Law Of The Devil Chapter 315 1

Chapter 315 Am I Very Old? (p1)

The most divine existence in the mortal world, the voice of the Goddess of Light, the closest existence to the divine, despite all these forms of address and titles, Igor the Pope looks no better than any decrepit old man in his depleted state. Adding in the fact that hes mumbling to himself repeatedly while facing the North, the grandpas image looked almost senile and confused.

Theyre here. they really have come.

At this moment, even with Du Weis limited ability, he could still perceive the strong level of fear hidden within the old fellas eye.

Earthquake the north? Coming?

A flash of unease quickly grips onto the boys heart. However, before he could figure out why this sensation was sprouting within himself, another more pressing matter has caught his attention its the condition of the two monsters over there.

Both the Shaman King and Pope were wasted by this point. Igor appeared powerless and weak, one of his arms to the point of being crippled after that exchange. As for White River, the man was bleeding right out of his nose and mouth. Though the egotistic man wasnt violently coughing up blood like the foe, but its a clear indication of the severity of his injuries.

Suddenly, Du Wei had a crazy and heart pounding idea, It couldnt be a double knockout? In that case, wouldnt that mean I can.

Unable to hold himself back despite the numbness in his feet, he climbs up from the ground in haste and eyes the two monsters. First it was Igor the Pope, then White River who seems to be also watching him as well at the moment.

You wouldnt be thinking that you are now able to escape, would you? The Shaman Kings voice carried a strong level of mockery.

Du Wei couldnt deny it. Giving a frank nod: Mr. White, we are not allies after all. If I dont take this chance to run then am I supposed to stick around so you can snatch me away to the Snowy Mountains?

Giving a grin in return: You are right. If you want to escape then this would be the best chance you would have.

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The two exchanged a meaningful glance with each other before bursting out into a brief hearty laugh.

Although I was captured by you and brought here against my will, I cant deny the respect I have for someone like you. Giving a respectful bow, Du Wei looks straight into the mans eye as he spoke: And, never once during our journey have you been disrespectful or maltreated me in a bad manner. For that and the special jitsu you taught me, you have my gratitude. I hope that in the future if we ever meet again, the conditions would be on better terms.

After saying his piece, Du Wei was then ready to leave for good when another voice stopped him in his steps from behind. It was the Pope, the dastardly old man who nearly took his life. Duke Tulip, please hold your steps!

Swinging around, his attitude grew stern and harsh without a hint of politeness: Oh, Your Majesty the Pope, do you have some other order for me?

Du Wei honestly couldnt say hes all that fond of this decrepit old man. Of course, the fact that the person nearly killed him had a major part in the reasoning, but its also the disrespect in gifting the Desa Province away without permission. So what, the true owners here and a outsiders deciding what to do with other peoples property? Where in the world does such reasoning makes sense?

Duke Tulip, you cant go, you mustnt go! Coughing hard over the excessive exertion, Igors voice grew hoarse and painful, I beg you to do something!

Scratching his head, Du Wei suddenly makes a bitter smile: Dont tell me you want me to

The Pope inhales deeply then, apparently the injury was more severe than it looks in how sunken his lunges were. Duke Tulip, Im asking you this now, kill him immediately!

Hurrying to take a step back, Du Wei shakes his head profusely: Kill him? Oh Your Grace, you jest! Killing someone like the Shaman King I cant do it.

Make a futile effort to get up using the remaining half of his golden rod in hand, Igor in the end did not succeed and stumbled back to the ground. Sighing hard: That Grand Prophecy Spell is not something of this world and I was intending to use such a power to subdue the Shaman King today. But to think, someone would actually be able to contend with my trump card. Sadly no matter what, I cannot allow someone so dangerous to leave less he agrees to my terms. No matter the consequences!
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