Law Of The Devil Chapter 315 2

Chapter 315 Am I Very Old? (p2)

Still shaking his head in refusal: Your Majesty, I am sorry, but I still cant listen to your demand. Although you are the Pope, the highest presence within tens of millions of followers on this continent, it wont change my mind. Unlike them, I am not a believer of the Temple of Light! I have not been baptized by the Temple, nor have I ever stepped foot inside one. I can show my respect to you, but I am in no way required to obey your orders. Not to mention. Du Weis voice gradually growing stone hard in terms of sternness: You just tried to conduct a deal with the Shaman King of the Snowy Mountain. Even if you are the Pope leading the Temple of Light, you hold no such authority. Strictly speaking, what you did there is equivalent to treason! Im no believer, but I am a noble, a duke of the Roland Empire!

You dont understand Duke Tulip, you do not understand Heaving a sorrowful laugh, Igor the Pope looks like hes also pained by the fact: The Roland Continent is about to suffer the greatest calamity it has ever faced in a thousand years! If the Shaman King here agrees to my terms and promises not to trespass upon our borders for ten years, then I would have no reason to object to his departure. However, as you can see, hes refusing it. So.

Truly, Du Wei had no will here today to kill White River. Although their position pushes them to opposite ends of the spectrum, but towards this lonely and peerless figure, he honestly couldnt bring out any hatred. In fact, hes starting to hold a faint level of affection for someone so prideful and of high standard.

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Your Majesty, even if the Empire and the natives of the prairie is at odds with each other, it is not your duty to guard against the Northwest. It is I, Duke Tulip, lord and master of the Desa Province who needs to worry about such matters. Since you are the master of the Temple of Light, your responsibility lies in spreading the Goddesss teaching. Aside from that, you have no duty to dabble in others business.

All disappointed now in his ghastly white face, Igor shakes his head in vain: You dont get it, you just dont. Exhaling hard then like hes trying to breath out his difficulties: Duke Tulip, I really dont have anymore energy left to speak so loudly. Come closer to me, I will tell you the truth.

Unsure at first over the request, Du Wei nevertheless approached the old senior. Hes been wondering as well why the Pope would go so far and this would answer that question.

Ten paces away, Alright, you can say it now. Honestly speaking, I dont trust you at all. Ive heard a lot of things I shouldnt have today and is very much afraid of you taking my life in order to hush it up!

Making a hard cough to clear the blood, Igor smiles in a self-derisive manner: Duke Tulip, do you want to know the meaning behind that massive earthquake?

Dismissive still over that remark, Isnt that just an earthquake? For you religious fanatics out there, such a tremor would surely be seen as a supernatural phenomenon. But Im not from here, humph, Im originally from a scientific world so I know these are merely the effects of the tectonic plates shifting.

This giant tremor is indeed a great disaster a disaster so great that humanity has never faced before. Alas, the fact that you wouldnt know about these things is within reasons so I cant blame you for being suspicious.

Intrigued then, Du Wei was ready to inquire for the details when White Rivers blankly cold voice interjected itself: Pope, the source of that earthquake seems to have originated from the north did it not?

You you know? Shuddering at the question, Igor the Pope widens his eyes at the enemy: It looks like its not just us in the Temple who knows about this ancient legend, the Snowy Mountain knows it as well.

Getting serious as well in his face, White River took a long minute to think about something. Then as if decided, he looks on into the northern horizon with a frown: The North can it be

This immediately roused a glaring look from the Pope. Shaking all over in his voice: The North the great barrier, Im afraid it no longer exists. The old fellas face grew even more frail and sickly to the point where one might take him as a walking corpse instead. This wont do, absolutely not! Shaman King, since you know about this legend then I cannot permit you to leave under any circumstances. Unless you swear upon my demand, I will put my life and everything on the line to stop you from returning to the prairie!
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