Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Rules

Executive Qing He, what do you mean?

After the three people looked around and came back to the temple, Wen Tingshan asked coldly.

He used to come to the Spiritual Realm. In every country or every major sect in the martial arts circle, there was the Spiritual Realm. Besides Head, there were also six executives and many lower servants.

But now, in the Spiritual Realm of Dahan Country, there was only Executive Qing He even without servants. Was this normal?

Qing He was questioned, so the smile on the face faded slowly, and her warm tone was changed quickly, Head Wen, I dont understand, and if you need to deal with the affairs of your sect, please do it as you wish. Do you expect me to offer you any help?

When Wen Tingshan looked serious, and was about to say something, Su Li stood up quickly and interrupted, Uncle Shan, more work and less talk. There is a tactical matrix, and we actually havent entered the Spiritual Realm.

Tactical matrix?

Fang Yuan became nervous instantly. He stood in front of Su Li consciously and kept alert.

Qing He was a little bit surprised, but she tried to be calm and smiled, I never thought that this little sister could know so many things. The tactical matrix is nothing in the Spiritual Realm, but not everyone can feel it.

Su Li smiled and didnt reply. She turned to Fang Yuan, Follow my instructions. I am going to teach you how to break the matrix.

Fang Yuan hesitated and nodded slightly with a trace of eccentricity.

If Su Li wanted to order him to break the matrix, transmitting the sound in silence was a good way. But why did she speak it out? Did she want to irritate Executive Qing He?

As expected, Qing He saw that Su Li not only ignored her, but also tried to break the matrix. Then she looked angry immediately, and her voice became sharp, What a shameless boast! You dare to break the tactical matrix of the Spiritual Realm? I will see what you can do.

Su Li smiled faintly, Its unnecessary for Executive Qing He to know what I will do. Please dont act rashly before I break the matrix, in case that something unhappy will happen.

Something unhappy?

Qing He looked annoyed, It seems that this young girl isnt afraid of anything! How dare you threaten the executive? I will teach you a lesson on behalf of Wen Tingshan.

Before she finished her words, she had reached out the palm in anger while Su Li closed her eyes slightly and didnt avoid it.


There was a blast in the air and a ripple all around.

With eyes wide open, Qing He looked at Wen Tingshan standing in front of Su Li, and screamed, Wen Tingshan! You How dare you do it to me!

This was Spiritual Realm! Its the most mysterious and mightiest power in this world!

Either the inborn realm or longevity realm made no difference in front of this huge monster. The last person who offended the Spiritual Realm had already died, without bones left.

Wen Tingshan looked very pale. He knew clearly the end for fighting in Spiritual Realm, but Su Li didnt avoid it, which meant that he had to fight.

So noisy.

Su Li was not happy, and said coldly, Uncle Shan, just control her, and let me break the tactical matrix first.

Wen Tingshan acted immediately. Anyway, the fighting had already started, so he directly clutched the back neck of Qing He, which made her unable to move.

Wen Tingshan, you are crazy! A junior mightnt know the rules. Dont you know the rules of the Spiritual Realm? Youre looking for your death. Nobody can save you.


A bright red handprint appeared on the face of Qing He, which made her feel so painful.

Su Li took her palm back slowly and still said cold, If you speak more, its not only a slap. Just shut up.

Qing Hes eyes flashed with fear and numbness. She never thought that Wen Tingshan was so bold. But she just achieved the inborn sixth hurdle in cultivation and couldnt compete with him. She also never thought that a teenager dared to slap her!

Qing He found that the girl was a very reckless rookie, but she didnt know why Wen Tingshan obeyed her order.

After being slapped, Qing He actually calmed down thoroughly. She knew that a reckless person was afraid of an unreasonable one while an unreasonable person was afraid of a daredevil. In Qing Hes eyes, Su Li was a daredevil, so she chose to retreat temporarily. When the matrix was broken, and she returned to the realm, all crises would be removed naturally.

At that time, she would let Su Li know her means!

When Qing He was thinking evilly, Su Li realized it but still kept calm and continued to tell Fang Yuan how to break the matrix.

Su Li, are you sure?

Wen Tingshan couldnt help asking her. Though Su Li showed extraordinary maturity and wisdom, they offended the Spiritual Realm suddenly, and even he couldnt find the way of breaking.

Uncle Shan, hold your horse, please. After the breaking, we will see the results.

Seeing that Su Li was so confident, Wen Tingshan was not afraid, because he chose to believe in her after their companionship in this period. But for Qing He, it seemed that Su Li tried to cover her panic through these words, and with a vicious smile on her face, she was thinking about how to deal with Su Li after she got out of trouble.

Move for thirty-one steps to the right, and use your sword!

Move for nine steps forward, and smash the stone!

Return to the original position

Hearing Su Lis continuous instructions, Fang Yuan kept his expression unchanged and followed them strictly. In his opinion, breaking this matrix was not as difficult as breaking the natural tactical matrix that they had met in the Dawang Village. In a short period of time, there was the sound of breaking like porcelain in the surroundings. With his last move, the matrix was broken.

After the matrix was gone, the figures of four people appeared in front of a delicate hexagonal attic, and the plaque Spiritual Realm was shining.

The three people appeared suddenly, which attracted the attention of others in the attic. When someone saw that Qing He was totally controlled by Wen Tingshan, all people felt shocked, and even the attic was shaking.

A stranger caught the executive of the Spiritual Realm. It had not happened for many years.

Report to the head instantly! Were invaded!

Is that the next head of the Wanjian Sect? Why does he fight with Qing He?

Something important will happen today!

Wen Tingshan looked at the mess in the Spiritual Realm because of their appearance and slightly raised his eyebrows in a natural way. Qing He saw this scene and burst into laughter.

Wen Tingshan! If you are still sensible, let me go now. I will put all blame on this girl. Maybe I can keep you alive. Otherwise, all of you will be killed.

Wen Tingshan looked cold with his eyes flickering, but he still held her tightly.

Qing He didnt know the relationship between Wen Tingshan and Su Li. Wen Tingshan owed Su Li a life and promised to work for her for ten years. Even if he was in danger, he would not give up Su Li and escape alone.

And, he believed in Su Li.

As for Fang Yuan, he was still expressionless. No matter what happened, he was on Su Lis side and never changed his mind.

In a short period of time, other five executives came here and stood opposite Su Li and others. After a while, a plain-looking middle-aged man in a gray garment came out from the attic and bowed to Wen Tingshan, saying,

Head Wen, I heard your story before. You are a big shot in the spiritual circle. How did Executive Qing He offend you? You even come to the Spiritual Realm and fight with her.

Seeing that the middle-aged man was gentle, Wen Tingshan hesitated, You are

The man seemed to realize something and said with a smile, I am sorry. I am the Head of the Spiritual Realm in Dahan Country, Qu Xiao.

Oh, Head Qu.

Before Wen Tingshan spoke, Su Li stepped forward and said with a smile.


Qu Xiao slightly frowned, feeling uncomfortable.

In his opinion, Su Li was sixteen years old or so, but the little girl didnt show any courtesy. The discipline of the Wanjian Sect was so loose.

Su Li smiled naturally and didnt give the middle-aged man a chance to say, You dont need to know who I am. Head Qu doesnt properly manage the Spiritual Realm. An executive cant behave herself. How to deal with it?


Qu Xiao looked at Qing He who was delicate with a trace of an inquiry in the eyes. When Qing He had eye contact with him, she was alarmed and said immediately, Head, help me! I dont break the rules. The girl not only asked Wen Tingshan to catch me but also slapped me. She didnt care about the Spiritual Realm.

Then other five executives were unable to bear the anger. They said,

Head, be careful, or it will lose our face!

Little girl, behave yourself! How do your elders teach you? How dare you insult the Spiritual Realm!

Lets catch them and give them a harsh punishment! If the Wanjian Sect blames us, we have something to say!

Be quiet!

Although Qu Xiao lowered his voice, it still overwhelmed all the noises, and everyone was quiet. As the head, his ability was naturally the strongest. For Qing Hes help, he thought of another unusual detail.

It seemed that Wen Tingshan was not an elder of the girl; he actually obeyed her?


Little girl, when you mention the rules of our realm Qu Xiao smiled and looked at the pretty face of Su Li. The rules are never known by outsiders. Do you really know what they are?

When Su Li heard the words, she couldnt help laughing and told Qu Xiao something secretly.

His calm face was suddenly fixed.




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