Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 3 Chapter 219

Volume 3 Chapter 219 219: Might Snatch Your Future Husband

An Jiaying was expecting a serene atmosphere when she entered the ballroom. Since the guests are all from the Elite Society, grace and elegance is something one from this particular group must posses.

So, who are these people?

"Am...am I in the right ballroom?" She incisively questioned the butler that escorted her.

The butler's expression gave An Jiuying the impression that he, too, was not sure.

An Jiaying hesitantly entered. She roamed her eyes to look for any familiar faces, in case that she's really in a wrong room.

She had really hoped that it was the case. But then, she caught sight of well known figures.

If the place is like this, how could they know that she have arrived? All of her efforts in looking good would be wasted by

Wait, are those jewelries they are going crazy about?

"This is mine! I saw it first!"

"Well I grabbed it first!"

"I'll buy it with a higher price!"

"There's no use bargaining, the price is set!"

An Jiaying wanted to gape, but it's unbecoming of a lady of her class.

...well, the same ideology cannot be applied to them it appeared...

Despite the ruckus they're creating, you can still discern their lofty stature. To An Jiaying's judgement, their behavior is more subtle compare to commoners fighting over a 50% off pair of shoes at a thrift store.

An Jiaying sneered in her mind. These fools are making a joke out of themselves. Weren't there any press invited here? Aren't they afraid of being exposed to the society of their graceless behavior?

Walking slowly, she approached an empty table and sat down. At least there were a few who looked out for their reputation.

"If it isn't Eldest Miss An." An Jiaying glanced at the voice and saw a tall, elderly woman in an elegant, purple cheongsam. The woman give off a fierce yet splendor air that one cannot simply ignore.

Without a doubt, this woman is madam Lan Lizi. The elder man beside her must be her husband, Lan Wu Wei.

Lan Wu Wei, a very powerful man that possessed immense wealth that even Emperor Shenzong [1] envied. Who wouldn't be wealthy if you owned the number 1 casino in the world?

An Jiaying stood up and greeted them with a gentle smile. "Mr. and Mrs. Lan, it's a pleasure to see you here." Her politeness and grace made the elderly couple satisfied.

"Likewise, my dear." Mrs. Lan discreetly responded. "Are you with someone else? Do you mind if we join you?"

This had caught An Jiaying off guard. A look of surprise was not hidden from her face. "Of course not. Please, have a seat." She offered graciously.

How rare. Not only did the elderly Lan couple approached and spoke to her, they also wanted to share a table.

The gods are on her side this time. This could help boost An Jiaying's reputation.

"Are you sure you're not with someone else? A beautiful young lady such as yourself is bound to be flock by dashing young men."

Pink dusted An Jiaying's cheeks. "Madam Lan jest. There are young misses more outstanding than I." She humbly replied.

Mrs. Lan nodded, pleased by her answer. "Even so, I'm sure someone has caught your attention?"

"I..uh.." An Jiaying pretended to be fl.u.s.tered.

"Leave the poor girl alone, dear. Can't you see you're making her uncomfortable?" Mr. Lan lightly scolded his wife.

"Oh my, please excuse me, Miss An." Mrs. Lan covered her mouth. "I was not blessed with a daughter you see..."

An Jiaying did not probed. Waving her hand, she said, "I understand, Madam Lan. I was not troubled at all."

"Aiyo, such a good girl. How I hoped to have a daughter like you." Mrs. Lan sighed woefully.

'So this is the woman my good-for-nothing son is infatuated with?' Mrs. Lan thought. 'Not bad.'

As the three people continued their hearty discussion, a shadow creeped from above, observing their exchanges.

Sigh. "These old people ah. You're with the wrong An..." The shadow grumbled in annoyance.

"Hurry up, sweetheart. Or else your dear sister might snatch your future husband." Lan Wu Cheng glared at the three people below.

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