Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Jing Xin

Chapter 274 Jing Xin
Guard, put Qing He into jail!

Qu Xiao ordered with a cold face. The decision was unexpected.

The other five executives opened their eyes widely and shuddered. They couldnt help looking Su Li over again. What exactly did this lady say to Head?! She could let Head punish Qing He in public and put the Spiritual Realm on the line.

Qing He turned pale and downright flustered. She couldnt help struggling and screaming, Head! Did I do something wrong? Ive been working for the Spiritual Realm for thirty-two years, and I deserve credit for my efforts! My hard work is actually less important than a little girls few words?! Head, Im disappointed bitterly!

With touching words and an innocent expression, Qing He made all the people in the Spiritual Realm feel that what Head did was a little strange and really unfair.

Qu Xiao snorted, tossing his sleeve, and said clearly, Bai Ju, find out the relationship between Wen Tinghe of the Wanjian Sect and her! Drive her out immediately if she really betrays the Spiritual Realm!

What? Qing He colluded with outsiders?

An elder with gray hair was shocked with Qu Xiaos words. He was Bai Ju, the top one among six executives. The other four executives were also scared and anxious. Qu Xiao must know something, or he wouldnt say that.

Hearing the words, Qing He was really clear about what would happen to her. She was nearly paralyzed with panic, quivering.

She took risks for temporary benefits and thought that it definitely wouldnt be found out. But now she was suspected by Qu Xiao, and the thing she did would be found out as soon as the investigation began.

Qing Hes reaction made Qu Xiao reassured. He said sullenly, I wouldnt like to let you embarrassed, but now that you did this, dont blame me for disregarding you. Take her in custody!

Bai Ju obeyed and went to Wen Tingshan immediately. Wen Tingshan gave a glance at Su Li and saw her nodding. Then he relaxed his hold and allowed Bai Ju to bring Qing He into the Spiritual Realm. A conflict disappeared invisibly.

A moment later, Su Li and other two people had been invited to the room. Wen Tingshan looked around and found the reception room was superior. He became more curious about what Su Li said to Qu Xiao. It could make Qu Xiao change so much. He didnt think it was just because of Qing He.

He had no time to think over when Qu Xiao came with a smile and a fist and palm salute, saying to Su Li, Miss, its really our Spiritual Realms problem. As compensation, I will arrest the people of the Wanjian Sect and then give them to Head Wen. Besides, I will also compensate more to help all of you get over the shock.

Was the time enough for you to find out the truth?

Wen Tingshan was so surprised that it would not be so easy to make Qing He tell the truth in just a few minutes.

Being interrupted by Wen Tingshan, Qu Xiao did not look angry but explained with a smile, You dont have to be surprised. The Spiritual Realm records the vicissitudes of the spiritual circle and even the whole world. It has an elaborate information system. The mistake made by Qing He was not because of the problem of our information system, but because of the fact that no one was to find out. Since Executive Qing He was pointed out by this girl, I could easily find out the truth.

Wen Tingshan understood and nodded, but was astonished that nearly nothing in the world could be concealed from spies of the Spiritual Realm. Were it not for the fact that the Spiritual Realm was not ambitious and never took part in the activities outside, major players of the spiritual circle would not be those powers.

It seems that Head Wen is satisfied with my decision, in that case Qu Xiao turned to Su Li, Miss, may I have a moment with you?

Su Li nodded, Thats what I mean Uncle Shan, Fang Yuan, I will be back soon. Please wait here for a moment.

Dont worry, Miss. The Spiritual Realm will treat them well during this period.

Qu Xiao said with consideration. There seemed to be some impatience in the words.

Although Wen Tingshan and Fang Yuan had so many doubts, they knew it was not the time to ask questions. They nodded and agreed immediately.

A moment later, Su Li and Qu Xiao were at the top floor of the Spiritual Realm.

Su Li followed Qu Xiao into the room leisurely. If Fang Yuan was allowed to come here, he would find the decoration of the attic was very similar to that of the Linli Building, and the only difference was that the furniture here was far more expensive than that of the Linli Building.

In the private meeting between Su Li and Qu Xiao, Qu Xiao revealed his feelings and as the elder, he even treated Su Li as a peer.

Miss, can I know which branch sect you are in charge of? Why do you come to our Dahan Country?

After a moment of silence, Qu Xiao asked prudently.

Just now, Su Li transmitted the sound in silence, with only two words.

Jing Xin!

Only those who had a rank above Head knew the name.

Su Li smiled freely, as if she was at home. She went to the table and sat down, You dont have to sound me out. I am not Head of any realm, and not the member of yours.

Qu Xiaos eyes darkened immediately. He wondered how the name of the Great Master had been revealed. Was there a traitor among heads of the Spiritual Realm?

At this time, Su Li said, You dont have to guess. Im also not the Spiritual Realms enemy. A long time ago, there was something happening between the Lord and me. Please transmit the sound in silence to her if you can make it. Just tell her that an old friend visits her. I think she would know.

Qu Xiao was astonished, an old friend?

The Great Master had lived long enough so that no one knew how old she was, but today a sixteen-year-old girl said that she was Great Masters old friend?

Immediately he remembered some legendary creatures. It was said that even if they passed away, they still could escape from the restraint of natural law, get some secrets and resurrect with memory. Was she such a reincarnation?

Qu Xiao thought, and his heart beat like a drum. He bent down with respect and said in a low voice, I will definitely follow you! Just May I have the honor to know your name, so that I can send an exact message to the Great Master?

Su Li, S-U, Su, L-I, Li.

Su Li replied weirdly. She just suspected Jing Xin knew her past and present and didnt know that Qu Xiao imagined so many weird things.

Jing Xin.

The legendary woman whom she had followed in previous life told Su Li the odd name. Afterwards, Su Li left Jing Xin, and after much experience in Jianghu, she knew how important this name was by coincidence!

Spiritual Realm, a terrible power superior to the secular world, was under control of Jing Xin! She was called Great Spiritual Master!

In previous life, Su Li was miserable when she met Jing Xin. At that time, she had fallen into the evil circle, and became a person hated by everyone. The so-called righteous people wanted to kill her, but Jing Xin saved her. Jing Xin also allowed Su Li to stay with her to practice for three years.

In those three years, Su Li expanded her horizon greatly. She would have died very early without Jing Xins protection.

However, that meeting left many doubts for her. She wondered why she was selected by Great Master. As an ordinary girl, she got into the way of practice by chance and fell into a wrong path.

Great Spiritual Master was righteous in the spiritual circle. Why did she save her, a succuba in the evil circle It didnt make sense.

After the rebirth, she kept these doubts in her mind until the tale about breaking the ring spread. A series of inconceivable things enlightened her a little.

Maybe Jing Xin had known her future. Perhaps what she wanted to know could be learnt from Jing Xin.

She came to the Spiritual Realm for Wen Tinghe to solve the problem of the Wanjian Sect, and more importantly, for herself.

Do not disturb the spiritual circle. This was one of the inexorable laws of the Spiritual Realm. Qing He abused her power for personal benefits, and her fate would be worse than she had imagined. Su Li could remember that a greedy Branch Head made himself a local despot. And, at last, he was decapitated to the public by Jing Xin, and his head was hung in the ancestral hall of the Spiritual Realm for seven days and nights, which made people frightened.

However, after many years since it had happened, she changed much future in this life. Because of the butterfly effect, it was not known whether such a local despot could appear after Qing He was caught.

Thinking for a moment, Su Li came to herself from random thoughts and felt a little absurd when she saw Qu Xiao standing respectfully by the side and waiting quietly. She said nothing and went out of the attic.

Qu Xiao followed her immediately and whispered to Su Li, Miss, you have been thinking for an hour. I have given the traitor of the Wanjian Sect to Wen Tingshan. If you want

Before Qu Xiao finished his words, Su Li interrupted with an indifferent look, You know that the Spiritual Realm never disturbs the spiritual circle, and if you dare to break the rule, no one can save you.

Qu Xiao was suddenly enlightened in a cold sweat, Youre right! Its my fault.

Su Li shook her head without a word, and turned around to leave. Before leaving, she said, If you have nothing else important to do, tell Great Master about me as soon as possible.

Im going to the ancestral hall today!

Qu Xiao repeatedly promised and left hastily until he sent Su Li to the door. The executives were shocked and guessed secretly about Su Lis identity. They even wanted to investigate her.

But they were deterred immediately by Qu Xiaos warning, and no one dared to think about that.

Half a day had passed since the three people returned to the Linli Building. Wen Tingshan had the smell of blood, which implied that he had just killed people. He didnt talk too much to Su Li and left directly, because he had to go back to the Wanjian Sect right now to make arrangements. He would easily serve as the Head of the Wanjian Sect with the Spiritual Realms case and the token for the head.

Fang Yuan thought twice and didnt screw up his courage to ask Su Li about what happened. He realized that the thing was complex and could not be figured out immediately. Maybe Su Li would tell him about everything when she thought it was the right time.



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