Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 827

Chapter 827 Blood Hades Prefecture

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“With the consciousness attack being an unusual method, it will definitely kill an opponent if I use this attack unexpectedly.” Jian Wushuang clenched his hands.

As for the three most precious treasures in Xia Yan’s Interspatial Ring, he had only had use for the Divergent Blood Stone at that time.

“Killing Xia Yan makes me the Xia Clan’s target and will bring me many troubles, however, I have profited significantly from it.”

Jian Wushuang smiled when thinking of this. He then began to search Xia Yan’s guards’ Interspatial Rings.

The two guards were experts in the Six Steps of the Eternal Realm and had always been with Xia Yan, so, they were also wealthy, but Jian Wushuang found nothing in the rings that could be of his use.

He did not set off again until he had regained all his power. He then left the island to the Tang of the East.

As his destination was not far from the Cercis Island, he finally got out of the vast sea below him and arrived there ten days later.

As the most ancient and once most powerful country, Tang of the East was immense.

The twenty-one large prefectures in the Tang Dynasty that Jian Wushuang had once visited were established by Emperor Xiao, based in fact on the Tang of the East.

The difference being that Tang of the East had thirty-six prefectures in its territory.

Each of thirty-six prefectures was ten times larger than the Firmament Territory.

Jian Wushuang first arrived in the Blood Hades Prefecture.

Though it was only a prefecture, the Blood Hades Prefecture was autonomous as a country.

Countless clans here, both big and small, were embroiled in continuous conflict.

At the heart of the prefecture was the Blood Hades City.

It was a big city full of towering and splendid palaces and pavilions. Some of them were even floating magnificently in the air all the time.

The streets there bustled with activity.

Though this country was not as prosperous as it once was, it was still flourishing.

“The Tang Dynasty Emperor Xiao established in the Ancient World is a Country of Death, but this Tang of the East is on the opposite.” Jian Wushuang was lost in thought while walking on the streets in the Blood Hades City. A moment later, he stepped into a shop.

He then stepped into a secret chamber in the shop, sat down, and started reading information on this country.

The information was no more detailed than what he had already known, except that there was a simple introduction on all the camps and forces of the country on it.

Officially, the Imperial House under Empress Leng’s control was still in charge of this country, but beneath the surface, a tension was building nationwide.

The six big clans headed by the Xia Clan, whose leaders had secretly done many things behind the emperor’s back, would not completely break their relationships with him. There seemed to be something they feared.

The same was true of the Mansion Masters of the thirty-six prefectures. They respected the Imperial House publicly, but behind closed doors, they all nurtured their own selfish intentions.

Besides this, fierce battles had broken out between the Tang of the East and its three neighboring countries—the West Paradise, South Mountain Kingdom, and North Sea Kingdom.

“This country is suffering domestic troubles and foreign invasions.”

“Who would have thought that a country of such prosperity could fall to this point.”

Jian Wushuang sighed while reading this.

However, he did not care about the fate of this country. What really concerned him was Leng Rushuang.

“Lin Wan has said that the Icy Heart Poison has gone deeper into Leng Rushuang’s body and that if she can’t get treated soon, she may meet a bad end. Therefore, I must find her as soon as possible and stop her from getting worse.” He pondered.

He already had a plan—remove the poison in her body with his Heavenly Creation Skill. At the same time, he was afraid that he would be unable to see her as he was only a Divine Realm expert and she was a distinguished person who had constantly stayed in her palace.

His only chance came to him very soon.

“Royal Guard!”

He stared at the three words with hope in his eyes.

Royal Guard was an army of elites who were responsible for public security inside and outside of the imperial palace. Its functions were similar to that of the Cercis Army on Cercis Island.

However, it was larger size than Cercis Army.

After all, Cercis Army was only responsible for the safety of a small island, while the Royal Guard were responsible for an entire city.

There were ten thousand people in the former, but the Royal Gaurd was twenty times larger than that.

The weakest ones among both groups were superior Divine Realm expert; however, those in Royal Guard were selected from the most outstanding people in the thirty-six prefectures in the Tang of the East.

Most of them were the best of the best and could even battle the strongest Divine Realm experts.

Every one hundred years, some new members from across the nation would be selected to join the Royal Guard.

When Jian Wushuang arrived in the country, it was just three months before the selection date. When that day came, the people in the Blood Hades City who wanted to join the Royal Guard would gather outside the city. After the first round of selecting, the weaker ones would be eliminated, and the stronger ones would be taken into the royal palace and progressed to a further test.

Those who made it to the end of the selection could join the Royal Guard.

“Since I’ve just arrived on this land and have not built up any relations, I can’t make any accomplishment with my current power now. The Royal Guard defends the imperial palace and is full of experts. It might be a good shelter for me.

“After I join it, I can improve my power while finding a way to see Leng Rushuang again.”

Jian Wushuang clenched his fists and was excited about his decision.

On the same day, he signed up for the Royal Guard at the registry.

Considering that he had killed Xia Yan and the Xia Clan was looking for him everywhere, he used a new name when he signed up for registration.

That new name was Blood Mountain. He named himself after the Blood Mountain Sword.

After that, he found a residence in the city and waited for the selection date to come.

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