Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Lei Xin

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“You have used your full force on the first move, haven’t you? Hehe, Sect Master Lei Xin, you really look up to me.”

Jian Wushuang smiled faintly, but he looked very grave.

He found that Lei Xin was at the peak of Step Five of the Eternal Realm and he was even more powerful than other experts in the Eternal Realm that Jian Wushuang had met.

With a buzz of his Bloodline Power, Jian Wushuang’s body grew at tremendous speed, and in a second, he transformed into a 15-meter Gold-armored Ancient God.

“What, what’s that?”

“That person is so tall. Who is him?”

“What a formidable aura!”

At the sight of Jian Wushuang’s huge body, a large number of warriors around started looking concerned.

The Ancient Gods were not rare in the Firmament Territory, and thus the experts there would not be surprised to see someone turn into one.

However, far from the Firmament Territory, Cercis Island had no Eternal Zone. No one present had ever seen or even heard of the Ancient Gods, so they were certainly shocked to see a Gold-armored Ancient God for the first time.

Standing in the void, that golden giant emitted an overbearing aura. His cold eyes cast dark golden lights and shot violently at Lei Xin. The next moment his Emperor Sword, which had also grown and was 10 meters in length, was swung out with an echo.

“The First Move of the Boundless Heaven Sword Art, the Annihilation Sword Move!”

Jian Wushuang also went all out on his first move, and the power of his Sword Heart reached its perfection.

Two terrible attacks hit each other in a split second.


A slight space rift appeared in the void where the collision occurred.

In the Eternal World, one could never cause a space rift in the void without the battle strength of Step Five of the Eternal Realm.

After that blow, Jian Wushuang’s giant body instantly turned into a flash of light and shot quickly back, smashing down several buildings before stopping.

“As an expert at Step Five of the Eternal Realm, Lei Xin really is powerful. I tried my best to launch the Annihilation Sword Move, but I was still outclassed by him,” Jian Wushuang said to himself, his eyes held dark golden lights reflecting his shock.

“Fortunately, not long ago I have cultivated the Star-river Secret Skill to Level 12, making my overall strength improve quite a lot. Otherwise, his blow would have hurt me badly.”

It took Jian Wushuang 37 years to get to Cercis Island from the Firmament Territory.

37 years may be a very short amount of time for a man who had lived a long time, but it was very long for Jian Wushuang who had been born less than 200 years ago.

His battle strength had been at the top of Step Four of the Eternal Realm before he had left the Firmament Territory.

During those 37 years, he kept fighting to temper himself in the Grey Zone, and thus he had made great progress.

His swordsmanship was obviously much more remarkable, and his Sword Heart had reached the peak of Level Two, very close to Level Three. Actually, Jian Wushuang thought that he could break through to Level Three at any moment.

Additionally, some of his Secret Skills had also improved significantly.

For example, he had just crossed the threshold of the Secret Skill of the Mind-controlling and the Scarlet Eye before, while now he had a much higher mastery of them.

His Star-river Secret Skill had only reached Level 11 with a power amplitude of 33 times, but now, it was at level 12 with the power amplitude of 36 times, three more times than before. Naturally he was now capable of greater power.

Combined with the innate superiority of the Gold-armored Ancient God and the Boundless Heaven Sword Art, Jian Wushuang estimated that his battle strength had barely reached the threshold of Step Five of the Eternal Realm.

His battle strength was already mighty. Unfortunately, his opponent now was Lei Xin, a real expert at the peak of Step Five of the Eternal Realm.

The gap between them was certainly large.

“In terms of strength, I’m no match for Lei Xin, but I am very capable of fighting in close quarters and skilled in swordsmanship. With these two advantages, I can definitely contend against him, and even killed him in a frontal attack.” Jian Wushuang contemplated his chances, his eyes full of battle intent. The next moment, the 15-meter Gold-armored Ancient God rushed out, straight toward Lei Xin.

“You’re dooming yourself!”

Lei Xin shouted, holding his purple Stone Staff to meet Jian Wushuang head-on immediately. As he waved the purple Stone Staff at random, a huge thunder-dragon popped up.

In a twinkling, they got close to each other and started fighting.

It was clear that Jian Wushuang was the underdog, and at times he was even completely subdued by Lei Xin.

Still, Jian Wushuang had no intention of running away.

“In the 37 years I wandered around different places, I’ve met some powerful experts, but very few of them had ever needed me to fight with all my might. After being bored for so long, I finally meet a formidable opponent. It will be a pity if I don’t go all out to fight him,” Jian Wushuang yelled in his heart.

As an Ancient God, he was inherently bellicose.

It was rare to meet such a particularly powerful opponent. He surely would not miss such a chance of fight.

Moreover, he was not worried at all about being killed by Lei Xin.

The body of the Gold-armored Ancient God was tougher than one could imagine, and thus he would not be killed that easily.

What was more, he had so many trump cards at his disposal that he actually did not need to fear Lei Xin.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds reverberated throughout the world. On the battlefield, the vast Spiritual Power was scattered everywhere. Many of the surrounding buildings collapsed and the ground was potholed. It was a terrible sight.

But the fight still showed no sign of stopping. Instead, it intensified, reaching a fever pitch.



A deep shout sounded like a thunderbolt between heaven and earth all of a sudden.

Then, a group of sergeants in purple armor rushed towards the battlefield at astonishing speed. Several of these sergeants held such an overwhelming aura that Lei Xin had to take them seriously.

“The Cercis Army?”

Jian Wushuang and Lei Xin both looked a little embarrassed. Then they stopped and retreated a few steps.

When they were on their feet, Lei Xin was in good condition with his aura strong, while Jian Wushuang cut a sorry figure, but his battle intent was exceedingly strong.

“What are you doing?”

That group of sergeants of the Cercis Army arrived in the middle of the battlefield. Their leader was a handsome, indifferent young man who carried a saber behind him. As soon as he arrived on the battlefield, he looked around, and as his eyes swept over Jian Wushuang, a strange light flashed through his eyes, but he hid it in an instant.

At the sight of this man, Jian Wushuang also tried to pretend but still a small gleam of surprise flashed in his eyes for a second.

Actually, he was full of overjoy!

“It’s him!”

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