

A dangerous glint shone from his eyes. The corner of his lips lifted into a mischievous smirk.

"You are right..." Encircling his arms around her waist, Ethan lowered his head to the crook of her neck. "Completely right..."

Her pristine skin flushed red after being exposed to his hot breath.

"Xiuling said she wouldn't arrive until every item was sold..." His deep voice whispered seductively behind her ear. "We've got plenty of time."

"Now, now, Mr. Li." Lillie gently pushed him off her. "Do you know how long it took me to get dressed?"

"I'll help you fix it later."

"Well, I did not bring any make-up."

"Make-up, no make-up, you still look beautiful." Your looks are too dangerous, dear wife. I'm afraid it doesn't even matter if you wear make-up or not.

Lillie raised her eyebrow. This man is really stubborn ah.

"No means no..." She decisively said.

Ethan's expression was downcast.

"...maybe later."

He immediately brightened up.

Truly, his wife dotes on him the most.


[An Jiaying has entered the building...] A static voice said through the phone.

"Good. Continue to observe and report any suspicious movements." An Xiuling ushered an order to her agents. Pressing the end button, her other hand once again held the car's wheel.

She wasn't paying full attention to the road. Her mind preoccupied about An Qi Sheng's disappearance.

Lan Wu Cheng haven't called her yet. Not once, since the day she gave him that assignment.

An Xiuling was feeling restless.

Is her father's disappearance not so simple after all? Did something happened to him?

An Xiuling shook her head.

No, she's not worried about him. He could die for all she care. It's just that...something really smell fishy about this.

Without An Qi Sheng's presence within the An household, her brother's faith wouldn't look so bright.

Currently, she's in a tight spot. She cannot immediately snatch her brother from the An family's grasp, his chains are nailed to their wall.

Though she admit it'll be easier with 'underhanded' means. However, White Bird's safety is at stake.

As an Elder, she cannot risk her boss' safety.

"I'm sorry brother...Unless that man has been found, I cannot save you yet." She bit her lip in frustration, her grasp on the wheel tightened until her hands turned white. "I'll have to ask you to wait a bit longer."

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