Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Xiaoshen Palace

Chapter 285 Xiaoshen Palace
In the evening, Ling Li and Ling Qinglan came back from the Imperial Palace. Behind them, a group of guards carried some boxes. Obviously, those were the gold, silver and jewelry granted by Dongfang Xiao.

Getting into the palace and receiving a reward could be regarded as the honor of the Ling Family. So, there must be a grand feast arranged by Qiu Meng tonight.

The only regret for Qiu Meng was that Ling Ping could not come back to get reunion because he was still commanding troops for the war in the frontier.

"Dont worry, aunt. My Second Brother is a good man and the fate will protect him. He is safe and sound after he fought in so many wars over the years. Now he is the marshal. He wont have to fight by himself. Therefore, he is safer than before."

After Ling Qinglans comfort, Qiu Meng was a little relieved finally. When the case ended, there was a little pressure for the Ling Family. So, Ling Qinglan could spare energy to pay attention to the war. Ling Mo had arrived at the border. Whether they could win the war or not, Ling Mo could absolutely keep Ling Ping safe.

At that time, Mrs. Gu, who had been silent, began to speak slowly, "Qinglan, dont put too much pressure on yourself. The Ling Family was not as fragile as you think. I can support it several more years."

"Mother, now our family is safe. There is no danger at all. What are you talking about?"

Qiu Meng couldnt help saying.

Mrs. Gu smiled, but sighed inside. Qiu Meng was pure and she would not bully honest Ling Feng. Thats what she admired before.

But because of this, she could not realize the danger that the Ling Family faced. Qinglan got such a great achievement, while Dongfang Xiao just rewarded him with some useless gold, silver and jewelry and didnt mention the promotion. That was obvious.

Unfortunately, now in the Ling Family, besides her, only Ling Ping and Ling Qinglan could realize this point.

As for Ling Li

Mrs. Gu took a look at Ling Li who was talking secretly with Su Li. She helplessly nodded and said, "Okay, thats all. In a word, its up to you, Qinglan, and dont take risks."

"I see."

Ling Qinglan nodded and ended the conversation. The family dinner eventually ended in a relaxing atmosphere.

After the dinner, all people went to have a rest. While Ling Li came back to the East Courtyard, looking at the calm expression of Su Li, he was about to speak but stopped for several times. In the end, he didnt ask anything, and he only said, "Tonight I would sleep in the study." Then he turned the wheelchair away.

Looking at Ling Li who had left, Su Lis eyes gradually turned soft, then there were a lot of pity mixed with obscure emotions. Finally, all kinds of complicated feelings turned into coldness and determination.

Maybe Ling Li went to refine the elixir given by her. Of course, this elixir was not prepared for her, but for Ling Li!

Inside the elixir, it was her own foundation of 500 years! If Ling Li could absorb half of that pure power, he could not only reach the longevity realm, but also rapidly get promoted to the first peak of the longevity realm!

"The battle in the Gushan Mountain was not a difficult one. It took me 30 years foundation, and the 20 years foundation was all wasted on the way."

Su Li sat in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror quietly. To be specific, she was looking at the new red jade and golden hairpin on her head.

Ling Li secretly passed it to her during the family dinner.

"50 years of foundation for one fight is not too much."

Su Li took off the hairpin on her head and rubbed it gently, "After I sealed my cultivation up, the consumption of the foundation is less than I imagined. But if I can do this, can I always be with him? Can I really"

Suddenly, the window of the side door from the wing-room opened, then a figure appeared silently behind Su Li, and he respectfully said, "Highly Great Master!"

Su Li turned around slowly and saw the man, Qu Xiao.

She nodded expressionlessly, "Did Jing Xin let you come here? And why do you call me that?"

Qu Xiao did not dare to have a little disrespect. He bent over and presented a wooden box, "Great Master has announced to serve you as the Highly Great Master, so, 12 Great Masters didnt dare to disobey! Now the Spiritual Realm is gathering troops, and waiting for you to give orders at any time!"

Su Li took the wooden box, but did not open it immediately. She said, "Jing Xin is Jing Xin, not me. If you dont want to obey, you can tell me. Dont constrain yourself."

Hearing that, Qu Xiao feared and said immediately, "Highly Great Master, you misunderstood! We 12 Great Masters are ready to do anything for you, even to die! We dont have any grievance. Please understand, Highly Great Master!"

Su Li frowned slightly. She didnt understand why Qu Xiao was so loyal to the Spiritual Realm, but it was good

"Now, you go outside to watch and dont let the people of the Mansion find you. If anything happens, tell me immediately."


Qu Xiao retreated and went out. Su Li opened the wooden box, then a beam of light cast from the gap immediately, turning into an illusory figure. It was Jing Xin.


It was a piece of sub-awareness.

Naturally, the word flashed in Su Lis mind. When she would like to recall further, she found that her mind was completely blank. And she could not recall more.

Fortunately, at this time, Jing Xin started to explain, "Master, the spirit sent from the outside was so powerful that I was in a stalemate with it. It took me several days to find a gap to split a sub-awareness from my body. It has no ability to fight but its enough to communicate with you."

Then she pointed to the transparent bead in the wooden box, "This is the Soul-sealing Bead. The original soul of Mei Ruohan was inside. After I dealt with the spirit, I went to investigate personally and found a strange change happened to Mei Ruohan. Two souls appeared in her body! One soul is her own and the other is born after she entered the Reincarnation Mirror!"

"What do you mean?"

Su Li frowned. Her memory didnt recover, so, she could hardly understand what Jing Xin said.

Jing Xin felt helpless, and she had to continue to explain patiently, "Master, no matter a person is one who practices martial arts or ordinary people, its certain that a body can only have one soul."

Su Li realized. She blinked her eyes and said, "Therefore, after the new soul of Mei Ruohan awoke and had its own consciousness, it stimulates the original soul, and makes it awake?"


Jing Xin regretted, "Obviously, that old soul woke up and restored all memory. So, it lured you to break the ring. Its a pity that at that time the outside spirit suddenly lost mind and was crazy. In order not to offend those outside sects, I took much power to suppress them down. Thinking of that, its all their schemes to distract me! If I had noticed it earlier, perhaps you"

"Okay, dont mention the things that had happened."

Su Li waved and stopped Jing Xin to continue. She stared at the Soul-sealing Bead for a long time, and suddenly she said,

"Jing Xin, though you are the mirror spirit of the Reincarnation Mirror, the illusion could also be controlled by you. Could you directly destroy the royal family of Dahan Country?

Jing Xin laughed bitterly, "Master, you overvalued me. Let alone that I am not the true mirror spirit of the Reincarnation Mirror, the Dongfang Family is not as simple as you think. They have a very close relationship with the Xiaoshen Palace!"

The Xiaoshen Palace?

Hearing it, Su Li was slightly puzzled. Then she changed her expression immediately and said, "The most powerful sect in the spiritual circle, Xiaoshen Palace?"

"Master, you are right. It is that Xiaoshen Palace. It has a very long history. Its said that there is an old ancestor of the Supernatural Realm in the Xiaoshen Palace. Even I could not fight with him."

Su Li held her breath. The Supernatural Realm She had never heard the name and it must be a realm above the longevity realm. There were nine hurdles in the longevity realm. The strength gap of each realm could not be calculated. And the old ancestor of the Xiaoshen Palace even beyond the longevity realm!

"In addition, I wanted to talk this point with you before, but there was not enough time. So, I can explain it until now."

Su Li nodded to show her understanding, "It is not too late."

Jing Xin looked helplessly, "Last time I told you that I had no choice but to sacrifice myself and force myself into the Reincarnation Mirror. Although it was a good thing for me to became the mirror spirit with endless life, at that moment when I became the mirror spirit, I knew that a very horrible existence was still sleeping in the mirror! That existence was the real mirror spirit. Maybe I am just an agent that it chose unconsciously."

Su Li was shocked. Jing Xin was only an agent. No wonder she could not fully control the treasure.

"Master, this illusion that you are in is not a real neverland. Strictly speaking, now there are three kinds of people living in the neverland."


Su Li felt a little stunned. In addition to this group of outsiders, there were also another two kinds of people.

Jing Xin nodded cautiously, "The first kind of people are outsiders like you who came in recent 100 years. The second kind of people are spirits like Qu Xiao who are derived from the illusion. Strictly speaking, they are not humans!"

Su Li looked at Qu Xiao who was still waiting respectfully outside the door. Whatever she looked at him, he didnt look like the other species.

"Because the spirits like Qu Xiao are the result of the neverland, so, as long as the neverland exists, they can live eternally. Even if he is killed by others, it could take him a period time to get back! However, the reborn spirits will not have the original memory, so, it is convenient for me to brainwash and control them."

"So far, Su Li finally understood why Qu Xiao has such loyalty to her. A memory like a piece of white paper was the easiest one to be brainwashed.

"How about the third kind?"

Su Li asked. Jing Xins expression became serious at once. She said with a low voice,

"The last kind of people are the ancient beings trapped in this neverland a long time ago. Although they were trapped, they were not controlled by the Realm of Reincarnation. No matter how many generations the neverland had been reincarnated, they could escape from it and be at ease, without showing their bodies."

Su Li recalled the old beggar immediately. The illusion that she felt from his body felt like what Jing Xin said!

"My ability is limited, and I do not know how many that kind of beings existing in the illusion, or how powerful they are. The only thing that I can find out is the old ancestor of the Xiaoshen Palace."

Jing Xin shook her head and said. Her figure blurred, which would disappear soon.

However, she no longer worried this time because she had finished her words. Next, it would depend on her master to decide.

"Master, I left a secret method in the wooden box. If you can master, perhaps"

Perhaps what, Su Li did not hear, because the sub-awareness had disappeared.


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