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Language Of Flowers: Wife's Loyal Husband summary:

I do not own the book cover, I found it on Pinterest//// This is fiction so any similarities are purely coincidental and inspiration based on the real world. A series of 3 love stories 3 different books that all form a bigger picture.I'll be inserting each name of the book into the title but the whole series is called "The Language of Flowers.1) Wife's Loyal Husband PAST"I met you that fateful day by the bridge? Do you remember?""..." She slowly closed her eyes. To a deep slumber.Chen met her when he lost at love. Lily met him when she was at her worse.He remembered the day clearly. The wind swayed her hair softly. He fell hard.They were not the main couple, but side characters in the whole scale.He wasn't a king. She wasn't a queen. Regardless, they became the main characters of their own story.PRESENT"So strange, I feel like I've known you since the beginning.""oh really?" he said with a conflicted and pained expression."Why are you crying?""It's nothing, I was just reminded of someone, someone who said those exact words"A story filled with secrets, revenge, and lots of Fluffy romance. (Honestly not that stressful of a story.)Other books in the series2) Mixed Blood A secret organized group doing human experiments under a business pretext. An orphan girl was one of its victims. Little did they know, those damn scientists succeeded.He was at the top of the entertainment industry. Frozen and lonely, waiting for someone to melt his heart.3) High Sweethearts I see weird dreams every night. It's always in the same world and continues as if I'm living it in reality. Heck if it is, its better than the one I have while my eyes are open.There's at least one person that always come on a specific time, a certain day, just for me.Rose dreamt of a world surrounded by magic, but every dream she’s stuck in a birdcage. A god suddenly stumbles upon this birdcage.Author's note: This is my first time writing a story. Hence I have no idea what to do or how to write it. It was intended to be drawn as a webtoon. As of now, it's in the early stages, so I intend to edit it a lot.

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