Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 743

Chapter 743 The Eternal Zone Reopens

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The clansmen from the Ancient God Clan assembled while the experts and Divine Realm disciples from all the sects gathered in the void over an ancient forest outside of the Eternal Zone.

The three magnates—Cloud Sea Asgard, Immortal Dynasty, and Boundless Demon Sect—also dispatched many experts.

Although Cloud Sea Asgard had lost seven Eternal Realm experts, who were killed by the furious Xuan Yi, it had not suffered seriously as this magnate was full of brilliant experts.

Two Eternal Realm experts had emerged in Cloud Sea Asgard over the past 100 years.

One of them was Wu Dao, who had been set up by Jian Wushuang and had to make a great effort to save his life.

That narrow escape had probably stimulated his potential.

And once he returned to Cloud Sea Asgard, Wu Dao spent 70 years in closed-door cultivation until he made a breakthrough to the Eternal Realm.

Now, as a supreme expert in the Firmament Territory, he looked energetic and confident.

“Wu Dao, it’s your first time going into the inner layer of the Eternal Zone, so you should be careful. Unlike those in the outer layer, the Demon Gods in the inner layer are more powerful than us. Although they have a limited understanding of the Dao, it’s not easy for us to take the Baptismal Pools from them.

“You’ve just reached the Eternal Realm, so you’re not strong enough to fight against them. After you arrive there, go to find other elders as soon as possible. If you collaborate to fight them, you might be able to pull it off.”

A barefoot elder with a tender face and white hair urged Wu Dao, who nodded in agreement and did not dare to disobey his order.

The experts from the other sects looked at the barefoot elder with a flicker of terror in their eyes.

Eventually, an Eternal Realm expert from the mortal Dynasty who could not suppress his curiosity asked, “Yun Fan, I didn’t expect that you’d personally come here. Are you going to take more Baptismal Pools for your people?”

Yun Fan was the Great Elder of Cloud Sea Asgard, second only to Xuan Yi, who was known as the most powerful Eternal Realm expert in the Firmament Territory.

He was also the only Eternal Realm expert who had become a Silver-armored Demon God through the Demon God Baptismal Pool.

Therefore, there was no need for him to enter the Eternal Zone. Acquiring one more Baptismal Pool would be useless to him unless he grabbed it for the other experts.

“Hmph, whether I go into the Eternal Zone or not is none of your business.” Yun Fan looked around with a frosty expression.

Perceiving his sharp eyes, the other experts did not dare to say anything further.

In fact, Yun Fan was drowning in conflicting emotions.

He was reluctant to enter the Eternal Zone. As the Eternal Realm expert from the Immortal Dynasty said, it was not appealing to him.

He had to show up here because of the order of his Palace Master.

Cloud Sea Asgard had lost seven of their Eternal Realm experts 100 years ago, which was a great loss for the sect.

It was nearly impossible for Human Warriors to change into Demon Gods by using a Baptismal Pool, but three Baptismal Pools were enough, so the Palace Master of Cloud Sea Asgard asked Yun Fan to head to the Eternal Zone and snatch at least three Baptismal Pools to improve the strength of their Eternal Realm experts.

A glum elder from the Boundless Demon Sect was inconspicuously standing nearby.

He was An Chao, who had crazily hunted Jian Wushuang and forced him to escape into the inner layer.

An Chao was also terrified of Yun Fan.

“The old monster actually came. I should be more careful. This brutal and heartless old guy might grab things by any means.”

The Ancient Sect had sent nine Eternal Realm experts here, one more than the last time.

Palace Master Destruction was the strongest among the nine experts.

“Last time, I was the only one to obtain a Baptismal Pool, though I failed to change into a Demon God. This time, we have to take more pools,” Palace Master Destruction said.

“OK.” His comrades nodded in agreement.

Soon after, two wormholes, which were respectively connected to the outer and inner layer, appeared in the sky.

Upon seeing this, the experts’ eyes lit up.

“Let’s go!”

“Haha, the Eternal Zone, I’m coming!”

“Demon Gods, wait for my killing!”

Numerous Eternal Realm experts instantly stepped into the wormhole while the Divine Realm disciples glided into the other access to the outer layer.

After 100 years, the Eternal Zone had reopened!

At the same time…

In a white robe, Xuan Yi was sitting in a chair on the second floor of the Sword Tower while watching a streak of light float over a long narrow table next to the wall.

100 years prior, this Sword Spark seemed faint, as if it would die out at any time.

But now, it was extremely brilliant and dazzling.

“100 years have finally passed.”

Xuan Yi said with a faint smile, “It only took him less than 50 years to grow up to be a superior Divine Realm expert. Now, 100 years have passed, which level has he reached?”

“Let me have a look.”

Xuan Yi murmured with an enigmatic smile on his face.

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